Lamar Jackson reports for Ravens minicamp

Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers
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Last week, Ravens head coach John Harbaugh told reporters that he was expecting quarterback Lamar Jackson to attend the team’s mandatory minicamp.

That now indeed appears to be the case.

Cornerback Marlon Humphrey posted a video to his Instagram story saying, “Y’all won’t believe who I’m with,” before moving the camera to show his arm around Jackson at the Ravens’ facility.

Jackson did not attend the voluntary portion of the Ravens’ offseason program. But last week Harbaugh said he was sure Jackson was working hard while away from the facility.

The team and quarterback are still involved in a unique situation, with the Ravens ostensibly willing to give Jackson a contract extension. But Jackson, the league’s 2019 MVP who serves as his own agent, has not yet engaged the club in meaningful contract talks.

Jackson threw for 2,882 yards with 16 touchdowns and 13 interceptions last season and rushed for 767 yards with two touchdowns in 12 games.

23 responses to “Lamar Jackson reports for Ravens minicamp

  1. Instead of an agent I’m sure he’s being advised by his entourage which never has a good ending…

  2. I expect Lamar Jackson to have a bounce back season and win the mvp on his way to a championship.

  3. Lamar is getting bad advice. He needs to hire a lawyer and sign the very fair deal Baltimore offered before taking a snap. They were offering $40m a year and he thinks he can get more? This isn’t baseball where Aaron Judge can “bet on himself” and hope things work out. Lamar plays a violent sport with lots of contact and injuries can occur at any moment. It rarely works when football players, especially running QBs, bet on themselves. Hopefully it works out for him and he doesn’t become another cautionary tale.

  4. I’m hoping Lamar teaches a lesson to every wanna be player/agent out there who thinks it’s a good idea to leave guaranteed money on the table, and hopefully he suffers a catastrophic leg injury during camp. Just wanna show these young guys what a risk it is to temp . Lamar is one injury away from stupidville

  5. So the guy accounted for let’s call it 3700 yards, 18 total touchdowns including rushing, and 19 turnovers including fumbles.

    Look folks, he’s dynamic, he’s fun to watch, he’s fairly humble, he seems to say the right things to the media and be a good teammate. All admirable things, things you want in a leader, but you just don’t pay big $ for that type of production. He’s Jalen Hurts with more wear and tear on him.

    He’s a 25-27mil/year guy at best, and I still wouldn’t do that with injury risk seemingly greater and greater as the years go on

  6. I know it’s a tired narrative but that last line of statistics does support those that say he is a RB playing QB. Projected to 17 games the QB statistics say mediocre QB and top flight RB. Especially the 22/18 TD to INT ratio. Those would look okay in the late 1960’s early 70/s…

  7. I keep hearing Lamar wont take the Ravens money, where is the proof or report of exactly what the Ravens offered, and Lamar turning it down?

  8. You B. Crazy says:
    June 13, 2022 at 10:02 am
    Lamar is getting bad advice. He needs to hire a lawyer and sign the very fair deal Baltimore offered before taking a snap. They were offering $40m a year and he thinks he can get more?

    When was the first time that any NFL team offered “a very fair deal” to any player? And where did you get the $40 million figure from? Stop blindly believing the Ravens PR machine.

  9. Imagine that he is fully recovered from his injury, anh hope that Baltimore’s decimated group of running backs have also. What an awesome offense when it is rolling with that great player at QB1. Go Lamar Jackson, Go Ravens!!

  10. Maybe…he’s smarter than you give him credit for. Why for example should a player hand 4-6% of a $400 million contract to an agent? He knows what he’s worth, the market is clearly set. All he needs is an attorney to help him with the paperwork. Or, an agent that will take a flat fee to help him negotiate. I think the days of percentage based player agents is going to go by the wayside like percentage based real estate agents.

  11. I like Lamar. I really do. But he should hire a professional agent asap. Its like an attorney representing himself in court. He who does that has a fool for a client.

  12. I don’t see his numbers deserving of a $40mil deal. He’ll get it anyway because, what are the choices for the ravens.How about blowing big dollars like has been done in Minnesota or Tennessee and SF to name a few. Lock him up for four more years and see how beat up he is at that point. The guys give it all on the field and is one play away from injury. That’s what you’ll get with a running Qb.

  13. I do not understand the hate for Lamar. He’s had a very successful career and has been a great role model for kids throughout Baltimore and the surrounding region. Yes, he needs to lead the team into the playoffs (and get wins) but his play and most importantly his record speak for themselves.

  14. The most dynamic and exciting player in the NFL. Absolutely must-see TV when he’s playing. Pay that man expeditiously!

  15. The distraction is morphing into a diva.

    2022 – under contract.

    2023 – franchised.

    2024 – traded for two #1s.

  16. Wanting top tier QB $$$ for a guy with an outside the top 10 arm who is wildly inconsistent is laughable

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