Mac Jones’ deep passing showing improvement in Patriots’ offseason practices

NFL: JUN 08 New England Patriots Minicamp
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Although Patriots quarterback Mac Jones exceeded expectations as a rookie last season, his deep passing left something to be desired: Jones wasn’t particularly accurate throwing downfield, and that was a limitation for the Patriots’ offense.

So it qualifies as good news out of the Patriots’ offseason practice that Jones is showing improvement in the deep passing game, according to Mike Reiss of ESPN.

“We want to be able to do whatever we want to do at any given time, whether that’s a run, pass, play-action — short, medium, or long. We’re trying to be able to have a little bit of variety,” Jones said.

The Patriots’ offense will be different this season, with longtime offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels having left to become head coach of the Raiders, and still no word out of New England about who will function as the offensive coordinator. If Jones can consistently hit passes downfield in 2022 in a way he was unable to do in 2021, that will lead to significant improvement in the offense, no matter who is calling the plays.

15 responses to “Mac Jones’ deep passing showing improvement in Patriots’ offseason practices

  1. His offseason work and commitment remind me of another quarterback about 20 years ago.

  2. That’s good but it’s the short to intermediate passes outside the numbers that needed the most work and teams knew it. That’s where I want to see improvement this season. Looking forward to it,

  3. Well, it can’t get any worse. Don’t let that horrible pass picked in the endzone in the playoffs define you.

  4. It’s against air and every team talks up how every player has improved in the off-season. And then they show up and be exactly what they were the year before.

  5. If Mac takes that next step it’s gonna be a long year for every other team in the East

  6. There’s a difference between a QB not being able to make throws down field & a QB not having down field talent to throw to….However, last year was his rookie year as it was with nearly EVERY pass catcher on the offense, so honestly I think he did an amazing job when all is taken into context…. This is just his 2nd year & it’s without a designated offensive coordinator, & again he’ll have 2 new targets to have to lean the system in Devante Parker & rookie WR Tyquan Thornton….so even though there is more talent there are still some big hurdles to conquer for the group…Mac thru the long ball in college no problem so I’m really not worried about his ability to do so,I just hope his guys can step up for him this year…. Mac looks to have gotten into better shape & has worked with Brady’s coach as well so he seems to be driven & focused on improving in all aspects of the game & with a years experience under his belt he’ll be much more prepared for what an NFL season is like over a 17 week season before the playoffs even begin…. I’m very excited to see him develop over the season with his teammates & put an end to the weak arm storyline, you know, the same one used with Brady for over 20 years…..that didn’t turn out so bad though!!!

  7. I can smell the fear from here. It sounds like Mac is dropping dimes everywhere even against the great Jon Jones and others. Apparently, Jon Jones was stunned on some of the throws Mac was making.

    A lot of people have themselves conditioned to believe NE is fading, but it just isn’t true. The offense is loaded and they have a QB without an attitude problem for the first time in years, which is obviously a big deal.

    A more balanced offense with another layer to it is only going to help the revamped defense, too. The entire team rant into a brick wall at the Bye late last year and the added youth and speed should help across the board.

    More speed everywhere and a younger team bodes well to get out from under some of the older players that were too expensive for what they were providing.

    BB being able to coach a promising young QB is really bad news for the rest of the league.

  8. I’m sure his deep ball looks great in June… let’s see what it looks like in 10 MPH wind and 20 degree weather.

  9. lgw91s says:
    June 13, 2022 at 6:16 am
    His offseason work and commitment remind me of another quarterback about 20 years ago.
    Let’s hope not. One cheating fraud QB was enough.

  10. That’s good news as the league has caught up with the dink-n-dunk offense Brady used to run.

  11. I can’t really remember a QB getting this much hype in an offseason.

    We’ll see how it goes. If Mac really does pan out, it will be a fun rivalry in the AFCE for the Bills – along w/ the Jets and Miami, who I also expect to keep improving.

    All of this chitter chatter seems a little forced, though. Not really BB’s style, though I’m not sure how much of it he controls. If Mac really was taking a huge next step, I’m sure he’d prefer to keep that as quiet as he could.

  12. Hilarious. How many pre-2021 season articles, and quotes, stated that Jones was awesome at the long ball? Anyone who watched the combine could see him hit the lights on his first attempted long throw. Followed by a bunch of WR with empty hands at the end of a route.

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