OC Mike Kafka stressing flexibility, freedom for Daniel Jones and the Giants offense

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The Giants haven’t decided who will be calling their offensive plays this season, but offensive coordinator Mike Kafka has shared some hints about how he’ll approach the job if he’s the one doing it come the fall.

Kafka used to work for the Chiefs and said he learned from head coach Andy Reid that it’s important to always have “something that the defense definitely hadn’t seen in their breakdown that you know really would force the defense to communicate.” Kafka’s also stressing collaboration with quarterback Daniel Jones about what he likes in the offense.

One thing that’s already clear to Kafka is that Jones “loves having so much flexibility at the line of scrimmage” and he’s giving all of the team’s offensive players space to work things out on their own.

“I’m not big on putting guys in a box, so I like giving them some freedom, giving them some baseline guidelines to work within, and then letting those guys work it out because at the end of the day, you know I’m staying on the sideline,” Kafka said, via Ted Nguyen of TheAthletic.com. “I’m in the press box or whatever it is and those guys are the guys on the field. They gotta go play so they got to make sure that they’re on the same page.”

The Giants are also working with Jones on ways to cut down the turnovers that have plagued him throughout his three years in the league and progress on that front would make it likelier that Jones remains with the team in 2023.

2 responses to “OC Mike Kafka stressing flexibility, freedom for Daniel Jones and the Giants offense

  1. Yes, give Daniel Jones more freedom. He should have the option of whether he will fumble or throw an interception. Turnover machine.

  2. Don’t be shocked if Daniel Jones becomes an elite QB. We saw the transformation with Josh Allen, and we’ve already seen a lot of great moments from Jones. Jones joined a team that has been in constant turnover. A little organizational stability and added experience works wonders just about every time when you have a smart, talented, hard working QB.

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