Tony Buzbee confirms two more lawsuits will be filed against Deshaun Watson

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The official number of lawsuits pending against Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson will indeed increase to 26.

Attorney Tony Buzbee tells Josh Voight of WEWS in Cleveland that two more women will be suing Watson.

Buzbee said that one of the plaintiffs came to him via a referral from a lawyer in Atlanta. The other plaintiff saw last month’s feature regarding the allegations on HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.

So how many more will there be? Last week, Jenny Vrentas of the New York Times reported that Watson got massages from at least 66 women in a 17-month period. The 24th lawsuit against Watson, filed last week, contends that Watson received more than 100 massages from “random strangers” he found on Instagram.

The situation keeps getting worse for Watson. The clock is ticking for the league. How can the NFL do anything when it doesn’t know how many more of these cases will be filed? Again, paid leave seems to be the only option that makes sense.

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  1. It’s time to toss the abacus and fire-up to the quantum calculator. One hundred claims by opening day no longer seems beyond the realm of possibility.

  2. word is that many of them were not fully trained massage therapists at the time of the appointments. Meaning he wasn’t necessarily seeking treatment, per se….

  3. To me this is just getting too played out. I want justice for the ones that justice should be served. The plaintiffs, Watson, the lawyers pocketbooks, seriously whoever deserves it. Just feels like this is taking forever to play out.

  4. When you see 66 massage therapists (at least) that means there’s still 40 potential women who could still file lawsuits. That has to scare the heck out of the Browns.

  5. Even if he settled them all now for half of his 265 million guaranteed, NOBODY knows what he will play like after setting a year and his stupidity embarrassing conscience hanging over him. I feel bad for Browns fans, they deserved better

  6. Mr Goodell should just suspend him indefinitely. Manfred did that with Trevor Bauer and he only had one accuser.

  7. Paid leave is not the only option that makes sense. The situation easily justifies an indefinite suspension without pay, and the league can wait and see as it plays out, and reinstate when deemed appropriate (with or without back pay). Let Watson and the Union challenge it (which would be hilarious). If anything, indefinite suspension now will motivate Watson to settle. A paid vacation will not, over the course of which, I’d bet the farm, will only lead to more allegations.

  8. Wow! Just wow and this guy looks as if he doesn’t have a clue. Settle and serve your suspension and be done. The longer he waits the more it will cost him.

  9. How can the league do anything? This is a serial predator and needs to be removed from the league. I would tell him he gets 3 years and if anything else comes out you will get another year for each one.

  10. There’s an Isak Dinesen short story called “The Immortal Story” in which a rich old man pays people to make the events of a story come true.

    It comes to mind thinking if Deshaun Watson who seemed to want to pay people to make the events of some porno feature he’d watched come true. They just didn’t know that that’s what they were there for.

  11. You gotta start to wonder if this dude is ever going to play for the NFL again.

  12. How can the NFL do anything when it doesn’t know how many more of these cases will be filed?


    After a certain number – and we passed that a long time ago – what’s the difference? Either the behavior is punishable, or it isn’t.

  13. As a Cleveland fan I’m really looking forward to watching how much better Watson will be than Baker Mayfield…in 2024, when the team looks nothing like it does today and our salary cap is hamstrung by a $230 mil contract. Last time Watson played, he went 4-12 with a bad roster, and is 28-25 career. If only we had a QB who had already led us away from perennial #1 draft picks into the Divisonal round of the playoffs.

  14. That’s it ! The NFL needs to start thinking about maybe kinda sorta talking about possibly doing something!

  15. Am I the only person who feels like these recent additions to the amount of people suing Deshaun Watson seem to actually lessen the case against him. These people say they only decided to sue Watson after seeing an HBO special. If someone had something horribly egregious to me I wouldn’t need to see an HBO special to decide that I need justice for what happened. Like I have said before I am waiting for actual facts that Watson committed a crime or some equivalently distasteful action before I decide how I feel about this, but as more women sue Watson I have to wonder why they are jumping on the bandwagon now if they were so offended by whatever Watson did. It seems more likely they are just trying to get money than that Watson actually did something to them that hurt them. Even if Watson did something to these women that joined the suit lately it would seem that it wasnt bad enough to warrant a lawsuit on its own at least or they would have filed a long time before now. Tbh It is logical to think that Watson may have done something to some of these woman, especially the ones that started all these lawsuits, but every time another woman joins the suit it looks to me like they are just trying to win this with sheer numbers more than with facts or having these people join the suit to try an add little slights to the actual allegations that the other women have or just trying to use the testimony of women who really don’t have grounds to file a suit on their own to bolster the cases of the other lawsuits. If i was Watson I would try the newest lawsuits first because he would get a lot of momentum if a jury decides that these people who jumped on the bandwagon have no legitimate complaint and maybe some of the other women who have filed flimsy complains might withdraw their suits. Like i have said before if he committed actual crimes I will judge him based on those crimes but until then I’m just going to be objective as I can instead of just going “well he must be guilty because 2 more people are suing him now and there are so many” and try to look at both sides when it comes to the amount of women in this lawsuit and how they got involved

  16. This is the final assault to get him to settle. At this point, he may have to. The NFL is likely going to put him on paid leave pending the resolution. That could take forever. The chances of him beating all of these are minuscule and even if he does, the NFL is probably still going to suspend him. It’s time to surrender. You’re getting an unbelievable amount of money. Write the check. Take your half season suspension or whatever they do.

  17. The longer the league bares not weight on this, do you see a drop in fanbase?

    I grew up watching 80s games. Was a huge fan. Today I can barely pull myself to watch a game. The too-much-money to the un-needed dramatics to the criminals winning huge contracts and rings.

  18. The laughable part is Cleve claimed they did their due diligence and are comfortable with the signing. Looks like they missed a few.

  19. Suspended…with pay? That’s no punishment. How about 3 years without pay?

  20. Paid leave. Jimmy Haslam got what he wished for and now look at what’s happening.

  21. I’m not saying Watson didn’t do what he’s being accused of. It is highly suspicious (in my opinion) that so many are willing to get on the gravy train in a civil suit versus coming forward in the criminal case. Perhaps punishment is by making him pay$

  22. NFL act now to try and save a bit of credibility, Commissioners exempt list until they are sorted (which could be 2 years away) then decide on a length of suspension, which could include time already spent. This would be Watson’s best option, as it could be years or never seen again, Oh Those Browns fans don’t deserve this or their management or Watson

  23. This is becoming a joke everyday there are two more coming forward. I would cancel the deal between the teams and move on.

  24. Browns Playoff appearances: 17
    Browns Playoff wins: 17
    Browns wins in past three years: 25
    Lawsuits filed against Browns starting QB: 26

  25. Poor guy. All those people lining up to lie about him. Amirite Brownies fans !

  26. How is the situation getting worse. He was cleared of any and all criminal indictments by the grand jury. These are cash grab attempts.

  27. Even if the Browns abandon the Watson project does Mayfield want to play on a team that is in cap hell and has few future draft picks? Especially a team that treated him poorly.

  28. Buzbee is obviously trying to put pressure on the NFL to put pressure on Watson to settle. It’s the only way he’s guaranteed to get money for these women. He’ll keep filing new lawsuits until he either gets a settlement or the cases go to civil court. It’s all up to Watson and whether or not he’ll cave in or if he’s determined to clear his name in court. The NFL is not going to keep investigating. They’ll offer Watson a deal: if he settles, he’ll get a shorter suspension; If he doesn’t settle, it’ll be longer.

  29. Watson is in quicksand of his own doing. Those knuckleheads in Cleveland apparently didn’t quite be diligent enough. Hope Mayfield is on hold on the other line.

  30. All I can say is that Jimmy Haslam is a genius. He’s playing 4 dimensional Shoots and Ladders while everyone else is doing things that aren’t obviously crass and stupid.

    And thank god the Browns trashed Mayfield. What a loser. Too much of a distraction, and obviously not a good fit for the organization’s winning culture.

    I think at this point I’m gonna place a huge bet that Watson will bring 12 Super Bowls to Cleveland. THANKS JIMMY!!!

  31. “Again, paid leave seems to be the only option that makes sense.”

    How does that ‘make sense’? Why reward the guy? Unpaid leave makes sense…

  32. Seems like they are gonna need to keep Baker for the foreseeable future… and they deserve it for the Watson trade and contract.

  33. Settling the cases won’t change what he did. How can he ever play again after doing what he did?

  34. With the mounting new allegations is there any chance the Browns can get out of this contract? The draft picks are gone, but the money? who knows?

  35. Watson needs a new lawyer, Buzbee keeps trickling out new allegations every couple days with no response. If Watson’s lawyer believes he’s innocent he should play the same way.

  36. Neither I nor anyone else can state with certainty if or how many of the plaintiffs are engaged in a money grab. What I can say with certainty is this: These suits were brought only because Watson is wealthy. These women would not have sought redress in a civil action and would not have found a lawyer to take their case if the defendant had been of modest means, your average Joe teacher, plumber or traveling salesmen. Even if the behavior of these schlubs were the same, or worse, than what Watson is alleged to have done. There’s no principle involved here; only the prospect of money. Lots of money.

  37. The only due diligence the Browns did was to see if any of Watson’s teammates showed up for his last birthday party.

  38. peteywheatstraw says:
    June 14, 2022 at 7:37 am
    Browns Playoff appearances: 17
    Browns Playoff wins: 17
    Browns wins in past three years: 25
    Lawsuits filed against Browns starting QB: 26


    Sorry but those stats are prior to 1999 and our original paul brown browns which are now in baltimore

  39. The giant contract the Browns gave Watson lays out a base salary of 1.035 million bucks for the 2022 season. That base salary means Watson won’t lose too much in game checks if he is suspended for the entire 2022 season. Now, if the suspension is for more than one year, that’s when the rubber really meets the road.

  40. NFLPA is preventing any discipline against Watson. The NFLPA is the reason why the NFL/Goodell has not taken any action against Watson.
    Watson is a walking PR nightmare who has union protection, so between his guaranteed contract and his union protection, he (Watson) feels untouchable and does not feel like he’s responsible for his own actions.

  41. To everyone who “doesn’t understand” why women hesitate to come forward when they’re assaulted, this is exactly the reason why. The victims are routinely blamed or labeled as liars or money-grabbers.

    YOU many not understand it, but most women do. Read up on sexual assault to gain some understanding. And any hesitation they have about reporting these things to the cops is 100x worse when it’s a celebrity.

  42. The Browns seem to go out of their way to be relevant . . . for all the wrong reasons!

  43. Help me with the math:

    If Robert Kraft got suspended X days for 3 women
    Deshaun should get ? days for 26 women =

    The answer is ___________

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