Tyreek Hill’s accuracy comments put even more pressure on Tua Tagovailoa

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On Friday night, Dolphins receiver Tyreek Hill debuted the first episode of his new podcast, It Needed To Be Said. As to some of the things that were said, Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa surely wondered, “Why did he have to say that?”

Hill was asked to compare Tua to Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. (Can we please stop asking receivers to compare quarterbacks who are among the all-time greats to quarterbacks who, you know, aren’t?) Hill went a little too far in his assessment of Tua, calling him more accurate than Mahomes. Even though Hill has never played in a single game with Tua.

It serves only to put more pressure on Tua for 2022. Already, the Dolphins have carved away any and all excuses that Tua may have for any failure to play at a high level in the coming season. Now, Hill has raised the bar even higher, given media and fans a clear reason to compare the accuracy of Mahomes and Tagovailoa.

Tua has done nothing in two seasons as an NFL quarterback to deserve to even be in the conversation with Mahomes. It’s like comparing Derek Anderson based on his 2007 season to Peyton Manning or Tom Brady. But Hill, at the urging of co-host Julius Collins (who did a nice job of cajoling Hill into taking shots while immediately saying “we’re not taking any shots here”), wrote a check that Tua will have to now honor with his play in 2022.

It’s far better for Tua to have actual or perceived “haters” doubting him. Then, he can try to prove them wrong. Now, he’ll have to prove Hill right. And if Tua doesn’t, a future episode of It Needed To Be Said will include Hill talking about how Miami’s next quarterback (whoever it may be) is more accurate than Mahomes, too.

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  1. Yep. This is going to be a lovely disaster reminiscent of the Mike Wallace years. Speed is great, but not at 22 million per and a bunch of lost draft picks.


  2. I agree with Mike, Tua has more pressure now. He better totally rock and roll this year–he has to be better than Mahomes in 2022

  3. Mahomes would’ve been more accurate last year if Tyreek hadn’t been 3rd in the league in dropped passes.

  4. if his comment is enough to get into Tua’s head and affect his play, the Fish are already canned.

  5. Not sure I see a problem in receiving praise from an elite teammate. You could have asked me “who’s the more accurate passer, Patrick Mahomes or Tua Tagovailoa, and I would have immediately answered the latter. I imagine that Tagovailoa thought to himself on hearing what Hill said – “Well, yeah.” Love both of them, and of course the kid who’s speeding towards the Hall is better.

  6. It shows how socially fragile our society has become when a COMPLIMENT is a perceived potential problem or obstacle for someone. Not that Tua has a problem with it. But the fact that media chooses to perceive it as a legitimate issue for people to talk about is a sad commentary on our society.

  7. It sounds like Hill is trying to justify his decision. Look man, we all know what’s up. I’d let a 6 year old throw me the ball 5 months a year at that money, no need for me to lie about it to myself.

  8. Tua was at 70% completion until end of season last 2 games. Tua is accurate and now they have to respect our speed on the outside. The field should open up for Tua as it slows down for him mentally. He will be at least top 10 this season. Its hard to be great when you are in an antiquated offense. FINS UP!

  9. Say what you will about Tua’s offensive lines but his pocket awareness and ability to read a defense are his real issues. It’s easy to be accurate with your padless teammates coming at you and a redshirt on.

  10. I don’t even remotely understand all the dust up. Tua had a 67.8 comp % last year Maholmes 66.2 comp %….Tua isn’t even close to as good as QB as Maholmes, but saying he’s more accurate isn’t that big of stretch.

  11. Nothing like a disrespected snowflake. I can’t wait for the tropical meltdown that will happen when he realizes he can only run 10 yard routes because Tua has no arm.

  12. Somebody is going to put up the accuracy stats for both of these QB’s at the end of the year. Any guesses as to who is better?

  13. Enough already Tyreek, your damaging Tua and he’s NOT Patrick M, I don’t see how this ends well

  14. Well judging by the stats then yes Tua is the more accurate QB. He never said anything about which QB is different. I love all these Miami haters coming out of the wood work now. Must be nervous about something. Usually the Miami comments were filled with a couple of fans and that was it. Now everyone has an opinion. Lmao

  15. The team was built for Brady’s final season but they got stuck with Tua. Brady could carry them to the playoffs. Having Waddle and Hill with Tua is like giving a 16 year old a lambo

  16. Any Dolphins fan who thinks Tua is ever going to be a top 10 QB in the NFL should just take the blinders off and move on. Not happening. Not even top 15 most likely.

  17. touchback6 says:
    June 13, 2022 at 11:15 am
    Yep. This is going to be a lovely disaster reminiscent of the Mike Wallace years. Speed is great, but not at 22 million per and a bunch of lost draft picks.


    Tell that to Buffalo who is still chasing Tyreek Hill.

    A “bunch of lost draft picks” = the 29th pick and change. Basically we missed out on adding Christian Watson, Wendale Robinson or a John Metchie with a torn ACL instead of a fully healthy and extremely motivation Cheetah?

    Don’t worry too much though, Miami has two first round picks AGAIN next year. AGAIN.

    The only disasters will be defenses attempting to cover Waddle and Hill with the hyper accurate Tua Tagovialoa throwing it to them.

  18. I saw a chart published by Pro Football Focus last week, that measured the past 3 years of passes and charted accuracy of QB’s on throws that were against defenses playing perfect defenses vs those that were not. Very interesting chart, worth looking up. Tua was off in this odd territory all by himself where he was outstanding against perfect defenses and decidedly not vs the rest. He misses the easier throws. Very strange. So, he may have potential to be accurate? Of course, Mahomes (and Rodgers) were off by themselves as far as being accurate on everything. Bottom line, I don’t think anyone is buying Tua being more accurate than Mahomes. But I think Tua may make a leap this year, with more talent around him. Potential is there. Will be interesting to watch.

  19. I don’t even remotely understand all the dust up. Tua had a 67.8 comp % last year Maholmes 66.2 comp %….Tua isn’t even close to as good as QB as Maholmes, but saying he’s more accurate isn’t that big of stretch.

    Do not confuse completion percentage with QBR.When most of your passes are less than 10 yds you percentage should be higher.QBs like Mahomes,Allen,Carr and Herbert might have lower completion percentages because they take deep shots consistently and it is much harder to complete these throws.Another great stat to measure a QB is interception percentage.The real great QBs in todays game do not throw picks.AKA Brady and Rodgers.They understand the impact of turnovers and are ultra accurate to place the ball where it needs to be.Or take the sack or throw it away.Just do not see Tua having this overall package.Don’t bring the Alabama stuff on here anymore either.He started ahead of Jones and Hurts because the college game is different than the NFL.Even at Alabama.They have far superior WRs than anyone has CBs most of the time and he was a one read QB.Not saying he will not get better,Hurts has shown major improvement already.Just wouldn’t bet the franchise on a smaller,injury prone QB with a less than NFL arm.If he was ready to be the superstar why all the chasing of Watson and Brady?Can’t wait to see how fast Hill turns on Tua after he is underthrown a few times!You can always trade for Mayfield when Tua goes down though…..might be the best option

  20. Tua has fewer passing yards in his entire 23 game career than Mahomes had *last year*.

    I don’t think it’s a fair comparison.

  21. I think that the opposite is true. Hill will now have more pressure on him.

    Since Hill already proclaimed that Tua is more accurate than Mahomes, any incomplete passes would be blamed on Hill.

    Hill needs to talk to Larry Fitzgerald to learn how to show some class.

  22. Looking forward to some Hill quotes AFTER they’ve played a few games against an actual opposing team…an opposing pass rush..with defensive backs trying to make plays. After Hill has had to run a few “improvised comeback routes”, let’s see how he feels – I’m betting he won’t say much, if anything.

  23. The simple reality is that Tua is not a very good starting quarterback by NFL standards and nothing Tyreek Hill says one way or the other is going to change that. Let’s face it, this is Tua’s last year as a starter in the NFL, just let him enjoy the ride while he can.

  24. bostonblows says:

    June 13, 2022 at 12:21 pm

    Tell that to Buffalo
    Tua has never beaten Buffalo. Miami has zero wins against Buffalo in over 3 full seasons. 0-7 going on 0-9. Tell that to Tyreek.

  25. No additional pressure at all. What Hill said compares Tua to Mahomes. You have to be on Mahaomes’ level as a QB for that comparison to even matter.

  26. Tua isn’t the problem here.

    Clueless fans who don’t watch football are.

    Talking about Tua as if he wasn’t the highest rated QB (in the league) in the redzone last year.

    Talking about Tua like he DIDNT win 8 out the last 9 games in 2021.

    Talking about Tua like Belichek has ever beaten him. (0-3 and counting)

    Talking about Tua like your QB has ever completed 80% of his passes 3 games in a row…..ever. Your QB can’t do that. Especially not WRs named Isiah Ford and Jakeem Grant.

    The haters are worried. The Dolphins are not.

    If your criticizing Tua’s accuracy, you simply don’t have a clue.

  27. Well, if you’re dinking and dunking most of the time, your accuracy should be better and we’ll see what happens when Tua tries to throw the ball down the field to keep Tyreek happy. Also, if Tua continues the dinking and dunking, Tyreek, you do realize you will be getting hit more and hit more often by more defensive players not just DBs, right? It should be fun to see how things play out either way. It will be a success or a utter failure with no middle ground when it comes to the Miami offense this year.

  28. Hill could be digging his own grave with his new media gig. Maybe the team’s too. If he keeps slamming people on his new show it will be an interesting year. He’s already unfocused and a distraction. Tyreek has an attitude problem and that will be his downfall.

  29. People are going to be surprised how average Mahomes looks without Hill.

    Tyreek will go down in history as one of the best and most explosive of all time. Nobody has ever had his combination of speed, agility and ability to make it show on the field rather than the combine

  30. I realize the knock on Tua is his size, arm strength, and injury history. But look at some of the QBs of recent memory who had the size, arm strength, and health. Have they succeeded? Jamarcus Russell who could throw the ball a mile but in no particular direction. How about Brock Osweiler who was more of the same? How about Josh Rosen? He was supposedly the most pro ready of any QB in that draft class. Tua was drafted by a rebuilding team. Does Trevor Lawrence get any hate for the same even though he went number 1? Trey Lance? Justin Fields? Zach Wilson? They all looked awful in their first year and by awful I mean they looked nothing like a franchise QB that could win 8 games let alone get a playoff birth. Tua has shown he can win games yet he’s constantly dragged by the media and fans. I honestly just want to know why? Was it because he played at Bama? Was it because he was a high draft pick? Other QBs get passes because of “arm talent” which honestly hasn’t equates to anything in the NFL. Tua has the mind and personality to be a starter. Didn’t Brady get by with that for how many SBs? Brady was throwing short passes to James White for 2 seasons before he started throwing 50/50 balls to Mike Evans. If it goes south I’ll be the first guy on here calling for a new QB but will these fans and media personalities own up if Tua balls out? Probably not. They’ll say it’s the coach, gameplan, and talent around him. I’m really curious of when the narrative will change for the haters.

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