Deshaun Watson: “I just want to clear my name”

Cleveland Browns OTAs
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Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson last met with reporters on his first day in the building. This week, during the team’s mandatory minicamp, Watson conducted another press conference.

He took questions or roughly 10 minutes. Among other things, he was asked whether he’s open to settling the 24 cases pending against him.

“I just want to clear my name,” Watson said, explaining that he wants to let the facts come out in a court of law. This means that, for now, he intends to keep fighting these cases. All of them. The 24 already filed. The two more to come. And any others that may eventually be filed.

The process will take time. None of the cases will go to trial until after March 1, 2023. And, without settlements, 26 trials will take a lot of time. The cases likely will linger into 2024. Depending on the final number of cases filed, the trials might not end until 2025.

Watson also was asked about the contention (not a report, but a contention) from one of the lawsuits that he offered $100,000 to each of the plaintiffs last year.

“There was a process that was going on back in November with another organization,” Watson said, without specifically addressing whether settlement offers were made to resolve the cases so that he could be traded to Miami. However, his lawyer, Rusty Hardin, already has said publicly that the Dolphins wanted the cases to be resolved before a trade would happen, and that an effort was made to do so.

Watson was asked whether he stands by his statement from March that he has “no regrets” about what happened.

“I think that question kind of triggered a lot of people,” Watson said, explaining that he was saying he never assaulted, disrespected, or harassed anyone. He acknowledged that he does regret the impact of the existence of the various cases has had on “many” people.

And what of the report from the New York Times that Watson received massages from at least 66 women in a 17-month period? Is that number accurate?

“I don’t think so,” Watson said, before deferring to his lawyers.

And now the waiting game continues. What will the NFL do? When will the NFL do it? It all remains to be seen.

83 responses to “Deshaun Watson: “I just want to clear my name”

  1. That ship has sailed, your name will go down in history as a s3x 0ffender bro.

  2. I don’t quite get what’s going on in Watson’s camp with all this, but he will never “clear his name”. And, as much as many want to use the Grand Jury decisions as some sort of exoneration, those decisions appear to be tainted by inaction by the DA’s office, not from lack of evidence.

  3. How can someone with so many resources be so out of touch with his behavior, reality and the resolution of these cases? Is it just an absence of gray matter?

  4. Despite what he, the league, and the Browns want, none of this is ending for Watson any time soon.

    Also, just a reminder that absolutely none of this is normal and reasonable behavior.

  5. He can’t clear his name, though. It’s past that point. He can disagree all he likes, but he did it. There’s no reasonable doubt at this point. He carefully arranged all of it and dozens of women experienced it as their boundaries being violated, being abused.

    He can pay all the settlements he wants, it will never clear his name. I don’t see any path back from this to being an NFL franchise QB.

  6. He’s practicing like he’s going to play this year. The Texans didn’t play him but could unless the league put him on the exempt list or he refused to play. Seems like putting him on the list is the only option at this point and if so for how long? Until all the cases are settled? And does being on the exempt list count toward any suspension? What a mess…

  7. Completely delusional. He made some bad decisions. Even if not every accusation is true the totality is damning. Amends is the first step toward redemption

  8. This guy has allegations from literally dozens of women– but to the NFL, Jack Del Rio is the problem. And they wonder why their stands are empty…

  9. Lol! Clear his name!?! I guess he can just produce a rambling 12 page document in his own defense.

  10. It is stupid that the legal process takes as long as it does. Let’s get it done with, however it goes.

  11. Going to be interesting under cross examination and many of these women who were “traumatized” are going to have to admit giving happy endings for pay before.

  12. Sounds like he’s willing to let things play out in order to clear his name. As an observer just not sure what that means. Seems like the more info that gets out, the worse it is for him and his team. Lets say he “wins” 28 out of an eventual 30 suits. Not sure what he wins – or what gets cleared.

  13. I’m sorry, but 3 dozen stories about him and his “ towels” that won’t stay in place will taint you for life.

    Either he’s completely innocent and he just happened to tick someone someone off bad enough to slander him this way, or he’s got a serious fetish thing going that he needs help for.

  14. Imagine 2 separate grand juries from 2 separate counties refusing to indict and people still want you to go to jail and be banned for life from your job. lol

  15. This dude is so beyond delusional. It reminds me of Darren Sharper. You can say innocent until proven guilty if there was a couple, but 26. This dude is a sexual predator without question and should be banned for life.

  16. Like everyone else, I have an opinion. However, I can’t convict the guy untill all the facts are revealed.

  17. When has a person has done so many bad things, it becomes Impossible to clear their name.

  18. KIR says:
    June 14, 2022 at 1:40 pm
    Going to be interesting under cross examination and many of these women who were “traumatized” are going to have to admit giving happy endings for pay before



  19. Winning in court will definitely clear his name… nobody thought OJ was guilty after he was acquitted, right?

  20. You should take a leave of absence and try to clear your name.

  21. Maybe the commanders should trade for Watson? It seems like he’d fit right in there…and if any problems arise within the commanders organization the NFL can just pressure Mark Davis to fire Josh McDaniels.

  22. There is no “clearing his name” at this point. Whatever comes out in court will only make him look worse. He should just bite the bullet and settle before more suits are filed. After that, get help.

  23. I watched the last half or so of this. It was brutal. He had his chance to leave and was asked something along the lines of “how have you changed since all this started?” He TURNED AROUND and said something completely mindless involving, among other things that were apropos of nothing, “my girlfriend and I went to a movie and we saw a big group of families and they bought us popcorn and invited us to a movie.” Completely clueless and lacking in self-awareness of himself….

  24. Paid or unpaid leave should not be on the table for D. Watson. To pretend that more Women getting involved now somehow makes things worse for Watson or that it validates what the other 24 Women claim is not close to true. When is anyone going to question the odds of 26 Women who all claim sexual misconduct or assault by one person in Watson all chose not to file a police report immediately following the alleged incidents of assault or misconduct? When will someone write how a Civil Suit either won or lost will not change his presumed innocence in the eye of the Law. Allegations alone with no proof and absent criminal charges with indictments this is just more of the same. He has every right to go do his job under being presumed innocent.

  25. I have empathy for his situation. No man wants to make a big mistake and have to face dire consequences. But that is the reality for any man. The optics that will never work in Watson’s favor are that he refuses to admit that mistreated a single person. He’s not even saying “I’m sorry IF I mistreated anyone.” He is brazen to the point of what some may consider sociopathic denial. Not saying he is, just saying it looks that way. When you add the face that he made a contract deal with the Browns to protect him from losing money from a suspension, it looks even worse. Why would you protect yourself if you didn’t do anything wrong?

  26. I’m still hung up on 2 very different points:

    1) “26 is too many. They can’t all be lying.”

    2) “26 is too many. They can’t all be telling the truth.”

    I guess that’s what trials are for.

  27. Some people just can’t help themselves from digging that hole deeper and deeper…

  28. I think it’s great Watson wants to clear his name. He needs to do it before he steps onto the field in a Browns uniform. No reasonable Browns fan wants their QB to be an accused sex offender.

  29. Imagine someone not understanding the difference between criminal claims and civil claims, imagine not understanding the different burdens of proof in civil vs criminal claims, imagine not understanding the different types of civil claims claims, imagine not choosing to read the deposition testimony clearly demonstrating admitted civil violations, and then imagine using that ignorance as a basis to defend someone?

  30. This guy talks like he is in a soap opera. This is real life dude. Get real.

  31. Cleveland really is the most embarrassingly inept organization in the history of professional sports.

  32. The likelihood of winning 26 trials with 26 different juries is likely nil. He can hope for a bunch of hung juries that result in settlements instead of new trials.

    Regardless, something his lawyer says will be perceived as victim-shaming by some of the juries, and then it’s game over. One loss, and the NFL will fry him.

  33. Deshaun Watson obviously loves to get massages. Will he ever be able to get another massage for the rest of his life? If he does, what kind of paperwork/waivers will need to be filled out?

  34. What he’s done is ethically unacceptable. We all know the public thinks of him negatively but I worry the law or his lawyers can somehow get him out of it. I would like to see some sort of punishment but at the same time I also hope he can get some help from a life coach.

  35. His name can only be cleared by the accusers saying they all lied which isn’t going to happen. Yeah, it’s his word versus all the individual accusers but this guy was shopping for sex. Now it’s said he had 66 different masseuse’s.I do believe there are accusers jumping on the bandwagon He has 230mil reasons to perpetuate his narrative. The browns management is a joke for signing him.

  36. cardsgreat says:
    June 14, 2022 at 1:33 pm
    This guy has allegations from literally dozens of women– but to the NFL, Jack Del Rio is the problem. And they wonder why their stands are empty…

    The NFL has not imposed any sanction on Del Rio. In fact, the NFL has had no comment at all on the Del Rio situation. The Washington team is the only entity that has done anything regarding Del Rio.

    By the way, the stands are not empty. In fact, attendance records were set last season. Please quit believing those pictures taken an hour before kickoff that circulate on fringe Twitter accounts.

  37. Wow now I see why his attorney looks like he is drinking all the time. This just keeps getting worse.

  38. Maybe Watson’s lawyer has cleverly steered this to go to court. That’s a lot of court time and billable hours, certainly more than negotiating settlements.

    End of the day, Watson appears to deserve all this and will end up flat broke.

  39. “I just want to clear my name…24 times”.

    Sweet Jesus. How has this jerk not been suspended yet?

  40. A Darren Sharper comparison? C’mon.

    9 convictions in 4 different states. He will have spent no less than 10 years in prison.

    Watson is guilty in the court of public opinion. These charge may cost him his livelihood, almost certainly his fortune. He will NEVER see a jail cell for any of this.

  41. “I never assaulted, disrespected or harrassed anyone.” He just doesn’t get it, does he? You don’t need to assult or harrass someone, when you can use your celebrity, wealth and physical presence to intimidate them into compliance. Unreal lack of self-awareness.

  42. If Baker gets traded and Deshaun gets a significant suspension, that Browns 2023 first rounder could be very, very high.

  43. Hey Deshaun,

    Everyone with a record wants to clear their name… Be it civil or criminal. This is what happens man…



  44. I don’t understand why Watson is refusing to settle.

    Yes….he got out of criminal charges (for now) when the Grand Juries did not indict him, but he has 24 pending civil suits for coercive and lewd sexual behavior.

    Civil suits only require >50% of the jury to vote to convict. It is very likely that he will lose some, or most of the cases…….and then will have to deal with payments that could be in the millions of dollars…for each case.

  45. Pay the lady’s and move on. I believe the settlement is most likely 500k now instead of 250k.

  46. The name will forever be soiled. Sorry bro. Should have opened up your wallet before this thing got out of control. Lose/lose situation for him. But now he looks like a sex offender, and all of the details are going to come out. At least paying them off seals the facts and you can craft your own story about it. Now, the facts presented at trial are going to be stuck to him forever

  47. cardsgreat says:
    June 14, 2022 at 1:33 pm
    …And they wonder why their stands are empty…

    Last year was a record at 18.3M attending games.

    But, hey, don’t let facts get in your way.

  48. Yea paid leave is really the only option at this point. Let the Browns dish out the money while he sits in court, they deserve to lose on that. That will take care of at least one season if not two in which he can get paid on a back loaded deal. Then the league can suspend him for 2 years unless by some miracle he actually clears his name. Maybe he will be under center in 2025.

  49. ghostoflondon says:
    June 14, 2022 at 2:39 pm
    Cleveland really is the most embarrassingly inept organization in the history of professional sports.

    Seattle Mariners, “Hold my beer”

  50. Deshaun, I am guessing this will all end with some settlements and you will be playing football, but you should reflect on your behavior. You sought out 60+ different women and based on everything we have heard it was not simply for a clinical massage. It was predatory behavior. Don’t let this escalate further. Get help.

  51. Are they really trotting out this dude for a press conference after the Times article? Vulgar. I read that article. There isn’t gonna be any brushing this one under the rug…guy is a lunatic.

  52. What I wonder is if anyone has checked if Deshaun did anything improper while at Clemson? Behavior like tis usually has a track record.

  53. I understand Browns fans wanting to believe Watson, but this dude is just not credible. Appointments with 66 massage therapists over 17 months, resulting in 10 criminal complaints and 26 (and counting) lawsuits scream that he AT LEAST needs to examine his decision-making and behavior. Instead, he talks about having done nothing wrong and never disrespecting women. And that word salad that he offered up today did nothing to help his case.

  54. Why hasnt Goodell put him on the exempt list yet?? Just end the madness already.

  55. Goodell just suspended Ridley for a year for gambling on one game. We will see what message he sends with Watson. Based on severity this should be a far harsher punishment. I have a feeling it won’t be, sadly.

  56. There is absolutely no reason for him to admit anything. He’s facing 24 case. Admitting anything at this point gets him nothing and could cost him in the settlements. Rusty Hardin took on Congress for Roger Clemens and won. Admit nothing. Deny everything. Demand proof. When it comes to a he said/she said how many will get up in court and open themselves up to possible perjury charges over tiny details? Who will a judge/jury believe? When the defense starts shredding the credibility of massage therapists who provided him services again and again, how many will stay the course. Buzbee has promised a lot of people payouts and is counting on settlements. The closer this gets to a courtroom the less likely it is that it will actually see one.

  57. Hopefully Watson gets sidelined for a year or more. The Browns will have traded away Mayfield by then, of course. Then we’ll be able to watch them flounder trying to find a QB. Maybe trade for Mason Rudolph? Wouldn’t THAT be something? Lol. If they do that I hope the Steelers get higher than a normal value. (Demand goes up…so does the price)

  58. The Browns will legally dump this guy at the first legally available window to do so.

  59. The NFL already investigated this in depth and found there was nothing to it. That’s why the courts won’t even hear the cases. The NFL interviewed some of the women, and found they weren’t credible. The NFL’s investigators are paid to get to the truth. The first question any reasonable person would want to know is why didn’t a single one of you call the police to report a crime. Not one. And this lawyer is the neighbor of the Texans owner. The United States courts told them to get out of their courtroom with this junk. And that’s why they’ve turned the media into their courtroom

  60. The way the NFL personal conduct policy is written today, the NFL can not suspend him. If no crime committed, the only other criteria that would trigger a suspension would be any behavior that imposes inherent danger to the safety and well being of another person. I say bring back the old-school lie detector test. It may not be 100% accurate, but they are far more accurate than the court of public opinion.

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