Golden Tate trying his hand at baseball

New York Giants v Seattle Seahawks
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Golden Tate spent 11 seasons as a wide receiver in the NFL, but was out of football last season and has shifted gears to another sport.

Tate has signed with the Port Angeles Lefties of the West Coast League, which is in the Pacific Northwest and is typically made up of collegiate players. Tate played baseball in high school and early in his time at Notre Dame and he was drafted twice by major league teams before entering the NFL as a Seahawks second-round pick in 2010.

“I am extremely thankful to the West Coast League and the Port Angeles Lefties for allowing me to join their league,” Tate said in statement. As some might know, I was drafted twice in baseball. As a child, my first love was baseball, so I’m excited about the opportunity to compete against some of the best young players in the league. I look forward to having a lot of fun and exploring baseball more.”

Former Titans quarterback Jake Locker and Bills safety Jordan Poyer both played in the WCL before entering the NFL, but Tate is the first former NFL player to join the circuit. He is expected to start in centerfield on Tuesday night.

9 responses to “Golden Tate trying his hand at baseball

  1. Cool story and good for Golden. Nothing wrong with living life and trying out new things. Have some fun with it!

  2. This guy was the most overrated NFL WR in recent years. Big mouth taboot! Good Riddance!

  3. I was surprised when Seattle let him walk. He did really well in Detroit.

  4. Hitting a major league fastball is one of the hardest things to do in sports, even for guys who are otherwise superb athletes.

  5. Good for him. He had a long, productive career and I applaud anyone that pursues a healthy hobby. The most difficult thing in all of sports is hitting major league pitching, hopefully he’ll get a shot.

  6. Sounds like fun for a retired athlete with time on his hands. The league will generate a little buzz and Tate will have some fun. I would be surprised to see if he will go through the full grind of playing in the minors.

  7. Dude can’t stay on the field for a full season but you go ahead and do you. Meanwhile I can’t wait for the day that you are no longer a NY Giant.

  8. Nihilistic Warrior says:
    June 14, 2022 at 3:22 pm
    I was surprised when Seattle let him walk. He did really well in Detroit

    not as surprised as Wilson…..

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