Joe Burrow calls for common sense gun safety laws


At a time when Americans are deeply divided on most issues, the vast majority agree on the need for meaningful gun safety legislation and regulation.

Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow, already one of the most popular players in the NFL, made a simple case on Tuesday for the kind of common sense restrictions that so many of us support.

“With everything that’s going on, if you’re not going to outlaw everything, you’ve got to at least make it harder to get those crazy guns that everybody’s using,” Burrow told reporters. “I don’t think you should be able to just walk in there and buy one. You’ve got to be able to go through a rigorous process to buy something like that, I think. So hopefully the people who get paid to make those decisions figure that out. My job is to play football, but hopefully the politicians can figure that one out.”

Hopefully they will, because they are elected to enact policies that reflect the will of the people, not the influence of the special interests. Some progress is being made. Much more will be needed before the wishes of most Americans are properly reflected by the laws that apply here.

Indeed, most Americans are waiting for a better explanation as to the necessity for assault rifles than shooting varmints or whatever. Also, anyone who thinks that an assault rifle is necessary to protect against the government needs to do a little research about the breadth and depth of the arsenal the armed forces maintains.

Starting with, you know, tanks and jets.

47 responses to “Joe Burrow calls for common sense gun safety laws

  1. No, assault weapons have no place in society but as soon as you let the government take them away there will be no end to what they decide to take next. Raise the age to purchase guns to 21, do extensive background checks and make a waiting period, but don’t let the government start messing with the second amendment. When law abiding citizens aren’t able to be armed only the criminals with black market access will be.

  2. Wait, someone is using common sense when it comes to mass killing machines like with AR15s and other military weapons?

    No way!

    How dare Burrow make sense?!

  3. Let’s see the alt right bozo brigade come out to say burrow should stick to his lane…. Kid has his head firmly on his shoulders. Can’t say the same about those out there trying to justify the need for banana clips being necessary for feral pigs…

  4. Wait … do people honestly think the AR-15 is a military-grade weapon? It’s a semiautomatic carbine. The US military may as well go into battle with flintlock muskets. The AR is a popgun compared to what our military uses.

  5. I’m as Right wing as they get. Huge 2nd amendment guy. A person with an axe to grind should not be allowed to walk into a store and walk out with a gun 30 minutes later.. there needs to be a cool down, or waiting period.

    Raising the minimum purchase age is unconstitutional. Define a legal adult as 21 (which I agree with) .. then you can say that is when your constitutional rights kick in.

  6. Don’t care didn’t ask also All gun laws are an infringement.

  7. Government can’t tell y’all how many bullets you can buy, but to be clear the government should also tell women exactly what to do with their bodies? Ok cool I got the logic now!

  8. Hate me because I am Canadian but if I want to buy a any firearm I have to take a safety course first, than mail in an application for it to be approve. I believe I am more Free than any resident of the U.S.A. while I am smoking my weed and not paying for a trip to the hospital…… Just saying.

    I also hate the United States Government for making my gas so expensive at $5.66 per gallon (I did the math from litres to gallons and the exchange rate)….. Oh wait, that’s who you blame?

  9. There are already background checks in place. I have a CCW and everytime I buy a firearm they do one.

  10. I’ve never once had one of my guns and ARs let themselves out of my gun safe and go somewhere and shoot itself. The day that happens is the day I agree with them being illegal. Until them fix the mental health issues and better screening and parenting!!! Enough of the don’t ask don’t tell stuff either. If you think something isn’t right with someone or a child SPEAK UP!!! Don’t wait until they have committed some terrible thing to then come forward and say they were unstable!!! It’s not the gun and never will be, it’s the HUMAN holding it

  11. People blame the guns because they are tangible, but we all know the real problem. Problem is we don’t have mandatory inpatient mental hospitals anymore. There are 95% less beds for mental illness than there was 50 years ago, and yet suicidal ideation and anxiety and depression are going up every year. I’m sorry but if you go into an ER or post online that you are going to hurt yourself or others, time to do some time in a mandatory inpatient mental facility until you are deemed no longer a danger to the public. As of right now, these people are able to say that stuff and then just leave and theoretically get/buy weapons until they end up shooting up the clinic in buffalo MN where my wife works. They all knew the guy and were not shocked. The vast majority of these people show massive signs of danger before the incidents happen and we do nothing.

  12. America’s fascination with guns baffles me. Unfortunately it’s going to take several more tragedies for people to even consider a change

  13. Perhaps Joe should stick to topics on which he has an informed opinion. His statements make it fairly evident that this is not one of those topics.

  14. Burrow is right at such a young age. Makes sense. He would probably never express his views. But he was asked a question and he answered it truthfully. He always answers questions truthfully.

  15. I don’t disagree with Burrow on this. But I do find it distracting from football.

  16. minime says:
    June 14, 2022 at 7:42 pm
    Another athlete with bad opinions
    When you think someone asking for common sense to be used is a bad opinion it`s a pretty good sign your part of the problem.

  17. Can’t buy a pack of cigarettes at 18, but you can purchase a high capacity semi-automatic weapon. Yeah, that makes sense.

  18. The people who want to take away the guns have never had a mob of wild prairie dogs trying to break into their homes.

  19. A lot of people hate the government when the government tells them what they can and can’t and do. Then, many of those same people hate the government when the government allows people to do things they wish the government wouldn’t let them go. Basically, people love control over others, but they hate when they think someone’s trying to control them. Yes, we do have mental health issues.

  20. Hopefully they will, because they are elected to enact policies that reflect the will of the people, not the influence of the special interests
    Oh to be young and naive…

  21. Like the Canadian above who thinks his freedom is free. Joe needs to go play football and be thankful this country has a 2A.

  22. I’m a Marine Corps veteran and there’s no reason why a civilian should own a high capacity/ militarized assault rifle.

  23. You know a lot of laws are broken in this mass shooting. What is passing more laws going to do. Nothing.

  24. Let me get this straight, a Police Officer kills someone (yes sometimes unjustified) the Officer is at fault. Yet a unstable person with mental issues, anger issues, or depression, etc., it’s the guns fault. As a strong supporter of the 2nd amendment, I support background checks, I support a time frame before taking ownership of the firearm. I also support the buying age being 21 unless you have a hunting permit. I disagree with taking away the ArmaLite Rifle (AR-15, not Assault Riffle) and those types of firearm’s. Not in fear of our government but other government’s that despise America. Japan and China have both stated they never invaded America because they knew American’s were armed. We need to stay armed as way to protect this Country and our families. America is hated around the world. As far as home protection a .45 will serve just fine.

  25. Gun control is pretty impossible. I believe that it’s a good idea but now we are approaching a 3d printed world/illegal sales, bad guys will always find a way. So have a gun(s) you want and don’t be dumb with them. I’m not a gun guy but I get it; And if you get a gun learn to use it and also will you use it?

  26. Conservatives are big on “common sense” except for this enormous blind spot. The Second Amendment? Ok. No restrictions on ownership of flint lock rifles, just like the framers intended. Anything further? No way.

  27. Raising the age would probably do a lot. It’s always a young male. Always.

  28. Seeing the words “Jets & Tanks” in the same sentence is quite common!

  29. The gun nuts have no common sense why do they have assault rifles you ask ? number one reason they think they are fun and there fun trumps common sense .

  30. The AR-15 style guns are weapons of mass destruction and should not be available to civilians. the manufacturers of such items should be subject to lawsuits for the damages such weapons cause.

  31. He doesn’t seem to know the purpose of the 2nd Amendment. It’s not for duck hunting.

  32. Not the gun.. its the human using it!!! People need to speak up when they see or read or hear of someone acting strange or having mental issues. I firmly stand by the 2A but where i have a problem is people not speaking up when a coworker, child, parent or seeing something troubling online with a friend and they do not come forward to the authorities!!!
    The size magazine or the type of firearm doesn’t matter people, it is the individual holding that firearm that is what is causing this. Guns do not point and shoot all by themselves!!!!

  33. Burrow can have his opinion, whatever. It just seems silly that people think more gun laws or more strict gun laws somehow will end all gun violence and senseless lives being lost. FYI, it won’t. Implementing more rules and laws on people who are already following the current rules and laws doesn’t make much sense. You do realize gang members, dope dealers, career criminals, and the like don’t aquire their weapons of choice in a legitimate or legal way. You do know this right? Also, if career criminals get nothing but a slap on the wrist and sent on their merry way only to show up again in front of a judge for doing a crime again with a firearm when they were told by judge last time that they are no longer allowed to get caught with a firearm…seriously people. And you wonder why we as a society have the problems that we have. Some of it is unavoidable because sadly there are some really sick individuals in the world or there are people who just need some real help, but if you never look at mental health as a serious issue and never address the core or source of a problem, you will continue to have the same problem continually repeat itself over and over and over again. SMH.

  34. EVERYONE has a deep seated desire to never want to see these type of tragedies happen. Crazy people are just that ,CRAZY, mentally disturbed. If everyone wants to participate in trying to stop these events BEFORE they happen ,they have contact the authorities if they see or are aware of these nuts. Always lots of warning signs people knew about people on the ledge after the fact.

  35. Why is a reporter asking a QB for a solution to gun control after a preseason practice? Joe should have gone Belichik pointed at someone else and said “next”.

  36. I find it so frustrating that those pointing to less gun control say “fix mental health first”. It’s not a one or the other. It’s the same thing with cars. We had speed limits, then seatbelts, then air bags, then driver assistance. Of course people will still die in wrecks, but less will. Make it harder for these lunatics to get a gun and maybe one of them slips up and tries to buy it from an under cover agent and 10 kids lives are saved from a planned shooting. Get a kid help when he starts posting on social media that something bad will happen and maybe another 10 kids get saved from a potential shooting. Treat ALL of the issues and SOME (not all) of these events will be prevented. 1 kid’s life is worth more than your freedom to buy a gun without a short waiting period or a more comprehensive back ground check.

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