Kliff Kingsbury “praying” Kyler Murray extension done before training camp

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Quarterback Kyler Murray reported to the start of Cardinals minicamp this week, but there will be questions about his plans for training camp if he doesn’t sign a contract extension in the coming weeks.

Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury would perfer to avoid such queries. He told reporters on Tuesday that he is trying to “control what I can control” but is “praying” that a deal is done before the start of camp.

“Personally, I’m being selfish here, I would love for him to be there the first day of training camp,” Kingsbury said, via the team’s website. “[General Manager] Steve [Keim], Michael [Bidwill], myself, we understand what he can be and where we want to take this thing with him as our leader. It’ll be great for this organization when this is wrapped up.”

The Cardinals have picked up Murray’s option for 2023 at a guaranteed salary of over $29 million, so he won’t be leaving the team without their approval if no deal is done this year. After some acrimony this offseason, though, both sides would likely prefer smoother sailing next offseason.

14 responses to “Kliff Kingsbury “praying” Kyler Murray extension done before training camp

  1. He should be praying he forces his way out. That way he can open up the playbook to include the middle of the field. That guy limits them big time. Because he is vertically challenged nobody has to defend the middle.

  2. It’s crazy how much the Cardinals organization seems willing to bend over backward for such an overrated QB who cant see the middle of the field and completely flames out in the 2nd half every year.

  3. Enough with this guy already. Murray has zero leverage here and 2 YEARS left on his rookie deal. Play better and finish the season like you should and THEN well talk not before that.

  4. Fourth year of his contract, fifth year option and two franchise tags. No reason for the Cards to rush to the bargaining table.

  5. Kingsbury should actually pray that Murray and his overrated HC can play strong for an entire year instead of starting hot and crash landing by week 12.

  6. He’s praying for his job is what he’s doing. It seems like Murray thinks the grass is greener on the other side when Kingsbury knows it isn’t. If Murray was traded and given more money to make him happy where exactly would he thrive? Coaches would have to immediately change their scheme to fit his skill set. That includes different terminology for your WRs, RBs, and OL. This is the same situation the Ravens and Lamar Jackson have with each other. I think both Murray and Jackson know their franchises are tied to them for better or worse. The players should know this too.

  7. will this “extension” make him taller?
    asking for a cardinals fan…

  8. Of course he is praying. His career as a NFL HC is tied to Murray playing and having success. If not they will both be gone.

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