Melvin Gordon is not ready to concede the starting job to Javonte Williams

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Last year, Broncos running backs Melvin Gordon and Javonte Williams had an identical number of carries, with 203 each. This year, the perception is that Williams will become the primary option — with Gordon as the understudy.

Gordon is not ready to concede the job to Williams.

“I told [General Manager] George [Paton] when I was at the table, I told him I’m not going to lay down,” Gordon told reporters on Monday. “I’m not going to lay down, man. I’ve always had that mindset that I have to go get it and that they’re bringing someone in here to take your job. I know a lot of people are wanting me to take a backseat. I get it. It’s been like that for a while. It was like that when I was with the Chargers. Everyone wanted Austin [Ekeler] to start. I just come out here and do my thing. Thanks for the motivation, everybody. I appreciate y’all for the extra motivation. I need it.

“I’m just going to go out here and do what’s best for the squad. I put my best foot forward every time I go out there, then I’ll see what happens. The goal is to make them want to play me. I know we’re going to do our thing — me and Vonte are going to do it. I don’t really know how we’re going to do the reps and things like that. The goal right now is to really master the playbook and let things play out. I’m definitely going to be ready to battle. That’s what it is. It’s going to make us better — it did last year. I’m going to continue to do that. I don’t care how old people think I’m getting. I feel good. I’ve been sharing the ball since I’ve gotten in the league with running backs, so this is nothing new. I’ve been battling for a while. I think Austin Ekeler is one hell of a back, and I had to battle with him and do the same thing. It’s just my luck, man. I just happen to be paired up with some great backs. Fortunately and unfortunately, I would say.”

Gordon didn’t have to return to the Broncos. He was a free agent. He eventually re-signed with the Broncos. So why give it another go, at far less money than before?

“With Russell [Wilson], that’s a game changer,” Gordon said. “I’m not really one of the guys that likes to start over. I really don’t like change too much with coming into a new locker room, having to build relationships, finding out who your clique is and finding out who works with you and what you’re able to say until guys get comfortable. It’s a drag. The city, finding a new place to stay. It’s a lot, man. It’s a lot that goes into it behind closed doors that changes your whole thought [process] behind leaving a place.”

Gordon also likes the new head coach in Denver.

“[Nathaniel] Hackett is a cool dude,” Gordon said. “He has great energy. He’s changed the whole atmosphere around here. You’re excited to come in. Not saying I wasn’t before, but you’re just a little more excited. He does a lot of different things that are fun. It’s a fun environment workplace. It feels really good to be a Bronco. The last couple days and coming in here today and when I was sprinkling in here in and out last week. It’s a different feel. I’m enjoying it.”

We’ll see if he’s enjoying it in September, when it’s time to figure out the reps and the touches. With Wilson playing quarterback, it’s likely that there will be fewer runs generally. Chances are that, if they stay healthy, both guys will get plenty of chances. Hackett has made it clear that he wants more, not fewer, options at the position.

3 responses to “Melvin Gordon is not ready to concede the starting job to Javonte Williams

  1. Melvin hasnt even realized that Javonte already took his job and he’s the backup RB.

  2. Melvin Gordon is going to play role 1b this yr with Javonte at 1a. I think everyone knows that, including Melvin. But that is a solid duo, and the drop from 1a to 1b isn’t bad. 1b could be a lot worse than Melvin Gordon if he’s anything close to last year.

  3. I didn’t want Denver to resign Gordon for this reason. He is the bona fide backup and he needs to understand that so Williams can grow into an elite player.

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