NBC hires Jason Garrett as analyst on Football Night in America

Los Angeles Rams v New York Giants
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NBC Sports has hired former Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett as an analyst for Football Night in America, the network announced Tuesday.

Garrett replaces Drew Brees on the most-watched studio show in sports. He will work with host Maria Taylor and analysts Tony Dungy and Chris Simms in Studio 1 at NBC Sports’ International Broadcast Center in Stamford, Connecticut. Co-host Jac Collinsworth and analyst Rodney Harrison will continue as anchors of FNIA’s coverage from the game site, while PFT’s Mike Florio will continue to report on the news of the day.

Garrett is currently making his broadcasting debut as a game analyst alongside play-by-play voice Jac Collinsworth on NBC’s USFL coverage.

“I’m truly humbled and thrilled to be joining the Football Night team and continuing my broadcasting career with NBC Sports, who have been fantastic to work with on the USFL,” Garrett said. “I intend to share my life-long passion for football and utilize my experience as both an NFL coach and quarterback to try to explain the game and break down the matchups for our audience every Sunday night. I can’t wait to get started.”

Garrett was the Cowboys’ head coach for 9 1/2 seasons, going 85-67 in the regular season, 2-3 in the postseason and earning NFL coach of the year honors in 2016. He was the Giants’ offensive coordinator for 26 games over the past two seasons.

“Jason was always a great listen at our NFL production meetings with the Cowboys,” NBC Sports executive producer Sam Flood said. “His insight and intellect are a winning combination. We are excited to add him to the FNIA team. In his brief time as an analyst on our USFL broadcasts, he already breaks down plays in a welcoming style that gives unique insights about the ‘why’ of a play: Why did it work? Why did it fail?”

NBC Sports also announced Matt Casey as the lead producer of Football Night. Casey has worked on FNIA in various capacities for 14 years, most recently as co-producer. He also co-produced NBC Sports’ Super Bowl LVI pre-game show in February.

30 responses to “NBC hires Jason Garrett as analyst on Football Night in America

  1. He’s not bad at all doing the USFL games.
    He should consider staying in the broadcast booth.

  2. I never would have thought i would like Jason Garrett being hired for anything until it meant that Drew Breese wouldnt get the chance to ruin any more games by talking about himself.

  3. He’s done a good job on the USFL games, especially for someone new to it. I think he’ll do well in the studio too.

  4. I thought he is a bit too chatty in the booth- he tends to talk platitudes over what you can hear from the field (one of the good things from the USFL) and you miss some really more interesting. But they could do worse for sure……

  5. He will be good not great…just a guy. Which is not bad as a lot of people can not do it, just look at the QB he is replacing. He was a train wreck.

  6. Hes actually better at this than cocaching. Very good and not too corny or loud and trying too hard.

  7. Its been years since I last watched a pregame show and Jason Garrett won’t change that.

  8. I dont watch USFL games. I dont know his body of work other than coaching. Seems like NBC hired the next CALM narrator

  9. He’ll demonstrate proper clapping form after your QB gets stripped sacked on 4th and goal…

  10. Aikman, Romo and now Garrett. Dak knows what job he can get lined up after retirement. Which, as a Cowboy fan, I hope is soon. I’ve given up on him.

  11. Garrett may not have been a great coach. But he is a Princeton man and fairly bright. So he may find success as a broadcaster.

  12. Good fit for him. Now if he just stays there and doesn’t try to coach again….

  13. He’s bright and articulate and knowledgeable. The best of them understand that less is more, that we tune in for the games, not the talking heads, and that we are tuned in for football and nothing else.

  14. I was surprised when Rodney Harrison was removed from the analyst role last year and replaced with Drew Brees. I thought Harrison was very good and insightful. Being moved to report from the stadium seemed like a demotion to me. No opinion on Garrett.

  15. Kinda figures then that the Football Night in America team finishes 7-9 and out of the playoffs…

  16. Does this excite anybody? I don’t know how people paid well come together and say, “this is our guy”. Not only is he boring, but he wasn’t successful lol. Probably just a bridge Quarterback till others come around like Rodgers. Lions fan so I hate Rodgers, only as an opponent that killed us, But at least he would say what’s on his mind. Bree’s was very robotic and I see the same from Garret.

  17. Jason Garrett is that burnt onion ring you find in your fries after getting home from the Burger King drive-thru…clap-clap.

  18. These networks are so lazy.

    Did he ever do anything ever with the Cowboys??


  19. Is there anyone on that broadcast team that may say something that makes news? Florio excepted of course. Surprised a recently retired player that was willing to drop truth wasn’t chosen, since having a ring apparently isn’t a requirement at NBC anymore.

  20. Oh heck give the guy a chance. He can’t be any worse than those other clowns they bring in.

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