Reacting to Deshaun Watson press conference, Tony Buzbee hints that “many” could still file lawsuits

Deshaun Watson Press Conference
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On Tuesday, Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson conducted his first press conference since March 25. Thereafter, attorney Tony Buzbee issued his latest press release.

Near the bottom of the one-paragraph commentary resides an ominous remark regarding the possibility of additional lawsuits being filed against Watson. Currently, 24 are pending and two more are expected.

“We were sent the video of the Watson press conference,” Buzbee said, via Jake Trotter of “We appreciate the Cleveland market and its fervent support with regard to its new quarterback, Deshaun Watson. But: given the volume of the credible cases filed, the lead detective’s sworn testimony, the undisputed facts, and the heartbreak, pain, and havoc Watson has caused, we think it would be appropriate to see Deshaun Watson express some regret or remorse in the way he treated these women, some of which have sued and many others haven’t, yet. Attending some sort of counseling would be at least some step forward. We have nothing else to say on the subject.”

How many is “many”? That won’t be known until the final statute of limitations passes on the last massage Watson received. That’s two years from the date on which the most person who gave Watson the most recent massage could claim that he crossed the line. Presumably, this means lawsuits could be filed up until the two-year anniversary of the filing of the first lawsuit — assuming that upon learning of the first lawsuit alleging sexual misconduct during massage therapy sessions that Watson stopped arranging private massages via social media.

Thus, the window will be open until the middle of March 2023. Only then will we know how many is “many,” and how many more than 26 women will sue Watson for allegedly engaging in inappropriate conduct during a massage session.

40 responses to “Reacting to Deshaun Watson press conference, Tony Buzbee hints that “many” could still file lawsuits

  1. Thanks Cleveland, for the draft picks, destroying your team, and taking the nightmare Watson off our hands!

    Caserio should be given the GM of the year for the NFL, just for the Watson haul alone!

    From a Texans Fan!

  2. Makes me sick that the Browns traded for this guy. I thought they had a competent front office but I should have known better. It really sucks when you can’t root for your own team but that’s where a lot of Brown’s fans are now.

  3. March of 2023??? Sheesh.

    How the Browns didn’t require settlements before paying him all that money fully guaranteed is beyond me.

  4. And yet all of these women faced these “undisputed facts, and the heartbreak, pain, and havoc” and not a single one filed a police report at the time? Why not?

  5. I would like for the Commissioner to put Watson on the exempt list. Watson needs to stay on that list until all allegations of sexual misconduct have been settled. Until Watson is cleared, he should not be permitted to put on a Browns uniform. With that being said, let the Browns get back to the football business, and get ready to win the AFC North.

  6. It’s clear by now that the one thing that Watson won’t be doing is expressing “regret & remorse”.
    That would be the least tone-deaf thing he could do, but at this point, he thinks that’s the same as a full confession.

  7. Odds on Watson ever playing NFL football again? I think Browns fans would rather the Ravens win another SB than watch him.

  8. NFL cannot let him play until there is resolution. Total incompetence by the Browns organization

  9. Should’ve been traded for a 7th-round pick and a 3-year contract at veteran minimum. Browns fans deserve better ownership.

  10. Saints went after Watson aggressively. Owner flew to meet him to try and sign him.

  11. Well browns fans it’s time you removed the curse to your franchise and let art Modell into the hof. Until then you are doomed. Other option is just follow the old browns in Baltimore. There’s always seats on the greyhound from cle to bal

  12. if he was an everyday joe he would have been shown the door a long time ago. Most companies today have ZERO tolerance policies for these kind of things.

  13. I don’t blame anybody for laughing at the Browns front office over this disaster, but I can’t believe acquiring Deshaun Watson had anything to do with Andrew Berry – he’s too smart, disciplined and empathetic to make that move, and he looked so uncomfortable in the press conference. This one reeks of Jimmy Haslam forcing his hand, and at this point just hope it doesn’t cost us our best GM in years (along with 3 first round picks). I could care less about Jimmy’s 230 million.

  14. It’s by no accident that there are more “filing” now. This looks like reaching for settlements. Let’s remember 2 grand juries saw the evidence and decided there was no wrong doing. There was consensual sex with 3 out of over 100 massage therapist. THREE!!! But I’m sure he’s still guilty in the court of public opinion

  15. For once Stephen Ross did the right thing. Flores was pushing for Watson but Ross refused until all cases were settled. For once something worked in Miami’s favor.

  16. You would think that with all of the credible cases filed, the lead detective’s sworn testimony, the undisputed facts, and the heartbreak, pain, and havoc that Watson has caused, he would have been criminally charged.

  17. I don’t think it is safe to make the presumption that Watson has stopped engaging this behavior. You don’t get that many “massages” over such a short period of time only to suddenly change your ways.

  18. The NFL needs to void the trade and the contract because it’s clear the Browns were robbed.

  19. If I am Baker my back is killing me until I am cut. This team completely disrespected him after he spent most of last season playing through injury for them. And after all that they choose to replace him with this sorry excuse for a human being. Yeah, my back would be hurting bad and this time I wouldn’t be playing through it.

  20. If I were a Browns fan I’d be furious at the team. They destroyed it for at least 5 years. They knew this guy was a mutt, but gave away the farm in draft picks and then the $$$. Who made that stellar decision? Haslam should sell the team. He’s done nothing but embarrass it. I really Thor they turned the corner the last 2 years and now it’s in cinders. They can’t even draft a top QB if they finish last. Texas gets the pick for 3 years. Not to mention cap problems. Matt Ryan might have got them to the SB. If I werea player, I’d want out. This move was just stupid.

  21. Curse of art modell. He did so much for cleveland only to be forced to move the team. At least he left the history and colors in cleveland unlike that drunk irsay…

  22. If Watson plays a down this year, I and many others will be done with the NFL forever. No way Goodell can let that happen and keep his job.

  23. 2 thoughts – First – I think Baker Mayfield shouldn’t play until he gets a large “financial apology”. Second- thank you Cleveland for protecting Panther’s fans from Panther’s team ownership.

  24. Baffled how the Harris County grand jury didn’t indict him, even given just a basic read of the claims against him (keep in mind, there’s no defense (unless under rare circumstances and severe protections for prosecution), no defense attorney at a grand jury, it’s just the D.A.’s/prosecutor’s office). Makes you wonder if the Harris County D.A. is a huge Texan fan (altruistically or otherwise; check all transactions from all Cal McNair or his wife’s accounts) and knew he’d never be traded unless all criminal charges were dropped, not indicted.

  25. Suspend him without pay until all the cases are settled. It could be 2 years or two weeks. Also do not extend his contract. The clock is ticking. $230 million is a lot of motivation to get this done.

  26. wrong and right no longer exist in Murica, only relativism. Goodell wont do anything because of back-room deals, winks & nods, and future considerations. Sucks as a Browns fan, but this is what you get for putting so much stock in a sports team

  27. Haslam’s a dolt. He’ll go through another 3 GMs before Watson’s contract expires.

  28. Art Modell destroyed the Browns the same way Willie Ford did the Lions, two teams that were the premier ones of the NFL before disaster struck; there’s no doubt why neither has been near a championship since; the Lions seem to be making some headway whereas the Browns have virtually guaranteed their incompetent insignificance at least another ten years; i’m no fan but cleveland surely by now deserve better than Haslem and his choice for a quarterback;

  29. A wise person would stop getting massages after the first lawsuit, but we saw and heard things that may elude us to think that he may have had sneak a massage or two in the meantime, you know, just to relax a bit. Would anyone be surprised?

  30. When it comes to the quarterback position, we all know that the Homeless Guy makes the final call in Cleveland. This Watson debacle is 100% on him-

  31. Cincinnati Bengals fan base is increasing everyday, and the Cleveland fan base is dropping everyday!

  32. Baffled how the Harris County grand jury didn’t indict him. ——————–
    I would guess that Buzbee didn’t press too hard. His clients (and future clients) will likely see a greater settlement/award if Watson is gainfully employed. The accusations are clearly significant. It will be interesting to watch how Buzbee presses, but not too hard. He will be looking to maximize his clients’ settlement/award, but not press too hard where Watson is jailed or the NFL cracks down so hard that Watson loses his guaranteed $.

  33. whostolemyxanax says:
    June 14, 2022 at 4:40 pm
    Makes me sick that the Browns traded for this guy. I thought they had a competent front office but I should have known better. It really sucks when you can’t root for your own team but that’s where a lot of Brown’s fans are now.

    But the Browns front office is subject to the inept, half-witted whims of Jimmy Haslam. This is a cesspool of his own creation. And let’s never forget that the Haslams used the Watson signing as an indication that they now know what they’re doing as owners.

    The Browns will be adrift as long as Haslam is there to screw things up. 2020 will be the dream season we cling to in the dire, dark years ahead. Thanks Jimmy.

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