Report: It “appears likely” Roger Goodell will testify before Oversight Committee on June 22

House Judiciary Committee Holds Hearing On Football Head Injuries
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Eight days from now, the U.S. House Committee on Oversight & Reform will conduct a hearing regarding workplace issues at the Washington Commanders, the ensuing investigation of those issues, and the league’s effort to conceal the findings and recommendations. Commissioner Roger Goodell and Commanders owner Daniel Snyder has been asked to appear and testify.

Jarrett Bell of USA Today reports that it “appears likely” Goodell will accept the invitation. No official announcement has been made.

Bell adds that NFL representatives have had “constructive talks” with the Committee since the invitation was sent earlier this month.

The league had hoped it could avoid a public hearing entirely. Now that the hearing will indeed occur, the challenge becomes minimizing the potential P.R. fallout from the repeated grilling of Goodell by the various members of the Committee.

As previously explained, it won’t be easy for Goodell. In a press-conference setting, Goodell can slip from one topic, one questioner to the next. In the setting of a Congressional hearing, Goodell won’t be able to hide behind a deft non-answer while pivoting to a new topic from a new reporter. He’ll have to answer the questions.

And it quite possibly will only be him. Bell reports that there has been “no indication” that Snyder will testify.

It would be fitting. Goodell makes more than $60 million per year in part because he runs public interference for his constituents, the NFL’s 32 owners. On June 22, he’ll likely be running interference for the most notorious of those who employ and pay Goodell.

21 responses to “Report: It “appears likely” Roger Goodell will testify before Oversight Committee on June 22

  1. Hey Danny Boy,
    Get that garage sale ready to go! Washington Stupid Named Team is a bargain compared to Denver Broncos, it’ll be a 75% less for this mess.

  2. I feel like attention like this makes it more likely they come down hard on Watson

  3. Roger Goodell’s June 22 to-do list:
    (1) Testify before the U.S. House Committee on Oversight & Reform
    (2) At the conclusion of that testimony, release the Deshaun Watson discipline so that the testimony will be overshadowed by the Watson news.

  4. Between The Commanders and Deshawn Watson, Goodell has his work cut out to mend fences with female NFL supporters. He’s got a couple of tough decisions to make.

  5. Deshuan is going to be used as the scape goat for the NFL here. They’re going to absolutely crush him in an attempt to make it look like the NFL cares. Guy should have settled a year ago.

  6. What ever happened to the accusation from a former employee that Snyder and others hid revenue that should have been shared with other owners?

  7. Congress needs to keep their nose out of the nfl and take care of important things like maybe the countries real problems! What a joke this is.

  8. I hope the committee throws fast curveball questions and not slow-pitch softball.

    Would love to see Goodell with a frozen look on his face.

  9. If the hearing comes out really bad for Dan based on what Roger says, should we expect an emergency owner’s meeting later that week?

  10. Show up and plead the “5th” to every question.
    That’s the way the big boys do it.

  11. Settled a year ago is correct. However, he needs to ask himself why he got in this mess in the first place. Bill

  12. This is probably good news for Washington fans. Makes me think there’s an understanding between Congress and the NFL that the NFL will be fine and Goodell will be fine as long as they get their pound of flesh in the form of Snyder. Basically I have a hunch this is Goodell and the other owners flipping on Snyder.

  13. texinutah says:
    June 14, 2022 at 2:37 pm
    Congress needs to keep their nose out of the nfl and take care of important things like maybe the countries real problems! What a joke this is.
    Unfortunately they dont even know how to do that. Now we are stuck with the sham kangaroo court Jan 6th hearings? If they are wasting time on that, might as well waste time on this too. We arent learning anything new, and even if there was new info (not to be confused with doctored video), what is the point. They are going to do what they are going to do regardless. This isnt a hearing, this is a political advertisement for their reelection campaigns. Intead of spending all the man hours, and money for these hearings, maybe they could fix something thats broken?

  14. Snyder has completed greased himself down and will slip right through this…..Deshawn Watson on the other hand will get the full punishment he deserves so Rodger looks tough.

  15. “Roger, first question, why have your pants have been on fire for several years now?”

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