Will the Bengals make a play for OBJ?

Cincinnati Bengals v Cleveland Browns
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Last year, as the midseason free agency of receiver Odell Beckham Jr. lingered, we made a bold (at the time) proclamation on PFT Live. The longer this lasts, we said, the more likely the Rams will jump in.

Jump in they did, with both feet. And now that Beckham continues to be available, three months to the day since the window opened on talking to the teams, we have another bold proclamation to make. The longer this lasts, the more likely that someone else will try to snatch Beckham from the Rams.

The Rams continue to say all the right things about wanting Beckham back. But the money surely hasn’t matched Beckham’s expectations. That opens the door for someone else to do it.

We’ve recently spitballed on our weekday show regarding possible alternatives like the Bucs (with Tom Brady), the Vikings (with Kevin O’Connell), and the Packers (with Aaron Rodgers and no No. 1 receiver). Here’s another one to watch.

The Bengals.

Quarterback Joe Burrow recently posted a social-media message indicating that his “spidey sense” is tingling. Beckham responded with a two-word message: “The one.” It’s vague, to be sure. But it’s worth wondering whether Burrow and Beckham, who both played at LSU, would like to get together.

The Bengals have plenty of weapons on offense. But so did the Rams. And the Bengals saw first hand the impact Beckham can have, based on the L.A. offensive game plan for Super Bowl LVI. Beckham was on track to be the MVP of the game, before he suffered another torn ACL.

And it’s the injury that is keeping the Rams from getting it done. At some point, will one of these other teams roll the dice, before the Rams do it? Perhaps the concern is that any offer given to Beckham will be shopped back to the Rams and promptly matched. There’s only one way to find out.

There’s also one way to close the deal. Launch an all-out, full-court press for Beckham. Make Beckham, as he said last year of the Rams, “feel the love.” At a time when the Rams are withholding the cash, there’s perhaps a chance for someone else who is willing to wait for Beckham to get healthy to swoop in and pick the pockets of the ultra-rich Rams.

25 responses to “Will the Bengals make a play for OBJ?

  1. Bengals fan here. On a one or maybe two year deal I’d be interested. I know it’s been proven he wasn’t the problem in Cleveland, but his me first show might not play as well with the Bengals organization that seems to be building a team.

  2. OBJ is coming off an ACL tear
    Let him rehab a year on another team.
    Else you pay full price for production near the end of the season.

  3. Why consider signing OBJ during the ’22 season? He had ACL (2nd time on that knee) surgery on 2/22/22. His 1st was 11/10/20 & he next played 9/26/21 ~ more than 10 months into recovery. Does anyone REALLY think he’ll be able to play before the Playoffs in January ’23? Why pay him to rehab to maybe help in the playoffs?

  4. It’s the ACL that has teams concerned. The Bengals aren’t going to sign an iffy Beckham with three established receivers in Chase, Higgins and Boyd.

  5. I would love for Beckham to go to the Bengals. I was hoping that if Tom stayed retired that Gronk might go to the Bengals. I only became a Bengals fan because Joe Burrow went there but I think that Odell might want to go back to the AFC North just because of how things with the Browns went. I think that Burrow is the complete opposite of Baker Mayfield and it hurt Odell that the Browns released him when Baker was the problem

  6. Unless one of the Bengals big 3 WRs goes down, they won’t be in the hunt for OBJ. Bengals are about 15 mil under the cap for 2022 but they are saving up for contract extensions next offseason. Burrow, Jonah Williams, Logan Wilson, and Tee Higgins are in line for new deals.

  7. Are the Bengals going to a four receiver base? So Beckham can see the field? Run and Shoot coming to Cincinnati??
    Yeah, I kind of doubt it… I have my doubts Beckham would be happy splitting balls with Chase, Higgins, Boyd, and Mixon.

  8. Won’t matter. They are the biggest fluke franchise in NFL history. Bungles gonna Bungle.

  9. For one thing he’s recovering from a major injury but
    even if he were not why would the Bengals mess up
    the good thing they already have without him on the team?

  10. After winning a Super Bowl in the bright lights of LA, would he be rushing to go back to…Ohio? I wouldn’t, but money makes people do a lot of things.

  11. If the Rams wanted OBJ back he would have received a great offer and be returning. Time for another team to show some love and sign OBJ.

  12. Just to remind everyone–ACL rehab is usually a year, OBJ tore his ACL in the Super Bowl, WR is a position that puts a lot of stress on the knees with plants and pivots, and OBJ is not a young man anymore–he will turn 30 in November.

    No matter who he signs with, his impact this season will be somewhere between “slim” and “none.”

  13. For this old Bengal’s fan OBJ would be a big time NO! Not even for a vet minimum

  14. Why are all these reports tap dancing arm round the VERY obvious reason he has not been signed, his ACL is torn (for the 2nd time). He’s not going to be ready to fully play anytime soon, so why the hell would anyone sign him except for a dirt cheap price hoping he’s good to go come playoff time. Plain and simple, no ACL tear, he’d have been signed months ago

  15. The Bengals have a specific type of player they want for their team i.e. leader. Everyone they have been bringing in the last few years have served as captains or at least have great character and leadership skills. Non of those things apply to OBJ.

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