Julian Edelman not ruling out a comeback

San Francisco 49ers v New England Patriots
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Julian Edelman announced his retirement last year after 12 seasons with the Patriots, but he’s now leaving the door open to potentially returning.

Asked at an appearance in Croatia if he would come out of retirement to play with Tom Brady in Tampa Bay, Edelman didn’t rule it out.

I don’t know, we’ll see,” Edelman said, via the New York Post. “That’s called a little teaser. We’ll see. We’re staying in shape but you never know.”

Edelman indicated, however, that if he did play again, it would more likely be in New England.

“I’d probably go back to the Patriots. I love the Patriots. Foxborough Forever,” Edelman said.

Realistically, it seems like a long shot that the 36-year-old Edelman has much to offer an NFL team at this point. But if there’s a team that wants to invite him to training camp, he sounds open to answering the call.

17 responses to “Julian Edelman not ruling out a comeback

  1. I love Julian, but “teaser” is exactly right. He’s not actually considering returning to the NFL, but if it gets his name in the news to suggest that he might be, it’s a good thing for his other endeavors.

  2. Anybody who doesn’t believe that Julian Edelman had a Hall of Fame career needs to compare Edelman’s regular season and post-season stats with Hall of Famer receiver Lynn Swann.

  3. Arguably the clutchest WR in NFL history, and maybe the toughest. Stud.

  4. New England does not have QB that can get the ball to him like Brady. Brady made Edelman of today

  5. He has bone on bone in his knee.

    There is zero chance he’s going to play pro football ever again. The end.

  6. tedmurph says:
    June 15, 2022 at 3:15 pm
    Edelman was outstanding. He’s NOT a HOFer.

    Patriots HOFer for sure.

  7. If he was even 80 % I’d love the idea hes just what jones needs a slot machine.

  8. He’s done. Great player. Really good career. The fans at Gillette love him. But he is done. This is just a way to stay relevant. Dont even hate him for it, lol.

  9. 1st ballot Hall of Famer in my book. Tough as nails. Clutch. Showed up bigly in the post season.

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