Justin Fields: Bears not ready to play now, we will be when the time comes

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The Bears installed a new offense after hiring Matt Eberflus as their head coach and Luke Getsy as their offensive coordinator earlier this year and the transition remains a work in progress as the offseason comes to an end.

Rhythm and timing are important to the scheme and those things are still developing, which is why Tuesday’s practice showed the defense was well ahead of the offense in Chicago. Quarterback Justin Fields said that “they’re throwing a lot at us” and that there are predictably mistakes that follow, but he’s focused on “not making the same mistake twice” at this point in the calendar.

As they move closer to Week 1, that focus will shift to fully putting the offense into motion because Fields knows that the team isn’t ready for game action at this point.

“Uh, no,” Fields said, via Patrick Finley of the Chicago Sun-Times. “I’m not ready for the season to start. I’m the type of guy that would like to know I’m prepared. So, right now, I’m just being honest. We’re not ready to play a game right now. And when that time comes, we will be ready. So, right now, no — not ready to play a game.”

The Bears’ offseason moves have drawn criticism for not doing enough to surround Fields with the talent needed to thrive this season, but the final word on that will come once the team actually hits the field. If training camp puts them in a more comfortable place in the system, the chances of surpassing low expectations will look a lot better.

23 responses to “Justin Fields: Bears not ready to play now, we will be when the time comes

  1. Oh boy who care about now? Will they really be ready on 9/11 against the Niners is the question.

  2. It’s going to be a long year on offense, not because I don’t think Fields can’t be a starting QB, but because his surrounding cast might be worse than last year and last year was bad.

    As long as the playcalling is better though they shouldn’t be as bad. They played without a left tackle last year and kept calling 7 step dropbacks. Just stopping that nonsense and letting Fields scramble should help but there’s not alot there for him to throw to.

  3. I wonder if Fields will snap the streak of bad performing OSU QB’s at the next level? 6-11 is a best case for the 2022 Bears.

  4. Talent, or no talent, it takes time for an entire offense to learn a new system. It’s not important to be ready to play a game in June. Be patient. If you’re expecting immediate perfection, that’s your mistake. Look how happy Buffalo fans are right now. Be patient.

  5. This guy has no chance. Completely in over his head. Start over fresh next year with a new quarterback.

  6. Fields has talent. Quick strike plays in addition to a running game can keep him healthy while the OL finds a starting 5 that can keep him upright. They have little choice with a new staff.

  7. No team ready to play now. That is thew correct answer and speaks well off Mr. Fields.

  8. No team ready to play now. That is the correct answer and speaks well of Mr. Fields.

  9. All he needs to do is make the best out of what he can until he can move on from the Bears. It’s a poverty franchise as its ownership is terrible.

  10. Justin Fields: Bears not ready to play now, we will be when the time comes
    2027 A.D.

  11. There’s the Game Manager Alex Smith types that need a lot of preparation and rehearsals and need to go through each scenario in their heads and on the practice field to perform on game day.

    Then there’s the Patrick Mahomes, Joe Burrow types that just have the IT factor from Day 1 and step into the field blazing, reacting to what’s happening and rely on instincts. These are the types that impact the game.

    Justn Fields strikes me as the former. His statement only reinforces that point.

  12. “the defense was well ahead of the offense in Chicago.”
    This has been the case literally the entire time the Bears have been in existence. If I see a Bears offense even more than marginally capable in the years I have left on this earth it will be a miracle.

  13. Hey, an honest answer for a change is appreciated. The Bears are rebuilding in addition to implementing new systems, so a ton of patience will be needed. The problem is that the NFL world doesn’t have much patience. I’m not sure if Fields is the answer, but geez it is going to be tough to find out as the Bears rebuild.

  14. It’s a tough situation for Fields since I don’t think the Bears have put him in any position to succeed but I also can’t really fault Poles. He’s doing what he can to rebuild the team after the Pace/Nagy debacle but its going to take at least a few years.

  15. Bears took the wrong QB AGAIN! Could of had Mac Jones! They just making excuses for him now. Last year was coaches and O-line. Well they fires the coaches and addressed the O-line. Now they saying well WR. Bears addressed that in free agency and drafted a kid. Fields was exposed against Bama and people got tape templates against him.

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