Khalil Mack calls Week 1 vs. Raiders “just another game”

Los Angeles Chargers Acquire Outside Linebacker"nKhalil Mack
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Chargers outside linebacker Khalil Mack will be facing his former team in Week One when the Raiders come to town, but he says there’s no extra motivation.

Mack said he knows Raiders fans won’t be cheering for him anymore, but his sole focus is on getting ready with his own team.

“It’s just another game, but also understanding that I’ve heard that crowd cheer me on. Now, I’m going to hear the crowd boo us. It’s a full-circle moment. I’m just looking forward to having fun and playing football again,” Mack said.

Mack was drafted by the Raiders in 2014 and played for them until he was traded to the Bears in 2018. The Bears traded him to the Chargers this offseason. The Chargers do not play the Bears this season.

11 responses to “Khalil Mack calls Week 1 vs. Raiders “just another game”

  1. Just another game for Just another guy. Mack would dominate one game, then disappear the next 3 .. now he just disappears.

  2. This will also be “just another game” Mack loses to his former team.

  3. Mack isn’t joking. He always shows up for two series and goes on vacation after that in each game he plays. He is so overrated. Just like Ewwin Donald – Mr. Regular Season.

  4. That game may be a brawl game. Will set the tone for the year for whoever wins.

  5. So were most of his games with the Bears. He may be one of the most overrated players in the league.

  6. and the new O line for the Raiders will be treating Mack as just another defensive end..

    hindsight being 20/20, he hasn’t done a thing since being traded from the silver and black and he knows it more than anyone. I predict one sack for the bolts, but it comes from a different player than a DE on a blitz.

    Raiders win 24-20

  7. This will be a welcome to the new division shell shocker for the talentless Raiders. I bet Mack has at least two sacks and keeps Carr on the run. The Raiders are not improved enough to compete in this division for the next couple years. All three teams drastically improved their rosters and the Raiders got Devante Adams without Aaron Rodgers. They had four very late round picks and that will set them back for a while. I don’t nor do my sources see the Raiders finishing above 3rd place (at best) this season…..

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