Roger Goodell will testify before the House Oversight Committee next week, appearing virtually

House Judiciary Holds Hearing National Football League Players' Head Injuries
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The Commissioner will be showing up. Sort of.

According to the NFL, Roger Goodell has accepted the invitation from the U.S. House Committee on Oversight & Reform to testify at a June 22 hearing. However, he won’t be grilled in person. He’ll appear virtually.

“The Oversight Committee was notified this afternoon that Commissioner Goodell has accepted the invitation,” league spokesman Brian McCarthy said via email. “He will appear virtually.”

That won’t really change anything. He’ll still be subject to aggressive questioning, on the Commanders investigation, the flimsy reasoning for not sharing information learned during the investigation, the inexplicable decision to not seek recommendations from attorney Beth Wilkinson, and whatever else the members of the Committees ask him about — from Deshaun Watson to Stephen Ross to Jon Gruden to the league’s insistence on in-house arbitration (hey, I didn’t call it a secret, rigged kangaroo court), and anything else that may come up.

But it will seem far less dramatic with Goodell not in the room, sitting across from a panel of representatives who won’t respond to any non-answer he may offer by moving on to the next topic, but by telling him that he didn’t answer the question.

20 responses to “Roger Goodell will testify before the House Oversight Committee next week, appearing virtually

  1. Record inflation and record gas prices, and these fools feel they need to spend an afternoon investigating a football team? So glad most of these idiots will be out of a job come November!

  2. Any streaming service should pick this up to make an untold fortune of the amount of people that would pay to watch him squirm

  3. I think think we’re going to hear a lot of, I don’t recall in his testimony lol

  4. Rodger the dodger! 32 owners couldn’t be happier with the man ….everyday he’s out there taking the hits for the owners with that wisecrack smile of his. Rodger truly loves his job!!

  5. Aaaaaand there is your answer as to why no discipline has been sent down to Deshaun Watson yet. Goodell will get 100 questions about the investigation and all he has to reply with is: “The case is still under investigation.”

  6. I’m not sure if I even really care about this oversight committee. I’m ready for the dang season to start!

  7. Ol Rog has had to have made in the neighborhood of 350 million dollars. I dare say he’ll be ok no matter the outcome. It does make me laugh when he trys to talk like he has any clue what the average fan making average income thinks.
    He’s a beyond tone deaf puppet for a bunch of tone deaf billionaire puppeteers

  8. I fully expect some internet connection problems at Goodell’s end of the video conference. Especially when asked difficult questions.

  9. What are the parameters for asking questions in a hearing like this? Is the scope limited to just the subject matter of the Snyder stuff? Limited to NFL stuff? Or are they free to ask him, literally, anything and everything they so desire?

    Or has he agreed to show up because he was given promises that they would stick to the subject at hand? Because I want nothing more than to see him get questioned about his BS for the last 15 years. Bountygate, spygate, deflategate, I want him on the record for everything. And I prefer that he lie, so that he can get crushed for lying at some point after the hearing. Second best option is for him to be forced to come clean. Either way I’m good. He is a clown.

  10. As we’ve seen in other recent hearings, things that were hidden tend to come out when sworn testimony is given. Goodell may be able to dance and jig, but the committee members are damn good attorneys too and will force him to choose between the NFL’s party line and perjuring himself.

  11. Roger speaks but really never says anything. Same with for testifying before congress. It’s all lawyerese with this guy. Blah blah blah

  12. Waste of time does anyone really believe Roger cares about any committee; look he is appearing virtual that is all you need to hear. Roger and his office hasn’t addressed any of the major problems in the league why would he care about this committee thoughts.

  13. I’m here for the Deshaun Watson questions – any members courageous enough to tackle those? – along with the Dan Snyder farewell tour.

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