Ron Rivera: We’re not trading Terry McLaurin

Washington Football Team and the New York Giants
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Commanders wide receiver Terry McLaurin is holding out of minicamp while he negotiates for a new contract, but coach Ron Rivera says there’s no chance of McLaurin playing elsewhere this season.

Rivera said today that a trade is not even something the Commanders would entertain.

“We’re not trading Terry,” Rivera said.

That sounds emphatic, but then again Titans coach Mike Vrabel and General Manager Jon Robinson said they weren’t going to trade wide receiver A.J. Brown shortly before they did trade Brown. Just because a coach says a player isn’t going to be traded, that doesn’t mean the player really won’t be traded.

But Rivera also reiterated what he said yesterday, that negotiations are heading in the right direction and it’s just a matter of time before the sides come to a deal. The Commanders sound committed to McLaurin, and willing to sign him to a contract that makes him among the highest-paid receivers in football.

19 responses to “Ron Rivera: We’re not trading Terry McLaurin

  1. “Hey Ron, I heard Terry said he agreed that it was a dust-up. Serious.” -Team that needs a WR

  2. Blind squirrels stumbled upon a nut and they’re acting like they run the acorn factory. McLaurin is a nice guy and team knows it. He should take these absolute jokers for all they’re worth.

  3. Telling the world you are looking to trade an employee who is holding out is a great way to torpedo any trade value he may have. Just ask the Browns

  4. He’s gone then. Whenever it’s denied usually happens. Ultimate screw you is to sign with Dallas haha.

  5. He was like 20th in yards and 40th in TDs. Should he be amongst the group of highest paid receivers? I think not.

  6. Unless he says something to hurt someone’s feelings. Then old Ron can fine him and trade him.

  7. No we won’t trade Terry but we will fine him if he doesn’t agree with the cancel culture political mob.

  8. Could be worse Terry, you could get traded to that mediocre bumbling franchise down in Dallas.

    But man are the Redskins really good at being the epitome of disorganization

  9. Ron is at the tail end of his last chance as an NFL HC. I think he’s a phony. I want to see him fired. He’s the opposite of a stand-up guy.

  10. This guy really fined his employee $100K for having a political opinion.

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