Sam Darnold: I’m just going to focus on developing as a quarterback

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Carolina Panthers
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A report this week said that the Panthers have continued having conversations with the Browns about a trade that would send Baker Mayfield to Carolina ahead of the 2022 season.

That report indicated that the Panthers would have liked to get a deal done in time for Mayfield to take part in this week’s minicamp, but the issue of how much salary the Browns will pick up to facilitate a trade remained a major sticking point between the teams. Minicamp is wrapping up, so there won’t be any trade right now but the possibility will linger as long as Mayfield remains in Cleveland.

One might imagine that would make current Panthers quarterback Sam Darnold a bit uncomfortable, but he’s maintained all offseason that he’s focused on himself. That continued to be the case at a Wednesday press conference.

“I’m just going to continue to focus on what I need to, develop as I can as a quarterback,” Darnold said. “Like I mentioned before, learn the system. If I focus on anything other than that, it wouldn’t be smart of me to do that.”

There’s nothing Darnold can do on the field between now and the start of the season to keep the Panthers from deciding to make a trade, which leaves him with little choice but to try to prepare as best he can for another year as the starter. If that goes well and the Panthers stand pat, he might be able to set the stage for a more prosperous second act in Carolina.

10 responses to “Sam Darnold: I’m just going to focus on developing as a quarterback

  1. He should be worried. Even with a busted shoulder Mayfield outplayed him last year and when healthy, Mayfield’s number blow his away.

  2. In other words, I get 18 million guaranteed no matter who they bring in. I’m going to be mostly mediocre, with a good game here or there against a struggling team, and I’m still going to get paid 18 million.
    So I got that going for me.

  3. Panthers fan here…not going to defend Sam Darnold…he needs to improve drastically. But, if you watched any games last year, especially when CmC was out…he was under duress before completing a 3 step drop. Production dropped off all over the place…not just Darnold. That said, Baker is an upgrade.

  4. If Ben McAdoo can turn his career around, he will be sought after to be a head coach again. This should be interesting, I wish them the best.

  5. You can be a genius X and O coach, but if you can’t evaluate QB’s, you won’t win in the NFL.

  6. Sam, Sam, Sam. Your time for working on your future craft and preparing yourself to be a professional was back in 2018. That’s when you chose to forfeit your redshirt junior/season seasons as a college QB and, m exchange, jumped at the chance to downgrade into the junior leagues with the NY Jets.

  7. I have two words for my Cleveland Browns. BROCK OSWIELER. Jimmy Haslam is a horrible owner and yes I went to the parade of 0 – 16. They were a disgrace and still are till they really win something.

  8. Baker would be an upgrade no doubt. Darnold is turning into that Chad Henne mold. Sure he could start for your team and possibly win a few games. But the juice isn’t worth the squeeze. He’ll leave a lot of good football out on the field. He’s become a bridge QB by his own play. It’s funny that Darnold still somehow gets hyped up but a QB like Tua who’s actually shown a penchant for winning football games is constantly put through the ringer. Arm strength has completely ruined the way fans and media see the game.

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