Cowboys cut three-day minicamp short with bonding event, veterans’ off day

Topgolf, sports and entertainment venue opens, on Long Island
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The Cowboys’ mandatory three-day minicamp turned into a one-day mandatory minicamp. The team practiced Tuesday, held a bonding event at Topgolf on Wednesday and then cut the veterans loose for the summer.

The Cowboys will reconvene in training camp in Oxnard, California, late next month.

“I think the biggest thing is you have a starting line and finish line, and I just felt like we crossed the finish line, particularly with the veterans and really today’s focus was just really spending final time with the rookies,” Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy said Thursday, via Todd Archer of ESPN. “I think they had their opportunity to get their final lift in for this week, just from that spend a bunch of individual time with the coordinators and assistant coaches and really frankly focus on the five-week plan that’s what in front of them. Everything we wanted to accomplish in the offseason was completed and really the focus turns to their individual five-week plan. Basically they hit the championship conditioning, but the five weeks and what’s in front of them frankly just not only getting ready physically but emotionally and fill up their tank for what’s in front of them and mentally keep their eyes on their iPad (or Microsoft Surface, as it is).”

The Cowboys traditionally have held some sort of team bonding event to close out the offseason program. This year, it was a trip to Topgolf.

“We had a blast,” McCarthy said. “Really haven’t spent much time there but I know the players really enjoyed it and just the way we coordinated everything and the interaction, we had the officials join us. I don’t think we had any calls. But it was a good day. It’s clearly one of the better ones I’ve been a part of.”

5 responses to “Cowboys cut three-day minicamp short with bonding event, veterans’ off day

  1. Not familiar with “Top Golf”.
    Is that some kind of miniature golf facility?
    I can easily see the Cowboys bonding over miniature golf.
    Nothing says “team unity” like getting the ball past the windmill and into the alligator’s mouth.

  2. As a Cowboys fan, how is this supposed to make me feel good? McCarthy is right though, there’s a starting line and a finish line. He just doesn’t realize the finish line is in Glendale in February

  3. They put in ONE DAYS worth of work and you load them onto the bus for some miniature golf? Wow , that’s how you build a winning team ?

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