Lamar Jackson dismisses impact of Deshaun Watson contract: “I’m a man of my own”

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It’s no surprise that the first owner to publicly lament the contract given by Browns owner Jimmy Haslam to quarterback Deshaun Watson was Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti. The five-year, fully-guaranteed, $230 million deal given to Watson puts the Ravens in a tough spot with Jackson.

The good news for Bisciotti is that Jackson, who has no agent, possibly won’t be insisting that Watson’s deal become the starting point for Jackson’s deal.

“I’m a man of my own,” Jackson said Thursday, via “I don’t worry about what those guys get.”

Of course, it’s possibly bad news, if Jackson wants a lot more than Watson or anyone else.

The unprecedented five-year full guarantee for Watson was bad news from the get-go for Baltimore. It can become very problematic for a team like the Ravens, since it would require the Ravens to make a firm, half-decade financial commitment to a quarterback who, due to the wear and tear of the manner in which he plays the position, could result in the Ravens having to pay Jackson beyond the point at which his physical skills allow him to play at the highest possible level.

Will Jackson recognize that concern? Will the Ravens have to tiptoe around the inherently awkward exercise of explaining to their franchise quarterback the possibility that he may not be a franchise quarterback five years from now?

It would indeed be easier for everyone to tiptoe through the minefield if Jackson had an agent. Then, frank and candid conversations could be had between the two sides. There would be push and pull and ultimately a deal that both sides like, or at a minimum with which both sides could live.

And if, as some think, Jackson doesn’t have an agent simply because he doesn’t want to pay the percentage of his total income (anywhere from one percent to three percent) to an agent, here’s an easy solution. The Ravens should tell Jackson that, whatever the final number is, they’ll bump it up by the appropriate percentage to reflect the fee.

That said, the fact that Jackson suddenly has engaged the Ravens in talks at a time when the Ravens thought he wouldn’t is encouraging. If the two sides can’t make any real progress absent the involvement of a competent agent, however, it can quickly become discouraging.

9 responses to “Lamar Jackson dismisses impact of Deshaun Watson contract: “I’m a man of my own”

  1. Please downvote this to your heart’s content, but Watson is the better quarterback.

  2. You should get the lowest going rate for running backs that is offered to starters and $10 for being a Halloween costume wearer as QB.

  3. If a player can handle the extra commitment and work of negotiating their own contract, it makes things more straightforward.

    As a player I would be happy to cut out the middle man because it cuts out the BS. Tell me to my face if you think I don’t deserve what I’m asking for.

  4. The Browns have set the new pay scale for QBs in the NFL. Can’t see an agent, worth his salt, settling for less if he’s representing a top-tier QB.

  5. The solution could be as easy as getting Jimmy Garappolo for a 4th round pick. Save yourself from having to pay a running back half a Billion

  6. There is something very strange about the way Jackson is dealing with this whole saturation. The Ravens should put him on the sidelines at practice and tell him to find a team that wants to trade for him. Get what you can and run!

  7. This clown has no idea the complexities of negotiating a top of the line nfl contract. But if it means that much to him to not give up 3 percent to an agent then that’s in him. We’ve seen how these deals have played out on a much lower scale see: Sherman, Richard.

  8. Why do we ignore circumstance?

    Watson had a contract and the Browns, clearly desperate to get him, did this deal that may turn out to be crippling for years to come. Teams might look at that and say no way on fully guaranteeing that kind of money. That was an unusual situation.

    Also, why is THIS contract the one that changes things for qbs and fully guaranteed contracts, Kirk Cousins’ didn’t.

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