Lamar Jackson doesn’t rule out a holdout

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After months of refusing to engage the Ravens in contract talks, quarterback Lamar Jackson finally has real urgency to get a deal done. And it could be enough to get him to hold out of training camp.

Asked whether he’d report for training camp without a new deal, Jackson on Thursday told reporters this, via “We’re having a conversation about it. I don’t know.”

That’s a significant comment, because it flips the notion that the Ravens are ready to pay Jackson but he’s not ready to take their money. By the end of July, it’s possible that he’ll want more than the Ravens will pay.

It’s a positive development that Jackson has decided to abandon his prior refusal to talk to the team about a new contract. That positive becomes a negative if Jackson ends up wanting far more than the Ravens will pay.

Still, talking about it is far better than the inexplicable silence that has prevailed for months.

27 responses to “Lamar Jackson doesn’t rule out a holdout

  1. Baltimore did it to themselves again with the arrogance. They did it with Flacco and now will be sunk again with Jackson.

  2. I speak for all Browns, Bengals, and Steelers fans: Ravens, please sell your soul and break the bank to extend Jackson. No bias though.

  3. This dude is such a joker. Just cut ties already and roll with the backup. He already seems to be a better NFL QB.

  4. I’m waiting for the Dolphins to offer the Ravens Tua, their two ‘23 first rounders and other picks for Jackson to join Tyreek in Miami.

  5. “I don’t know” is not a “significant comment”. It’s a non answer from someone who doesn’t want to answer the question and doesn’t have to.

  6. this is the real reason it makes sense to represent yourself. An agent will never squeeze a team as hard as he can, because he doesn’t want to damage the relationships that he will need for future players. Meanwhile teams squeeze players all the time.

    Love him or hate him, Lamar refusing to discuss his contract all spring and then threatening a training camp holdout if he doesn’t get what he wants in July is a total power move. The kind of thing a team would do to a player. And the Ravens are flipping out because it’s unprecedented in the modern NFL.

    Things could still blow up in his face, but Lamar Jackson just might outsmart an NFL front office and show every star QB how business should be handled.

    Doesn’t his mom manage him? Smart lady.

  7. It wasn’t being unfair to say he may be one of the dumbest people walking the earth! He’s representing himself, the team has practically been begging hum to negotiate since last season and now he’s going to hold out?! Unbelievable!

  8. steelersfaninohio says:
    June 16, 2022 at 8:13 pm

    I speak for all Browns, Bengals, and Steelers fans: Ravens, please sell your soul and break the bank to extend Jackson. No bias though.

    I’m a Ravens’ fan and I want them to break the bank for Lamar too because he deserves it. Ravens were crap for a few years before he got there. And breaking the bank for Flacco didn’t stop us from winning more SBs, the Patriots did. People get too caught in cap numbers. Chiefs are just fine after paying Mahomes and the Rams…yeah.

  9. Baltimore is just trying to figure out if they want to pay a scat-back 50 million per year, with the double duty of taking the snap on every play.

  10. do not waste the money…he simply…and unfortunately…can not throw consistently…and will never throw consistently.

  11. I think the next qb who signs an extension is crucial. The agent will point to the Watson deal and owners will point to the browns desperation. I think doling out fully guaranteed contracts to players will be the downfall of this game, look at the nba. The Ravens are going to have to hang tight because Jackson is obviously out for every single penny. If he is willing to take on the risk good for him but if that is the only recourse Baltimore should be looking to franchise him 2x and or look for a cheaper option. Just because Cleveland screwed up doesn’t mean Baltimore or the rest of the league has to.

  12. He refuses to discuss contract for year and all of a sudden he threatens to hold out?
    He doesn’t know what he wants and he sounds like an immature problem.
    I can imagine the Ravens giving him a contract and then two years he demands a new one because he feels slighted somehow.
    I can even see after 1 year him demanding a trade after the check clears for a huge signing bonus

  13. Lamar Jackson is IN THE 11-15 range of current NFL QBs. Pay him in that slot.

  14. Leadership. Yeah not. But honestly, you can’t expect him to put out much effort for a lousy $23,000,000.

  15. I’m honestly not sure this guy is right in the head. Nothing he says seems to make sense…

  16. I bet the Ravens really love that $230M fully guaranteed deal that the Browns gave Watson now. On one side you have a QB who seems like a model citizen up to this point outside of football or on the field, a player the other players like or want to be teammates with, and a player who is a NFL regular season unanimous mvp. On the other side you have a QB with a mediocre record on the field, a player that is known to cut and run because the team he’s on stinks or isn’t woke enough to his standards all the while making $40M, and now he’s racked up 26 civil lawsuits because he’s a perv who can’t conduct himself like an normal adult human being in public. If Watson is supposedly worth $230M, what’s Lamar worth? $55M, 60M, $70M? This should be fun to watch how this all goes down.

  17. Lamar is not a franchise QB. Great athlete but not a great QB. BTW, he did not rule out retiring either but until it happens it has not happened.

  18. touchback6 says:
    June 16, 2022 at 8:01 pm
    Baltimore did it to themselves again with the arrogance. They did it with Flacco and now will be sunk again with Jackson.


    Both average QB’s. Neither of whom should have or should be signed to a huge contract.

  19. touchback6 says:
    June 16, 2022 at 8:01 pm
    Baltimore did it to themselves again with the arrogance. They did it with Flacco and now will be sunk again with Jackson.


    So, I take you are implying that Lamar will win a championship then, right? Because that is what Flacco did. And honestly, it was worth it.
    The difference though with Lamar, is his drive is at another level than Flacco. Once Joe won that Super Bowl and cached in, he didn’t seem too concerned with winning anymore. I don’t see Lamar losing that will to win.

  20. I feel like the rest of the article should be referenced as well where he talks about being in Baltimore his whole career, getting ready for the grind, denying he should hold out because of his style of play, etc. etc. He gets asked a question that he that he just answered and answers again by adding “I don’t know” to the end and we build a whole holdout theory over it and call it news.

  21. Jackson is an effective QB. Running is part of his game and it works.
    It would not be easy to get a QB of comparable value, so the Ravens should probably keep him.
    The big question I have is “What does Lamar Want”?

    1. to reset the QB market?
    2. to keep his name in the spotlight
    3. to win a Super Bowl
    4. He doesn’t know?

    The Ravens are a well run team with some success. Its not like a good QB wanting to flee a bad team like the Jags. He wouldn’t negotiate last year.
    He made a dumb tweet critical of a draft pick, and expressed surprise when one of his WRs was traded (at the WRs request) when he knew about it ahead of time.
    At the very lest he seems disingenuous.

  22. Let him sit out. Baltimore will take the first NFC team that offers two #1s, a #2, and a #4 pick (ratchet that up if Miami). Ravens won with Dilfer & Flacco, why not Huntley.

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