Lamar Jackson says he discussed contract with Ravens, expects to remain in Baltimore

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Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson is heading into the fifth and final season of his rookie contract, and when he skipped voluntary Organized Team Activities, questions were raised about whether he and the team were not on the same page.

Jackson says everything is fine.

After attending mandatory minicamp today, Jackson told reporters that he had contract talks with the Ravens this week, and that he expects to play his entire career in Baltimore.

Jackson sounded like he was talking about a fairly casual discussion with the Ravens about both sides generally agreeing that they want to remain together, rather than a formal negotiation in which specific proposals were passed back and forth. So it may still be a while before a contract gets done.

Jackson is due a base salary of $23 million this year. If he doesn’t sign a contract extension with the Ravens by March, the team will almost certainly use the franchise tag rather than let him test unrestricted free agency, so it’s unlikely that he’s going to leave Baltimore any time soon even if he doesn’t reach a deal on a new contract.

27 responses to “Lamar Jackson says he discussed contract with Ravens, expects to remain in Baltimore

  1. I think it’s a huge mistake if they give a huge contract to him like Patrick Mahomes. He’s never going to get the Ravens to the Super Bowl.

  2. Ravens: “Say Lamar, after practice why don’t we sit down and talk about getting you a new deal?”

    Lamar: “Nah..I’m good. Gonna go lift some weights now.”

  3. There is a reason Carolina hasn’t finalized a trade for Baker Mayfield. The Baltimore front office and coaches know he isn’t the long-term answer at QB. Tepper might give up four first rounders for Jackson.

  4. Vastly overrated. Last year 2,882 yard passing. 16 TD 13 INTs. 767 yards rushing with 2 TDS. Never won a playoff game. Exciting to watch? Yes. A consistent, winning QB? No

  5. he expects to play his entire career in Baltimore…
    Unless he doesn’t.

    He wants to shatter Watsons deal.

  6. Lamar over playing his hand , Give the Ravens an extra Year to realize what a mistake they would of made locking him up long term .

  7. With his limited actual ability as a QB, he is fortune to have Baltimore as an option. No one else will be a fool to put him as a QB with all that mileage on the legs that are past their prime.

  8. Ravens won the Super Bowl and overpaid Flacco. Watson must be hoping for the same. He will do well, but he won’t get a Watson contract. He was 23rd in QB rating in 2021, behind Roethlisberger and ahead of Taylor Heinicke. Dak Prescott got hurt and got paid by Jerry. Not a good strategy for an often injurred running QB.

  9. It’s interesting to see how many of these super athletic QB’s win the MVP for a season but struggle when it comes time to win the big game. One example s Cam Newton. Great feet. Great arm.

  10. patsfan4lifedynasty says:
    June 16, 2022 at 2:20 pm

    Best QB of his draft class so far. Pay the man.


    Better pay better attention.

    Josh Allen in the playoffs:
    3-3 (1 win over Lamar)
    14TDs 1 INT
    1718 passing yards 371 rushing yards
    Objectively one of the best playoff performances by a QB ever, if not the best…

    Let’s hear about Lamar in the playoffs…

  11. As soon as the Watson deal was announced LJ should have said, ” I’ll have what he’s having.”

  12. Who wins a Super Bowl first – Jackson or Watson? Difference is that Watson got his money already. I’ll take my chances with Jackson especially if he wants to prove it first. Haters want to paint him as wanting to break the bank. Bring it on. Last time I counted, Mahomes had one SB and Watson not a sniff. If Lamar wants a ‘prove it’ deal (like Flacco once got), it works for everyone. So the haters need to relax and watch him win his SB. There’s no questioning his drive, loyalty, integrity and confidence though. It’s a pretty good subset for a highly talented, MVP QB. Hope he gets everything he earns.

  13. “Vastly overrated?”
    Where do people come up with this stiff? I hate the Ravens and I know that’s malarky.
    He’s a 2x pro bowler, 2x all pro and league MVP.

    The two full seasons before Lamar had:

    25W 7L as a starter
    62 Passing TD
    15 Int
    6048 Passing Yards
    14 rushing TDs
    2,211 rushing yards

  14. Look at his stats from year to year.
    2019 absolutely incredible (first round playoff loss)
    2020 not bad
    2021 not good
    2019 looks like an outlier.
    Lamar has every right to look for a Watson type of contract. Minus Watson’s problems, Lamar is not in the same class of QB as Watson. Watson is pretty darn good every year he plays . Jackson was phenomenal in 2019 and good in 2020.
    The Browns pretended Watson had no issues and gave him a bad contract due to his possible crimes not his QB play. The Ravens are in a tough spot here.

  15. Oh, Happy Day in Steelerland
    [Lamar’s career stats against Steelers]
    W: 2
    L: 3
    CMP: 56
    ATT: 94
    PCT: 59.6
    YDS: 634
    AVG: 6.7
    TD: 4
    INT: 6
    SCK: 16
    RTG: 67.4

  16. I trust the Ravens front office (one of the better in the NFL) to make the right decision regarding LJ. But if I’m Eric de Costa, I’d be right up front with LJ and tell him to forget the Watson deal because that’s not happening. I just don’t see the Ravens paying that kind of money – guaranteed – to anyone.

  17. To whoever said “Lamar is the best QB from his draft class-pay the man.” You need to get out from under that delusional rock somewhere near Baltimore where you’re living and pay attention to Buffalo NY. Josh Allen is far and away the superior QB. But don’t take my word for it. All the stats and all the experts say so. Jackson had one ridiculous MVP season until NFL defenses figured him out. His downfield completion percentage (throws over 20 yards) is poor. The only advantage he has over any other NFL QB is that he has the athletic ability to return kicks. Otherwise I rate his talent on a par with Colin Kaepernick.

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