Patrick Mahomes was “a little” surprised by Tyreek Hill’s podcast comments

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Tyreek Hill raised some eyebrows during the first episode of his new podcast It Needed to be Said when he not only talked about underlying issues with the Chiefs, but also said Tua Tagovailoa is more accurate than his former teammate Patrick Mahomes.

On the last day of Kansas City’s minicamp, Mahomes was asked if he was surprised by anything Hill said in the podcast. Mahomes laughed a little before saying that he was.

“I’m surprised a little just because I felt like we love Tyreek here. We’ve always loved him. We still love him,” Mahomes said in his press conference. “I saw him out at Formula 1 in Miami and everything like that. But I’m sure it had something to do with trying to get his podcast some stuff, get it rolling. But definitely I still love Tyreek. He’s a one-of-a-kind player.

“But as you know in coach Reid’s offense, it takes the whole team. This offense was rolling before I got here. This offense was rolling when I was a young Cowboys fan watching the Eagles beat up on the Cowboys. So I mean, it’s an offense that’s more than one player — and that includes myself.”

Head coach Andy Reid had a similar response when asked about Hill on Thursday, waiving off the comments.

“I love Tyreek, so I mean, he’s a good kid,” Reid said. “We think the world of him.”

Mahomes noted he hasn’t talked to Hill since the podcast dropped, but when he saw him for the Formula 1 race, everything seemed fine.

“So it’s something where I’m sure he’s trying to show that he loves where he’s at in Miami. He loves his teammates,” Mahomes said. “But at the end of the day, it’s just going out there and playing football. And you kind of let other people talk about who’s the best and all that different type of stuff.”

The quarterback added that the issues Hill seemed to have with Kansas City’s offense were “definitely new in the sense of how it’s seen on the podcast, I guess.”

“Obviously, when you’re the competitor that he is — that’s the thing I loved about Tyreek and I still love, is he wants to win. And I feel like with the coverages that we were getting, defenses were really accounting for him, so we had to go other places,” Mahomes said. “But when he’s a competitor like that, you want to have a chance to impact the game. So I know he wanted to get the ball as much as possible so he could help us win. It wasn’t a selfish thing.

“But it definitely — it didn’t seem — I mean, we were winning football games, especially at the end of the season. So I didn’t think he really kind of brought that to our attention. But now we just kind of move on and we keep going with the guys that we have here and we try to win football games.”

Hill led the 2021 Chiefs with 159 targets, ahead of tight end Travis Kelce, who was second on the club with 134. Hill ended the year with 111 receptions for 1,239 yards with nine touchdowns.

30 responses to “Patrick Mahomes was “a little” surprised by Tyreek Hill’s podcast comments

  1. Tyreek knows daggone well that Tua is NOWHERE near Patrick Mahomes’ level. He’s just talking it up right now because the Dolphins gave him that huge contract. We’ll see what he’s saying around week 10 while he’s sitting on 500 yards and 2 TD’s from his new, “more accurate than Pat” QB. LOL

  2. Mahomes is insanely good at a lot of things, but Tua is definitely more accurate. And can’t blame Hill for sayng things out loud– it’s obvious to him that Mahomes didn’t lobby very hard to keep him.

  3. Imagine how much better Hill’s stats would’ve been if he wasn’t 3rd in the league in drops. Enjoy those drops Dolphin fans. Especially the ones he pops up to the defender for an interception.

  4. The world doesn’t revolve around the superstars, as they assume. Every player has his own rules by which he abides and his own opinions and they don’t always align with the “stars.”

  5. Hill didn’t have any problems in KC plain and simple. Not from an organizational stand point. He is just talking to justify to himself and no body else his decision to go to Miami. Everyone understands the business and money, him trying to prop up his new team by down grading the old is just nonsense.

  6. Hill lead the team with 159 targets, 111 receptions, and 1,239 yards in 2021.

  7. Man a lot of people a drumming up frame for what a player said on a podcast. Obviously Tyreek is doing his job because sports media just can’t stop talking about it. He got exactly what he wanted which is everyone’s eyes and ears. Kudos to Tyreek!

  8. Tyreek lost me when he mentioned one of the worst QB’s with Mahommes in the same sentence. Tua will be a back-up somewhere after his rookie deal ends. Dude can’t thow past five yards down field and has zero ability in cold weather. Him, Fields and Hurts would be great in the CFL because none can beat you with their arms.

  9. Good kid? I thought Tyreek was older than Patrick? Mahomes sounds hurt.

  10. This is the kind of stuff that makes the NFL more interesting.
    Passive-aggressive backstabbing.
    None of this “love everyone” stuff.
    The NFL will increase its popularity When it becomes more like WWF wrestling.

  11. By definition, this team is on the downfall. SB win, SB loss, playoff loss, etc.

  12. I’ve see a lot of NFL football and off-seasons. Trust me, every team thinks it’s butterflies and rainbows, and that they have their answers at QB, but when the regular season comes around, live bullets start flying,, and reality sets in, coaches are going to wish they signed/traded for/drafted a different QB, GMs and coaches will be placed on the hot seat, and certain players will regret their free agency destinations when they see that their new destination is not anything like their original team – especially if they come from winning organizations.

    Ignore all the off season chatter by newly signed free agents about what organization is better and what QB is better…..Time always reveals.

  13. Can try to speak it into reality all you like Tyreek. Mahomes is better than Tua at, hmm wait for it, pondering further, ah!

  14. Geezus.. you know it’s the off-season when stories like this aren’t over
    Making a mountain out of a molehill

  15. Guess we’ll see how Tau handles it when you run the wrong route. Mahomes found you running around, better than any one else can or will.

  16. We all know Hill didn’t mean what he said but he is trying to build up the confidence of Tua. If Tua fails so will Hill.

  17. onlymyopinioncounts says:
    June 16, 2022 at 2:28 pm

    Teddy Bridgewater will be the Dolphins starting QB by week 7

    Only by injury. Teddy has a ceiling and that is a perennial backup QB. Tua is a better QB overall and still has an upside.

  18. 1billsdrive says:
    June 16, 2022 at 1:39 pm
    Tyreek knows daggone well that Tua is NOWHERE near Patrick Mahomes’ level. He’s just talking it up right now because the Dolphins gave him that huge contract. We’ll see what he’s saying around week 10 while he’s sitting on 500 yards and 2 TD’s from his new, “more accurate than Pat” QB. LOL
    Yet, somehow Hill had over 1,100 yards receiving and 7 TDs before Mahommes was even the starter. Imagine!

  19. the reason hill and kelce so so well with PH is because they adjust to bad passes so well…

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