Saints unveil black alternate helmets

New Orleans Saints

The NFL is allowing teams to wear alternate helmets this season, and the Saints have just unveiled the look they’ll be wearing.

The Saints’ alternate helmets will be black and feature the fleur-de-lis logo in gold, a reversal of the team’s usual helmet color scheme. The Saints said they will wear the helmets for at least one game, and possibly multiple games, but they have not said which games.

A year ago, the league announced a policy that gave teams the opportunity to use two different helmets starting in the 2022 season. That proved to be a popular move with fans who like alternate and throwback uniforms, and several teams plan to take advantage of the rule this season.

Teams can pair the second helmet with alternate, throwback or Color Rush uniforms, so long as they follow all league policies on ensuring that all alternate helmets are properly fitted, and that all players are provided with sufficient opportunity to wear the alternate helmets in practice prior to wearing them in a game.

Player safety was the primary reason the NFL previously told teams to stop using alternate helmets: Teams wanted every player to have one helmet that fit him properly, and not to alter it during the season. But the new policy addresses those concerns by requiring teams to have a new set of alternate helmets for every player on the roster, to ensure that all alternate helmets are the same make, model and size as the player’s primary helmet, and by requiring players to get fitted for both their primary and alternate helmets at the same time in training camp.

13 responses to “Saints unveil black alternate helmets

  1. Looks boring, like some college helmet. But people can’t seem to get enough of, “the same, but black!”, so why stop?

  2. Looks good. The questions are how does it look on the field and how does it look on tv? Won’t see a boost in gear sales because they already have shirts and other gear like that.

  3. I don’t necessarily want NFL teams to be able to go the Oregon Ducks route with a zillion different uniforms, but stuff like alternate helmets are pretty cool to me. I agree with a comment above that black is used as a change-up color far too often, but I like this Saints helmet.

    ATL needs a red helmet, and the Jags need a gold helmet. When they had that stupid half-gold/half-black helmet a while ago, I thought the gold looked great with their uniforms.

    I know – black looks “tough” or whatever. Too many teams with black and dark blue helmets. I liked the Titans’ old white helmets vs. their generic dark blue ones now. And I’d love them to embrace their Oiler roots and go with more light blue. The old Oilers color scheme was great.

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