Brandon Aiyuk: 49ers have “a special quarterback” in Trey Lance

NFL: JAN 16 NFC Wild Card - 49ers at Cowboys
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Not everyone is sold on 49ers quarterback Trey Lance being able to take over as the starter this season, but San Francisco wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk says he has no doubts.

“I’ve seen a whole lot from him, especially since we’ve started this offseason program, how much he’s grown, just seeing him throw the football, leading the locker room, connecting with guys,” Aiyuk said of Lance, via “Yeah, we have a special quarterback.”

Aiyuk and Lance began working together early in the offseason, and Aiyuk has consistently said that Lance is impressive on the practice field. There’s no doubt about Lance’s talent for throwing the football, which is why the 49ers traded three first-round draft picks to acquire him.

Until Lance shows he can do it in games, there will be skeptics. His teammates, however, sound confident that he’s going to be ready to lead the 49ers in 2022.

9 responses to “Brandon Aiyuk: 49ers have “a special quarterback” in Trey Lance

  1. This time of year all NFL players are special, in the best shape of their lives, unstoppable, unblockable, uncoverable, and are all going to the playoffs. What a great time of year.

  2. Lance has got a howitzer, can run and is by all accounts is a good guy. We’re just going to have to wait and see if he can read a defense and deliver an accurate ball. Given his overall lack of experience, we’re probably not going to get a real answer for at least a season and a half.

  3. No they don’t, lol… What is he going to say? “Our new QB is complete trash?”

  4. Now add that part in where any of 11 very large men wearing a different color could be coming at him trying to remove his head with everything they’ve got and see how that goes.

  5. Making the jump from college to pro is different for each position. For the QB position, it’s almost like two completely different sports. The skills required to succeed are unique. They can’t be measured with a watch or a ruler. They can’t be measured at workouts or at practice. So, you can’t really say Trey Lance isn’t going to be a great QB. He has the physical skills and one of the best coaches. We’ll have to wait. Be patient. But a young WR should be feeling good and chirping positive thoughts this time of year. Doesn’t sound like anybody’s expecting a re-build, or even a slowdown.

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