David Johnson announces he couldn’t come to terms with Saints

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David Johnson has looked like he’s on the downside of his career the past three seasons when he’s averaged 4.1 yards per rush and 33.3 yards per game while missing 11 games. This past season was a career-worst, not counting 2017 when he played only one game, as he rushed for 228 yards and no touchdowns on 67 carries.

But Johnson, 30, got an opportunity to try and play an eighth NFL season.

The Saints had the free agent running back participate in their minicamp on a tryout basis this week. Johnson, though, will not sign with New Orleans.

He tweeted Friday that “unfortunate(ly), we couldn’t come to terms, but appreciate the Saints for the opportunity! Journey to be continued.”

Johnson may . . . or may not get an opportunity to continue his career.

He was a Pro Bowler and an All-Pro in 2016 with 1,239 rushing yards and 16 rushing touchdowns. In the five seasons since then, Johnson has only 2,227 rushing yards and 15 rushing touchdowns.

16 responses to “David Johnson announces he couldn’t come to terms with Saints

  1. The Cardinals used him up that one year they made their run to the Super Bowl. Those are some dismal numbers the last five years.

  2. Didn’t love football, once he got paid, then got hurt, he looked scared and uninspired.

  3. One of the toughest positions and just not values much anymore. Have to be an ironman to have a good career – I played wr, option qb & rb – don’t settle for just rb – be an athlete

  4. Couldn’t come to terms? Anyone who saw Johnson the last couple of years would have been stunned if the Saints signed him. Giving an undrafted free agent RB a shot in camp would be a higher percentage play and would be cheaper. David Johnson has been that bad. He’s the poster child for why Bill O’Brien was the worst GM to ever wield personnel power.

  5. Best he will likely get offered is a 1 year prove it deal. Then ask for more. Or an incentive laden deal perhaps, but have not earned the right for high money at this point.

  6. Johnson is a decent all around back, but his performance is always hit or miss. You never really know what your gonna get and he is heading into his 8th season. The Saints may have been his last shot.

  7. 5 years in the nfl you will get your retirement plan. I’d be out too … unfortunately average player only makes it to 3.

  8. Too many RBs as undisgned free agents who could give you as much as he can. If they offered him the vet minimum he should have grabbed it and grinned.

  9. Just think of how many fantasy picks have been thrown away on that bum.

    Not that I’m bitter….

  10. Saints must have offered a veteran minimum contract and his ego wouldn’t let him sign for that. Sad.

  11. One of Johnsons downfalls was the fact that he entered the league at 24 years old… so his shelf life was pretty limited right off the bat.

  12. This is the major problem with these huge contracts they give out now days, a player only needs one to get the “I don’t give a chit” attitude and not care, one big contract and they’re set for life. One big deal sure sucks the drive out of a lot of players, I’ve seen too many players get the big deal and then they don’t care until their next contract year! Jamaal Lewis was famous for it as was Miles “My Hammie Hurts” Austin.

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