Jerry Jones: Sean Payton shouldn’t be “conversation piece” for Cowboys job

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When Sean Payton stepped down as the Saints head coach earlier this year, there was a lot of speculation about whether the Cowboys would make a run at hiring him to replace Mike McCarthy.

As it turned out, the Dolphins were the team that were lurking to pounce on Payton before circumstances pushed them in the direction of Mike McDaniel as their new head coach. That’s left Payton to work on the broadcast side of things and it’s also left his name as one that has continued to come up as a possible replacement for McCarthy in Dallas.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said this week that such links are not based in reality.

“Sean Payton shouldn’t be out there,” Jones said, via Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “For him, the Cowboys, that’s just sheer out of the air. It’s well known we’re good friends and we think a lot of him as a head coach. But in this case, asking the way you’re asking, he shouldn’t be a conversation piece.”

Should the Cowboys fail to improve on last season, there will be plenty of discussion about McCarthy’s future and his dismissal would likely do little to stop another round of chatter about a potential move to Dallas for Payton.

7 responses to “Jerry Jones: Sean Payton shouldn’t be “conversation piece” for Cowboys job

  1. Like we don’t know this was the plan all along. It’s easy to fix this … Jerrah promises not to hire him. End of discussion.

  2. The Cowboys already have Sean Payton as their head coach. His name is Mike McCarthy. They’re the same guy, and actually, McCarthy’s head coaching record is slightly better. And both had a Hall of Fame quarterback for years so the argument about McCarthy having Aaron Rodgers doesn’t fly.

    Payton is MASSIVELY overrated.

  3. Peyton didn’t “step down as the saints head coach”. He retired from coaching. That point seems to be lost on all the speculation spreaders.

  4. And why should it be? They have a hall of fame coach now….Jones is a piece himself

  5. Payton isn’t going to work for the worst general manager in the league. If he takes another job, it’s where he has full roster control.

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