Negotiated punishment for Deshaun Watson is possible, but currently not likely

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The NFL has yet to decide what to do about Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson. One possibility will be to work directly with Watson and the NFL Players Association to reach a negotiated resolution.

As a source with knowledge of the situation recently told PFT, “There’s a way out for everybody.”

There is, but it won’t be easy. To accept a punishment, Watson must be willing to admit that he did something he shouldn’t have done. To date, he’s been unwilling to do that.

Absent a settlement between the NFL, the NFLPA, and Watson, the league will have to make some decisions. First, paid leave or unpaid suspension? Second, if unpaid suspension, how long?

The union expects the league to suggest an unprecedented suspension, with the understanding that it will be reduced on appeal. But the appeal process could be problematic, for everyone.

As explained on Thursday, the NFLPA will defend Watson in part by pointing to three owners who weren’t punished enough or at all. That could get delicate for the league, and for those owners. But there’s risk for Watson, too. The process could result in the development of evidence that could be used against Watson in the pending civil cases. Likewise, evidence generated by the in-house arbitration process could give new life to a potential prosecution.

So it makes sense for everyone to work something out. Complicating matters continues to be the possibility that more lawsuits will be filed, more negative developments will unfold, and the outcome will seem to be insufficient.

28 responses to “Negotiated punishment for Deshaun Watson is possible, but currently not likely

  1. what did Robert Kraft get as punishment? (There was actually a video of him doing it.) Watson should get slightly less than Kraft.

  2. Watson should be banished to the Commissioner’s list until all these cases are resolved. Upon resolution of the cases, if Watson is deemed to have been culpable of sexual misconduct, one year unpaid suspension.

    Not going to happen but I would like to see the NFL take a tougher approach on owners. Snyder would be a good start – force him to sell.

  3. He’s going to be playing until all the suits are settled in or out of court. We need Vegas to give us an over/under number for the games he’ll be suspended. I’m thinking 8 games.

  4. You haven’t heard anything because they are not suspending him. He was cleared of all criminal charges. Leave this guy alone .

  5. Why would Watson have to admit to anything for a negotiated “punishment”/resolution. He can simply say that while he maintains his innocence, he understands that the lawsuits are difficult for the league and that he is accepting what was negotiated in order to eliminate more distraction.

  6. lol!!

    Told ya!

    Goodell authorized the trade and now he’s going to cheat some more! Follow the money.

  7. I know they have to back their guys, but I just can’t see Watson being the hill the NFLPS wants to die on.

  8. I really wanted the Bears to draft him, not Trubisky. Most were not sold on Mahomes at that point but Watson had played well against higher level college competition for a couple of years so I felt he would be the best option. Glad they didn’t because man, was I wrong – starting to wonder if he’ll ever play for the. Browns.

  9. Spare me with this poor pitiful NFL player garbage.
    So according to the NFLPA, Watson should get off (pun intended) because a few NFL owners made one mistake each and somehow Watson and NFL owners should be subject to the same discipline?
    When John Q. Public gets busted for DUI, drugs, or domestic violence, he goes to jail.
    When NFL players get busted for DUI, drugs, or domestic violence, NFL players demand special treatment and the charges are decreased or dropped.
    Therefore I have no pity for Watson since he thinks that he is above the law.
    Imagine what John Q. Public would be sentenced to if he did what Watson did.

  10. It would be an awful look for the league to negotiate anything with Watson. If someone at work or school was accused of sexual assault by over 20 different women, that person would get indefinitely suspended or expelled/fired. No boss or college dean would ever “negotiate” a punishment with them. Why should Watson receive any special treatment?

  11. So in other words, basically a plea deal. Watson makes some sort of admission and maybe apology, and serves a lesser suspension. That still won’t get him off the hook for damages in the civil suits however.

  12. The story which keeps on giving! I love it almost as much when the CUYAHOGA RIVER FIRE occurred on June 22, 1969. Apparently Cleveland’s pollution abatement program worked as well Browns ownership when they ‘checked out’ Watson. Another raging out of control fire. But hey, at least they don’t have to deal with the dastardly Baker Mayfield. That guy was nothing but …. oh wait, he played last year when he was hurt but Watson couldn’t play because his feelings got hurt by the Texans for not including him in player personal decisions. Perhaps Watson will share his wisdom with Paul DePodesta (Cleveland’s Chief Strategy Officer) when the two are huddled up discussing Browns strategy. They can discuss things like 10 easy tips to settle lawsuits….

  13. Shouldn’t the owners who escaped virtually unscathed for their sexually-related missteps be Snyder, Jones, Kraft AND Richardson? I’m sure Notre Dame wouldn’t mind if we called them the Four Horsemen of the A-flock-a-lips.

  14. He should have been indicted, and it’s highly likely money is the only reason he wasn’t

  15. There’s one over-riding problem. Roger Goodell. This guy took paid-leave off the table. Right now we have 24, or is it 26, 36, 66 or 100 civil cases pending and Roger has limited the NFL to a possible “negotiation” of punishment as Florio described in this article. Goodell is paid $50M a year(!!!) to make high intelligent and difficult decisions, yet he made a decision with regards to paid-leave that not even a kindergartener would be ignorant enough to make. The only way to handle this right now is paid leave until the vast majority of cases are settled/filed; right now we don’t how many cases there might be (what if the NYTs is actually correct for once and there’s over 100 women) or what type of evidence is going to be presented during these cases. Goodell royally screwed up by stupidly limiting his options with his paid-leave is off the table comment; he was trying to woke, but ended up being a synonym, stupid. Suspend Watson, with pay, for the entire 2022 NFL season or until the 24 cases of record as of now, are adjudicated or settled. Then determine any suspension, unpaid leave. Not hard Roger. You owe me $50M.

  16. Once Buzbee files the new case from Atlanta things should get REALLY interesting.

  17. Given that the league punishments are totally arbitrary, the NFLPA will have a tough time using any other case to help Watson.

  18. Someone posted “Innocent until proven guilty,” and the majority of people disagreed with that. REALLY? “Innocent until proven guilty” is the mantra of our American justice system. WTF is wrong with people in this country? Doubt PFT will even post this comment as it disagrees with their agenda (i.e. Watson is guilty until proven innocent).

  19. Hopefully the NFLPA also tosses Jim Irsay in there too. DUI, a bag full of opiates, an OD’d ex girlfriend in the place he bought her. He got a $500,000 fine and probation for multiple felonies. He’s worth $1.7 billion, so seems like a real significant consequence.

  20. For once it would be nice to the players union do it’s job! Maybe they can get guaranteed contracts like the other leagues!

  21. Whenever this degenerate takes the field, I’ll be doing something other than watching the NFL.

  22. touchback6 says:
    June 17, 2022 at 1:18 pm

    Told ya!

    Goodell authorized the trade and now he’s going to cheat some more! Follow the money

    You still think teams are trying to cheat the pats? Lmaooo

  23. “To accept a punishment, Watson must be willing to admit that he did something he shouldn’t have done.”

    Since when? When has any player admitted that he took PEDs, or deflated footballs, or sexually harassed women, or anything else?

  24. For those who keep asking why Bob Kraft wasn’t punished, Kraft didn’t force anyone to do anything they didn’t want to do and criminal charges were dropped. Kraft paid for services from a willing person which is what that fool in Cleveland should have done all along.

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