NFL mum on whether Daniel Snyder’s “Commanders-related” conflict meshes with his current status

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Next week, Commanders owner Daniel Snyder won’t appear before the U.S. House Committee on Oversight & Reform, in person or virtually, because among other things he has a “Commanders-related business conflict.” Given that Snyder isn’t supposed to be involved in Commanders business, that’s confusing.

It’s unclear what the conflict is, but it’s apparently important enough to keep him from testifying before the Committee. Which raises a simple question. Is Snyder permitted to engage in this specific piece of Commanders-related business?

We’ve asked the league twice to address this issue. We received a response to neither email. (The way it usually goes, when they don’t want to answer me, is I’ll ask three times before getting a perfunctory, “No comment.” This time, I decided not to ask a third time.)

From my Thursday inquiry: “I want to be sure I’m not missing something. Maybe this is permitted. I’m not sure what the specific barriers on his involvement are.”

Here’s what Commissioner Roger Goodell said regarding Snyder’s involvement in March: “Dan Snyder has not been involved in day-to-day operations. Don’t believe he’s been in the facility at all, and when we continue to have league matters, Tanya has represented the team as the CEO both on a day-to-day basis, but also here and that will continue for at least the foreseeable future, but Dan and I will talk about that at some point.”

The next day, the Washington Times reported that Snyder has in reality resumed his normal role with the team. The league declined to comment on this report, which directly conflicted with Goodell’s remarks.

And so continues the confusion regarding Snyder’s status. It dates back to last July. Snyder insisted it wasn’t a suspension but a voluntary move. Snyder’s lawyer also proclaimed that Snyder can return whenever he wants, with Goodell’s approval; Goodell’s own words suggest otherwise.

Although the league can easily ignore my questions, Goodell could (and should) be asked when he testifies next week to explain the Commanders-related business that has kept Snyder from participating, and whether that specific piece of Commanders-related business meshes with his current status. Goodell may try to dance around it. Hopefully, the Committee won’t take a non-answer for an answer.

21 responses to “NFL mum on whether Daniel Snyder’s “Commanders-related” conflict meshes with his current status

  1. I applaud MF for writing the articles but look at Snyder’s rap sheet. All that and he’s untouchable he still really hasn’t been punished at all. Maybe the NFL will say something at 4pm, it is Friday after all.

  2. The committee should subpoena him and force him to show up. It’d be for his own good. It would prevent him from doing things he’s not allowed to be doing.

  3. Pull the anti-trust exemption until Snyder appears and both answer every question fully and not with Goodell speak (speaks a lot without saying anything).

  4. Are the other NFL owners keeping Daniel Snyder around in an effort to guarantee that his team is not very competitive? He may be the worst owner of a professional sports franchise anywhere in the world.

  5. The NFL doesn’t want to deal with all the issues at the WTF because the other owners don’t want to potentially get the same treatment. They want Goodell to protect them. Of course Snyder is still running things. Everyone knows this, but the NFL won’t do anything about it because Goodell serves the owners. He has no power to punish or investigate them.

  6. Best solution to the Snyder Problem:

    1. Find a city willing to build him a stadium, preferably in Texas so he can be close to his BFF.
    2. Let him move the team – but use the Cleveland model, where all trademarks, history, etc.. remain in D.C.
    3. Give D.C. an expansion franchise immediately. Ticket sales will resume, and localities will be fighting each other for the privilege of helping with a new stadium, which won’t matter because without Snyder the RFK property will suddenly become viable.

  7. cobrala2 says:
    June 17, 2022 at 11:43 am
    A bunch of crooks

    I couldn’t have said it better myself Cobra. You’re dead on. That’s why Dan should not go near Washington to testify, those politicians are nothing but a bunch of crooks. Well said bro.

  8. I would rather have the Snyder’s as my owners than the Haslam’s. It would be the lesser of 2 piles of garbage!

  9. So now that the NFLPA is calling out the league on discipline of owners recent actions with respect to Deshaun Watson. The NFL will have to justify an unprecedented suspension. If you read the Washington allegations they are at least on par and probably worse than Watson’s. Did Snyder really get discipline at all? Watson has already served a year from football activities. It sounds like Snyder hasn’t really missed anything but appearing in person to league functions.

  10. The league seems content letting Snyder, Tyreek and Watson slide for being vile human beings, all while demonizing Josh Gordon for addiction issues. It’s getting harder and harder to support the league as a fan.

  11. If Snyder is called, then an oil email will be leaked, and a congress member will be forced to resign.

  12. It’d be pretty sweet if Snyder thumbed his nose at DC, Maryland, and Virginia and moved his Commanders to San Antonio.

  13. Snyder is the lowest, with Goodell close behind. Hard not be disgusted with the whole bunch.

    I know there are some decent owners who don’t have anything to fear from Snyder – why are they not stepping up to Goodell?

  14. I would think that being married to the acting CEO would be the easiest conflict to explain, which makes me wonder why Snyder didn’t just say that, and why they didn’t just ask his wife to testify.

  15. ….. Goodell could (and should) be asked when he testifies next week to explain the Commanders-related business that has kept Snyder from participating, and whether that specific piece of Commanders-related business meshes with his current status.

    He’s in stadium building talks with MD.Pols currently.
    Who’s going to pay for that new stadium ? – HINT > Danny Boy

  16. I can guarantee Jerry and Mara/Tisch want Snyder to own that team for as long as possible. There’s no rush to get a competent owner in the DC market.

  17. He’s a fan of the team but he has destroyed the franchise… too bad

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