Nick Caserio: Davis Mills has come a long way from a year ago

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It took a hamstring injury to Tyrod Taylor in Week 2 for Davis Mills to get playing time. The third-round draft choice’s performance in 11 starts won him the job for 2022.

In the final five games, Mills threw nine touchdowns and two interceptions and posted a 102.4 passer rating as the Texans went 2-3.

Kyle Allen, Jeff Driskel and Kevin Hogan are behind Mills, who enters training camp as the unquestioned starter barring an unexpected trade for a veteran quarterback like Jimmy Garoppolo.

Mills, not surprisingly, is playing with more confidence, having come a long way from a year ago.

“Overall I would say from he was, call it a year ago, to where he is now, he’s certainly a lot further along,” Texans General Manager Nick Caserio said on Sports Radio 610, via Mark Lane of USA Today. “So, I think the preseason and the training camp will be another opportunity, not only for him, but the whole team to see if we can kind of build on some of the things that we’ve done here over the last however many weeks it’s been.”

Mills’ decision-making and accuracy appears greatly improved from last season, Caserio said. Mills also has shown a short memory, not dwelling on bad plays.

“I would say the one thing that’s been consistent relative to his personality and his demeanor if regardless of what happens on a play good or bad, it’s just kind of on to the next play,” Caserio said. “He really doesn’t let that ruffle him, which I would say is a good quality as a player because, look, there’s 70 plays that happen during the course of a game. So, you’re going to run a play, and then you’re going to go to a next play. So, what happened two or three plays ago honestly it doesn’t really matter. What matters is can you focus on what your job is, what you have to get accomplished on that particular play regardless of the situation.”

3 responses to “Nick Caserio: Davis Mills has come a long way from a year ago

  1. This guy looks pretty good, and with the fleecing of the Browns, a team like this, especially with a better coach than Lovie Smith, could be a force in 2-3 years.

  2. If Mills can build on last season and show improvement this year, Houston fans are going to be saying “Deshaun who?”

  3. Mills should look better since he’s not a rookie with very limited college experience anymore. This does not mean he’s a top 25 NFL starter.

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