Patrick Mahomes calls second half vs. Bengals “worst playoff football I’ve played”

AFC Championship - Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs
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The Chiefs scored touchdowns on their first three offensive possessions of the AFC Championship Game against the Bengals, and they appeared to be ready to roll to the Super Bowl. And then their offense collapsed.

After halftime, the Chiefs punted four times, Patrick Mahomes threw two interceptions, and the Chiefs could score only a single field goal as the Bengals came back and won in overtime. Mahomes is still thinking about that game.

“That second half I played, I didn’t play really good football at all. Probably my worst playoff football I’ve played was the second half of the game,” Mahomes said. “So I’m just trying to use that as a learning thing that whenever I’m struggling or a team’s struggling, just find a way to get positive plays, because when you have a lead like that, you don’t want to lose that lead. We played such a great first half, even if we weren’t getting what we wanted in the second half, I have to get better at taking what’s there to try to get some points on the board, come away and get to the Super Bowl.”

Mahomes’ worst playoff football came at a very bad time for the Chiefs. The good news for Kansas City is that with Mahomes on the team, they’ll have many years of opportunities for Mahomes to make up for it.

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  1. Just admit you were concussed already, after that big hit in the 2nd quarter you were completely off your game

  2. hope that motivates you.
    hope that motivates everyone.
    this will be the hardest regular season yet for mahomes. can even assume you’ll make the playoffs.

  3. “The good news for Kansas City is that with Mahomes on the team, they’ll have many years of opportunities for Mahomes to make up for it.”

    Didn’t they used to say the same thing about Dan Marino’s Dolphins? As the local representative of Raider Nation, allow me a moment to laugh at Mahomes and his failed opportunity. We look forward for more to come!

  4. He tried to play hero ball too much. If he could develop his patience and be methodical on what the defense could give him, he would be unstoppable. He’s already amazing and further positive development will take him to the big dance more often than any of his contemporaries.

  5. A lot of people don’t realize this but the defensive coordinator for the Bengals deserves “ALL” the credit. He saw they were being beat and destined to lose against the Chiefs offense so at halftime he switched to a man to man defense and obviously got excellent results. Most defensive coordinators don’t have the moxie they think they have and would not do it.

  6. Favre 2.0 Mahomes has been figured out, he is very good but like Favre the cowboy in him will cost him in the biggest moments. He will be lucky to get one more ring

  7. Mahomes vs “taking what’s there”

    Haven’t we heard that narrative his whole (albeit short) starting career? It’s not in his make up yet IMO. Perhaps with big play Hill gone it will start to be something he does more of though

  8. I wonder why he isn’t saying that he got exposed by the Bengals Defense for the 2nd time in a month.
    Who Dey is your Daddy

  9. Patrick – that second half defense really did clamp you, but don’t forget the bone-headed decision just prior to halftime – to not take points and throw to Tyreek hoping he would get in – when instead Eli Apple rag-dolled him at the 2 for no points.

    Burrow’s Bengals 2 – Mahomes’ Chiefs – 0

  10. BB has had the blueprint out on Mahomes now for many seasons, since 2018.

    They’ve stoned him for entire halves.

    It will be even harder now for KC without hill because you can now double Kelce. Scantling and Schustee are good but not elite.


    KC’s 1 year dynasty is long gone in cap hell and the slow fade to come. They have no young in-house talent.

  11. I don’t think the Bengals Defense gets enough love for how they completely took the wheels off of the KC offense in the second half.

  12. Mahomes is very good, but he’s human. I would say the worst I’ve ever seen him play was his last Super Bowl. The Chiefs have had so much success that they pretty much dictate the game by playing their way, they have little experience having to play a different game. The Bengals had their number last year, and it’s on tape for the rest of the league. They had better come up with something or it’s going to be a long year.

  13. Hard to play well when the coaches are doing everything they can to undermine you.

    Literally all the had to do was call a running play each series. Even if there was no first down and there wouldn’t have been enough time on the clock for the Bengals to come back.

    But both Reid and EB in their arrogance kept calling pass plays in 8 man coverage. Just have a built in draw on every play. If they rush 4 or more run the called play, 3 or less run the Draw. Boom several first days and tons of time off the clock.

  14. Mahomes has peeked as a quarterback. With other rising star quarterbacks in the AFC he may never get back to another super bowl.

  15. Takes way too long of drop backs, always eager to escape the pocket to the sidelines even if it’s safe. Mahomes while amazing is still a flawed player. Not sure why he’d lose those bad habits now after having so much early success, but it would make him that much better.

  16. Recency Bias.
    Forget about SB LV already? Didn’t have a 3rd down completion until garbage time. Never scored a single TD. Missed numerous open throws. Made no adjustments. On the biggest football stage of all.

  17. The irony is Mahomes also played his worst regular season second half football against the same team. I guess to all them smart analytics guys that’s just a coincidence. Not saying he didn’t play bad, but a little credit going the other way would be justifiable.

  18. Mahomes is a great kid and and a talented player. Rodgers can have all the meaningless MVP titles but when they both retire, Mahomes will have more SB rings than the egotesticle Diva.

  19. That was way more than playing bad. Choosing not to throw to wide open receives, throwing to guys not named Hill or Kelce when both were open. That game showed me to never bet on football!

  20. It’s a combination of both Reid and Mahomes trying to do too much and being too cute because of how comfortable their lead was.

  21. No matter how good a player is, the NFL is cruel. No one just wins ’em all. For all Brady’s accolades, he was 10 years between winning Super Bowls and it looked like he would never win another one for a time there. Mahomes will be great for a long time, but no guarantee that he will get back to and win another Super Bowl.

  22. I’d say Super Bowl 55 was much worse no tds, multiple picks, and a sub 60 percent completion percentage. Even Super Bowl 54 he wasn’t good and shouldn’t have gotten the MVP. Tyreek Hill has bailed out Mahomes time and time again now Mahomes will further degrade.

  23. tcostant says:
    June 17, 2022 at 7:33 am
    He played much worse in the Super Bowl vs. the Bucs.

    43Rate This


    And the 49ers. He was terrible. At least the OL blocked for him in that one.

  24. The Chiefs 2nd half offensive ineptitude was not all on Mahomes. Andy Reid and Bienemy had a brain malfunction. Cinci was dropping 8 defensive players, which would normally cause a change to run the ball more, but instead, Reid forced it to keep throwing the ball. Made no sense. Hopefully next time, Reid will make better play calls in that type of a situation.

  25. Mahomes is overrated. With Tyreek Hill gone and Travis Kelce aging, we’ll see soon if Mahomes can have the same kind of success that Tom Brady had with mediocre receivers. He won’t. Not even close.

  26. Chiefs’ schedule looks brutal, yeesh! I don’t expect them to be in 1st place at mid-season.

  27. Half the blame is on Reid. If they had gone for points at the end of the first half the Chiefs might have won. His play would not be an issue. Two back up tackles in the Super Bowl and no extra blocking support. I don’t think Reid made the best coaching decisions.

  28. The Chiefs need to look forward, not back. Their receivers room is awesome and their defense, from a talent standpoint, is much improved. Adjusting to an improving offensive will be ongoing and they have yet to plateau in that regard. Dubbing them a “one year dynasty” is a symptom of jealousy.

  29. I agree with Mahomes. The 2nd half against Cinci was his worst playoff ball. Super Bowl LV was the worst team performance but he was on the run that whole game with a depleted O-line in front of him. He still made some amazing throws but T-Bay completely outclassed KC in that game.

  30. I’ve seen this happen, especially in the playoffs, several times in the half century I’ve been watching the NFL. When a team has an epic OT win like the Chiefs had against Buffalo the previous week, it takes a lot out of the whole team, and it takes more than a week to fully recover. I think that is why the entire Chiefs team looked kind of flat against the Bengals in the 2nd half of the Championship Game.

  31. Or the second half against Cincinnati the first game they played a few weeks before? They have your number kiddo better get back to the drawing board because its all on film. Look at the play at the end of regulation, he has 2 days to throw and had a complete mental meltdown. The defensive end was basically in a spy position and runs up and tackles Mahomes from 20 years head on with him seeing him the whole time. If you dont chase these guys around like mahomes and Lamar Jackson they become average QBs. Thats their game and if you take it away yiu can beat them. Ask Cincinnati, who was 4-0 against the Chiefs and The Ravens last year.

  32. You are all forgetting one thing: never, ever, ever trust Andy Reid in the playoffs. Mahomes single handedly overcame Reid’s deficiencies in the SB run. Cannot be relied upon to do over and over. See also: Dungy, P.Manning

  33. Voted “most likely to become next league drama queen” now that Big Ben has given up his sash.

  34. Anyone notice that since sports betting has been legalized everywhere, overwhelming favorites in every sport are being upset constantly. Whichever team has all the money on them, which was the chiefs in this game and in overall futures bets, will lose. And mahomes was paid extra by Vegas to make sure it happened in this game. Who is he trying to fool.

  35. Patrick is, and for now rightfully so, THE Chiefs offense. However, going forward, those things working against them now are totally unavoidable: letting Hill go; he and Reid continuing to be caught up in themselves and not aware that they are – and the real biggee: just like with Kaep, RGIII and all other highly mobile QB’s of the past – defenses will figure you out. Then they shut you down. Period. Just like it will happen eventually to our Trey Lance. Its just the nature of the beast. Kyle will fend it off for a while, but then….

  36. The Bengals have great Coordinators that make adjustments along with a designated data analyst.
    They didn’t look like they belonged on the same field as KC early in both games then made adjustments.

  37. Otto Graham’s Lip Rip says:
    June 17, 2022 at 11:26 am
    Voted “most likely to become next league drama queen” now that Big Ben has given up his sash.

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    Don’t forget about Aaron and Tommy in particular.

  38. It was the Joe Burrow effect. When it happens, opponents start to self destruct. Brady used to have the same effect.

  39. Worst half of football? Or just a D that figured you out in both games. Your time is up Paddie. — Joey & The Boys

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