Patrick Mahomes: I’m very confident Orlando Brown’s deal will get done

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Chiefs left tackle Orlando Brown Jr. did not attend the team’s mandatory minicamp as he and Kansas City negotiate a long-term contract.

Brown and head coach Andy Reid have both expressed confidence that a deal will get done for the young left tackle after the Chiefs placed the franchise tag on him to keep him in the fold.

Now quarterback Patrick Mahomes has added his voice as someone who believes things will work out for Brown sooner than later — in part because he’s recently spent time with his left tackle.

“I’m very confident, just because I know Orlando,” Mahomes said in his Thursday press conference. “I was with him yesterday, actually. So I hang out with him a lot. He loves football. He loves the Kansas City Chiefs. He loves being here in this organization. So now it’s just kind of the stuff that’s always tough is the business side of this. All of us want to provide for our families in the long term and next generations. So I know he’s trying to get that all handled.

“But as far as loving the Chiefs and loving football, there’s not another person in this building that loves it as much as he does.”

Kansas City acquired Brown from Baltimore last offseason, as part of the team’s effort to revamp its offensive line. He started 16 games for the Chiefs in 2021 and was selected to his third consecutive Pro Bowl.

10 responses to “Patrick Mahomes: I’m very confident Orlando Brown’s deal will get done

  1. I wonder if Tyreek Hill sees this and thinks “He didn’t speak out in public in favor of ME getting a new contract.”
    I hope he goes on Twitter as soon as he can.

  2. Who cares about Orlando Brown’s contract? He has acted like an entitled jerk since before he was drafted.

  3. I’m not a KC fan, but Mahomes always comes across as just as much the ideal quarterback off the field as he does on the field. I don’t think he could have handled that question any better.

  4. dryzzt23 says:
    June 17, 2022 at 11:15 am
    Who cares about Orlando Brown’s contract? He has acted like an entitled jerk since before he was drafted.

    44Rate This


    Yep. Why Baltimore dealt the problem away.

  5. Chargers and Chiefs are the two top teams in this division, Chiefs need him in the long run.

    I think the Broncos may surprise people, their defense is better than most in this league. Production out of Wilson will be the kicker to determine how well they can manage to win.

    Raiders take a HUGE step back this season. They have invested way too much in Devante Adams and Josh McDaniels is a disaster waiting to happen to that already struggling offense with those goofy Vegas bums running that organization!

  6. He wants to be the highest paid LT. If they’re not offering that, he’s not staying.

  7. They can always let him play under the tag and draft his replacement with one of their picks they got from Miami next year. Veach completely fixed the line in one years worth of drafts and FA acquisitions, Creed Humphrey being the best of that whirlwind of moves, so finding a young tackle shouldn’t be much of an issue next year.

  8. Both Brown and Mahomes are mature young men. Both of their dad’s play pro sports.

  9. No disrespect to Patrick Mahomes, but who cares what he thinks about if a contract is getting done. Mahomes commenting on it gives credibility to what Tyreek Hill said that he met with Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes so it sounds like Mahomes is now the assistant GM and deciding who stays and who goes.

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