Ron Rivera fined 100K, Commanders lose two 2023 OTAs for excessive practice contact

Washington Commanders Offseason Workout
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There was a bit too much activity at Commanders practice this offseason and it’s led to penalties for head coach Ron Rivera and the team.

Dan Graziano of ESPN reports that Rivera has been fined $100,000 because of excessive contact in practice drills this offseason. If the size of that fine sounds familiar, it’s likely because that’s the same amount Rivera fined defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio for a tweet calling the January 6 attack on the Capitol a “dust-up.”

The team has also been stripped of two OTA practices next offseason.

Rivera and the team have company when it comes to these penalties. Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy was fined and the Cowboys were stripped of a future OTA practice this week for similar violations.

26 responses to “Ron Rivera fined 100K, Commanders lose two 2023 OTAs for excessive practice contact

  1. Today’s NFL players are the softest ever, and their work ethic is the worst in history.
    I’m a pro football player, please don’t hit me, I might break a nail.

  2. JDR did not tweet that it was a dust-up, he said it to reporters. Ron should get another fine for the distraction being fined causes.

  3. Hoping that it was really GM Ron Rivera fining HC Ron Rivera for being a distraction.

  4. Really? Excessive? For what these guys get paid…I think there should be more with the poor tackling we see in the league.

  5. They went after the Cowboys yesterday, too, but doubled the fine for us. The league is obviously putting an extreme emphasis on it this year. They want to keep injuries down. But the REAL way to avoid injuries is not having teams play 3 games in 11 days, Sunday and then Thursday games and not significantly expand game day rosters!

  6. Football is my favorite sport, but Hockey players are just laughing at these guys!

  7. “Fine, fine, everywhere a fine / Blocking the scenery, breakin’ my mind / Do this, don’t do that / Can’t avoid the fines…”

  8. Should have been more, League fine for a head coach should be more than head coach fined Assistant Coach last week.

  9. So now he’s a distraction to the team. Shouldn’t the Commanders fine him 100k too?

  10. The moral compass of the Commanders was fined for ignoring and breaking the rules at practice. You can’t make this stuff up.

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