Russell Wilson: City of Denver wants to win, knows how to win

Russell Wilson camp
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The Colorado Avalanche have a 1-0 lead in the best-of-seven Stanley Cup Final against the Tampa Bay Lightning. If the Avalanche win Lord Stanley’s Cup, they will join the Broncos with three championships.

The Broncos were the city’s last championship team, winning Super Bowl 50 in 2015.

The city’s NFL team has hope again now that it has Russell Wilson at quarterback. Wilson has hope now that he’s in a city he feels is a city of champions.

“It’s been a blessing just to come here, just to come to an amazing city like Denver, to be a part of it with so many amazing teammates and great coaching staff,” Wilson said Friday at his football camp, via video from Zac Stevens of DNVR Sports. “But also, once the trade was going to happen, I said, ‘Hey, listen, I want to make sure that I go to a city that wants to win. I want to make sure I that I go to a team that wants to win. And I want to go to a city that knows how to win.’ And all those three things were checked off the box here in Denver and so I think we’ve got a chance.”

Wilson led the Seahawks to back-to-back Super Bowls in 2013 and 2014, but Seattle went only 3-5 in the postseason with Wilson after that. That was part of his frustration with the organization and led the Seahawks to trade him to Denver this offseason.

Wilson seems to have found a home.

12 responses to “Russell Wilson: City of Denver wants to win, knows how to win

  1. andymc58 says:
    June 17, 2022 at 5:08 pm
    The city knows how to win? What does that mean?

    If you’re on a sports site and don’t understand what that means, you’re faking your purported sports knowledge.

    I kinda think he means that the city has experienced what it takes to win. But I could be wrong. He’s building community support.

  2. This is the year Denver realizes that the QB was not the only thing holding them back

  3. Jon Gruden used to get criticized for saying everyone’s the greatest. Gruden was a naysayer compared to Russ. Maybe Russ should be a marriage counselor. I have no problem with a guy saying nice things about everyone and everything. In fact, we could use more of it. I don’t think he’d make it as a prosecutor, though.

  4. Russ can’t carry team to winning. Remember that Seahawks went to Super Bowl with defense not Russ. All he say BLAH BLAH LOOK AT ME BLAH BLAH.. he need to retire football and start show biz.

  5. The Broncos better win it all this year or at the latest next year. Because once they pay him $50M+ per year they simply won’t have the money to keep their other good players and even less to sign highly coveted FA’s.

    It’s the sad state of the league and frankly I think it is something the league needs to address. Maybe allow each team to have one player under contract that doesn’t count against the CAP with that contract ceiling somehow being “capped” to prevent some god awful $300M all guaranteed type of thing. (Looking at your Browns.)

  6. Denver is in the toughest division of the NFL. The other teams in that division well remember the John Elway era in Denver, which was woefully lopsided in their favor, and will not crumble simply because of Russell Wilson, even though his high level of play is well established. The games within the division will be “must see” events and will produce some of the highest viewer ratings of the year.

    Enjoy the show,

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