Eagles adopt new “wordmark”

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If I’d heard the term “wordmark” before Thursday, I don’t remember it. So when the email announcement arrived from the Eagles regarding a new “wordmark,” I just kept going.

But since it’s: (1) Saturday; (2) early; and (3) June, I decided to circles back so that Eagles fans can properly visualize their E-A-G-L-E-S chant.

It’s basically gone from curved trapezoid with asymmetrical points to a more basic, slightly crooked font with notches in the Es.

Twitter hates it, because like Mikey, Twitter hates everything. The fans don’t seem to like it, either.

Then again, the reality is that people who aren’t particularly bothered by something won’t say anything. Only those who don’t like it will sound off. Quite often, the extremely vocal group ends up being extremely minor.

Regardless, an NFL team’s wordmark is not some minor thing. It will show up in end zones and elsewhere. It’s the new way that the team name officially will be presented to the world. Especially if/when the team gets to the Super Bowl. Like the Eagles did in Super Bowl LII and in Super Bowl XV.

Some would say that, like the classic uniforms, the classic “wordmarks” shouldn’t change. Like Packers. Cowboys. Giants. Steelers (which actually underwent a slight tweak in 2002). So why would the Eagles would dump the specific style and arrangement of letters associated with the greatest moment in franchise history? Well, part of the fan experience means having (i.e., buying) merchandise that reflects the most modern, up-to-date helmets and jerseys and, as it turns out, wordmarks.

In other words, Eagles fans, the time is coming to open up those wallets, unless you want to be walking around wearing stuff with an obsolete wordmark.

18 responses to “Eagles adopt new “wordmark”

  1. I’ve been wearing the same Kelly Green Reggie White jersey to games since 1991. A new font isn’t going to make me buy anything. The most popular jersey at game day are Brian Dawkins 20s. They aren’t going to buy a new one either. I agree with you that it’s what drove the decision. I just think it will backfire.

  2. It looks a lot better than that badly dated ‘90s garbage they had for about 25 years. Now overhaul the uniforms.

  3. Every time I see those kelly green Philadelphia Eagles throwback uniforms…I think about Reggie White and Jerome Brown.

  4. I miss Kelly green. I love everything about them. The wordmark is fine. Can they start playing football yet?

  5. Teams are favouring a back-to-basics simplified look these days. Gone are the overly busy and shadowed graphics of the 90s.

    I think this is an example of the simplistic look gone wrong though in that it’s so basic that it comes across as amateurish.

  6. The Saints new black helmet is the ONLY stylish change that’s happened this off season. Now if the Bengals could inverse the strip/helmet colors on their helmet , as an alternative, that would be cool also. (Black helmet/orange tiger stripes)

  7. It’s too plain, but surely they can come up with something better than the 80s rock band thing they’ve been using.

  8. I would just wear the gear with the old word mark. It looks way better than this…

  9. It’s never a great idea to take inspiration from the Jets, even if it’s just a logo font.

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