Mark Ingram believes the Saints can “make a lot of noise”

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It’s a rarity that a head coach leaves but, for the most part, the rest of the team remains the same. That’s exactly what the Saints will be doing in 2022.

Sean Payton, who arrived in 2006, is gone. But nearly everyone else is back.

One guy who knows a thing or two about the Saints, thanks to his extended time there (with a detour to the Ravens along the way) is running back Mark Ingram. Via the team’s website, Ingram recently addressed the state of the team, with Payton gone — and with defensive coordinator Dennis Allen getting the job.

“I think that was huge, keeping the DNA the same,” Ingram said. “It’s not like it’s a full rebuild here. I think you have a team that can make a lot of noise and make a run at it. Obviously, we have to improve and get better and gel as a unit, but I think keeping the DNA of the team, the culture of the team the same, I think that’s huge and I think we’ll all benefit from it.

“Obviously, D.A. is different from Sean. But D.A. has done a great job of just trying to keep it as normal as possible and adding his own kind of flavor to it. I think the defense is more used to it, because they spent so much time with him in defensive meetings. We only saw him sometimes when he had to fill in. But I like him a lot.”

Allen filled in last year for a Sunday night game against the Buccaneers. And the Saints shut out Tom Brady and his teammates, 9-0.

“I think he’s doing a great job with the team, he’s doing a great job in the team meetings, he’s doing a great job with us out there telling us let’s get our work done, let’s be efficient, let’s be effective, let’s improve, let’s work, let’s have a sense of urgency,” Ingram said. “He’s going to take care of us and get us off the field. I think he’s done a great job. Just having the same DNA, the same culture of the team, I think that’s going to be good for everyone in the locker room.”

Allen turned around a defense that had disintegrated post-bountygate. For reasons still not obvious, Allen never got any real consideration for a second chance as a head coach, following a tour of duty with the Raiders. Fortunately for the Saints, he was available to take the baton from Payton.

And Ingram is right. The Saints can make a lot of noise. They nearly made the playoffs last year, despite plenty of injuries and a Monday night COVID debacle against the Dolphins, which included an effort to get Drew Brees to unretire and Payton walking into the locker room before the game and seeing multiple players in uniform whom he didn’t recognize.

The Saints should be largely recognizable in 2022, even though Payton won’t be there. The real question is whether they’ll be as competitive without him.

12 responses to “Mark Ingram believes the Saints can “make a lot of noise”

  1. In 2023 they are 60 million over the cap (with no money to move)… and they did that to themselves to compete with Winston and a new HC in 2022 while Tom Brady is still in the division.

    The noise Ingram will be hearing is all of the boos after Winston throws his 40th INT of the season.

  2. HCs spend their life time looking or building a winning team…
    Unless he is battling health issues or become elderly, he is NOT going to leave a winner..
    It speaks volumes that a middle aged, proven, top HC would walk away unless he doesn’t think he can continue to win with that team…

    I firmly believe Sean left to preserve his win/lose record, because that is the barometer by which HC are measured, until a better built team comes calling for him…

    Sean’s absents on that team in since the last 16 years will be significant…

  3. We’ll see how Allen fares this time around as a head coach. His first shot with the Raiders was a disaster, but this can be a league of redemption, and there has been more than one coach who has done well with his second bite at the apple.

  4. This is the year Brady finally loses his magic and the Falcons and Panthers are awful. Saints will win the NFC South.

  5. The Saints are suspect at QB, their number 1 wR asn’t done a thing since 2018, and their new head coach was terrible at it the last time he tried.

    I don’t get the hype around the saints. I don’t get it at all.

  6. @Vikings4Life Yeah but the Vikings were 8-9-0 with your starting QB #1 WR and #1 RB hardly any injuries. The Saints won 5 games with their starting QB who beat your division opponent badly 38-3 plus had a 9-8 record when the offense didn’t throw a TD in 12 quarters. You act like the Vikings actually have a QB.

  7. Mike really … the brace is suppose to protect the need from bending the wrong way. He limps because he’s not use to it. I had one in HS and other guys as well.

  8. @tyelee From 2014-2016 the Saints had 7-9 seasons and a bunch of bad defenses who ranked between 28-32 during those seasons. Prior to that every DC the Saints hired were ranked in the top 10 in their first season but dropped after that. The constant person on the defensive staff was Joe Vitt the Saints LB coach and Assistant HC. It was Sean Payton loyalty to Vitt is what got him almost fired. In 2016 the Saints went 7-9 rumors were that the Saints were looking for another HC but Sean Payton fired his long time friend Joe Vitt and all except two on the defensive staff, Dennis all and Aaron Glenn. The defense has improved since then but Sean Payton fell into his old habits when he signed Taysom Hill. What I feared most was SP wasting the class of 2017 time and talents. Hill wasn’t the best QB, RB, TE, WR so why did he start over some players. Its simple he was SP favorite. Just like Vitt, Hill became SP’s guy to the point SP paid him like a #1 QB despite his inability to see the whole field he can’t throw the deep ball which many call put passes. SP left the Saints because he knew Hill was not going to he that guy but me made sure Hill was taken care of. Just think if had put that much energy in keeping Drew on the field, the Saints might have had another SB.

  9. Will the Saints make noise?
    Woe, a tale full of sound and fury,
    signifying nothing.

  10. Their noise will be overshadowed by the hail of boos from the fans before the fans stop showing up and are replaced with bag ladies with bags on their heads.

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