Browns reportedly are exploring sites for a new stadium

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The last time the Browns wanted a new stadium, it didn’t end well. The Browns reportedly want a new stadium.

A report from that was picked up by the News-Herald indicates that the franchise that returned to the NFL in 1999 with a new stadium may want another new stadium.

The question, as it often is with existing stadiums, is whether to renovate or replace. The Browns, per the report, are looking at local locations for a new venue.

Browns spokesman Peter John-Baptiste told that it is “a little too far out in front of the story.” As noted by Jeff Schudel of the News-Herald, co-owner Dee Haslam raised the possibility of a new stadium in 2018.

“The main thing is to start the conversation, at some point,” Dee Haslam said at the time. “I don’t know that we’re ready to start the conversation, but we are ready to get all the information we can about what’s possible. So I think it’s really important to find out what’s possible.”

The team’s lease at the current stadium runs through 2028. Which means there’s time to figure things out.

A new stadium would quite possibly include a dome or a retractable roof. This would allow it to be used for other events, especially in the colder months.

Like every other stadium project, the taxpayer contribution will become a major factor. The last time around, a lack of public funding resulted in the Browns becoming the Ravens. While it’s way too early to contemplate the Browns leaving Cleveland again, it’s not too early to realize that, when it’s time for a new stadium, the Haslams definitely won’t want to pay for it by themselves.

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  1. Hmmmm, the stadium opened in 1999. They now join the Redskins, Bills, Panthers, and others seeking a new stadium. Most of the existing venues are just over 20 years old. Apparently 20 years is the new lifespan of an NFL stadium. If the owners think the public doesn’t know about their new game plan, they’re about to get a rude awakening.

  2. The Bills new stadium is a done deal.
    And by the time it’s finished, the existing one will be over 50 years old.

  3. Get a new stadium, but don’t change that location. It’s right on the water, close to the flats and the warehouse district and right next to the Rock and Roll HOF. One of the coolest locations around.

  4. The Browns do not deserve a new stadium with all the dumb things they have done in the past few years

  5. The Browns have three winning seasons since 1999. They have much bigger problems than the stadium. Now, they are stuck with Watson, a trade that every NFL fan knew was going to be a disaster.

  6. It takes a huge pair to discuss a new stadium in the current climate in which the Browns exist. I am not going to lie. I love it.

  7. no tax dollars should go to pay for a building owned and operated by a billionaire… sorry not sorry

  8. With new stadiums costing over 1 billion due to all the bells and whistles, how in the world do the officials expect to recover costs in revenue and taxes when the owners will demand a brand new palace in 20 years? This is foolish and waste of taxpayer money. Make the damn multi billionaires in a league worth a hundred billion pay for their own lavish palaces.

  9. A dome stadium for what? To host a concert or two and some monster truck event 15k people will watch? Oh and maybe one Super Bowl every 50 years like Detroit and Indianapolis.

    Stadiums with public funds are a scam. They only benefit the billionaire owner.

  10. Deflection article away from watson and if it isnt then the question is where are they moving

  11. The Browns stadium is nice. It’s in a great location. It’s basically a new stadium. No need for another stadium. The NFL and general accounting practices should require each team to put away enough money annually to replace these stadiums every 40 years (if that’s what they want). The City of Cleveland, Cuyahoga County and the State of Ohio (every city in America should have such a prohibition) should not be financing with any public fund any new stadium for at least 20 more years.

    The NFL needs to remove this tragic and inept ownership asap.

  12. It isn’t the “taxpayer” money. No one “pays” taxes. It is extorted from you. The money is already stolen. It is just the re-allocation of stolen funds.

  13. Buffalo and Cleveland could share a stadium., Build it in Erie, PA, a fast 90 minute freeway drive from each city.

  14. I’ve been there and the stadium is solid. Washington on the other hand has a stadium that’s roughly the same age but is poorly built and already showing it’s age so it’s not a good comparison. For example, ravens stadium is fantastic and roughly the same age. Maybe just do an update in Cleveland.

  15. My only visit was at the NFL draft. I was impressed. I liked it very much. Can’t see the need for a new place.

  16. Washington and Cleveland want tax money to pay for new stadiums. Godell is getting ready to address Congress due to the decisions and actions of those two owners. Now is definately the time to start the conversation.

  17. Maybe the Haslam’s can provide rebates on the new stadium to all the fans. They have a great track record when it comes to giving their customers rebates.

  18. The reason a lot of new stadiums have been built is due to the revenue sharing in the NFL. Teams have to share ticket revenue but not Luxury Box revenue. Thus a stadium with few Luxury Boxes is less profitable to the local owner, even if the attendance between the new and old stadiums is the same. This rule causes tens of billions to be spent unnecessarily. Many stadiums are ok, they don’t need to be rebuilt, it’s the owners wanting to not share some of the revenue.

    It’s maddening that local governments are giving in to them.
    Let them leave, and save the many hundreds of millions of public financing. I don’t go to my teams games, I watch them on TV.
    If they left, I’d watch a different team.

  19. Another fine reason to hate the Browns. They don’t need a new one at all and the taxpayers should NEVER be on the hook for helping millionaires.

  20. Obviously,the Browns have bigger problems than needing a new stadium, which they don’t. They are alienating their fan base with the Watson situation as it is.

  21. I gotta give the Browns credit – they have a lot of balls demanding a new stadium right now, as dysfunctional and screwed up as this franchise has been since day one coming back into the league.

  22. Sounds to me like Dee Haslam wants to choose the topic of conversation surrounding the Browns. Even if no stadium is ever built, the fact that we’re discussing something other than the new QB and the issues surrounding him, is music to Ms. Haslam. It must get old having to try to defend one of your employees. I don’t blame Dee at all. I’m sure at this point, she’d foot the entire bill if that would change the conversation.

  23. What’s wrong with the one they have now? It’s been used sparingly, no extra wear and tear from extra playoff games or anything like that. Probably no other team has used their stadium less than the Browns have…

  24. First Energy stadium was built in the exact location as Municipal Stadium. This happened because Cleveland didn’t have a football team for five years and the Indians had a brand new stadium. Rare scenario, lots of time to knock the old one down and build on top of it. One thing for sure, you will never see an MVP caliber QB play for the Browns because of that wind off the lake, one of Watson’s hangups to sign as he had one of his worst statistical games there. Phil Dawson still has a flag there that helped him with FG’s. You also can’t have Cleveland Browns football played in a dome, just no way. Considering a different location is wise.

  25. After the mess they’ve made with the QB SITUATION they don’t deserve a new stadium. Void Watson contract now and use the 230 million as a down payment or let them move. They moved in 1995 and they honestly haven’t returned anyway.

  26. Good the current one is a dump. Get a Retractable Roof or a Dome. You can hold so many more events there.

    No dome in the AFC North? This is 2022 not the 1950s. Society and Things Change. 1st 3 years of new Stadium, they were getting crushed by the Donovan McNabb in 1999, it was 35 degrees out, felt like 15, I left and watched the rest of the game at a Sports Bar. Nothing worse than watching bad football and freezing your ass off on top of it.

  27. They should include a sewage treatment plant as part of the plan, given how they operate their business.

  28. Browns fan here. Maybe Houston or some other city will build them a stadium. The real browns play in Baltimore, this team is not my browns. They’re an embarrassment. Go away.

  29. The Jaguars move to London. The Browns move to Winnipeg. Washington moves to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, no one will miss them

  30. Wow! The Haslams have done just about everything they can, intentional or not, to run this outfit into the ground!!! Now, they have the nerve to bellyache for a new stadium. Oughtta run this version of the Browns and the Haslams outta town, and start fresh. Let em go to Sacramento or Austin or San Antonio. The NFL wont let Cleveland go without a team. And when the opportunity comes around, be more discerning when selecting an ownership group. For real. Let this clown show hit the road in their VW Bug. Go build a dome in Texas.

  31. The Browns gotta put something out there for the media and fans to bite on ……the Deshawn Watson mess is killing them.

  32. With what stadiums cost, all stadiums should be used a minimum of 30 years before eligible for replacement.
    Current Browns stadium is only 23 years old, it should be used at least 7 more years.
    The Georgia dome was still a very good stadium that was replaced too soon.

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