Arrowhead Stadium to get $50 million in improvements for World Cup

New England Patriots Vs. Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium
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Arrowhead Stadium is one of 11 NFL stadiums selected to host the 2026 FIFA World Cup. It will lead to millions in improvements to the stadium the Chiefs have called home since 1972.

Kansas City Mayor Quiton Lucas responded to comments from KCUR reporter Celisa Calacal on Twitter about the costs to the World Cup. He expects the upgrades to come from state funds and private fundraising.

He also alluded to the Chiefs’ future in the stadium. The team’s lease at the Truman Sports Complex runs through 2031, and Chiefs president Mark Donovan said recently the team could leave Kansas City for a new stadium in the suburbs.

“Only actual cost right now is $50M of improvements to Arrowhead Stadium,” Lucas said on Twitter, via Charles Goldman of USA Today. “Look for an ask to the state on that in addition to private fundraising to fund that step. That is unless the future of the stadiums chat progresses further.”

Arrowhead Stadium received $13 million in upgrades during the 2021 offseason.

Donovan said the focus for now is on the 2023 NFL draft and the 2026 World Cup but acknowledges the improvements to Arrowhead will play a part in discussions about the team’s future at the stadium.

“We’re focused on getting this right, and then, coming out of it, it’s to be part of the discussion about what comes next,” Donovan told Joshua Brisco of 810 Sports, via Goldman. “As you can imagine, a tens-and-tens-of-millions-of-dollar project that we’re going to put in to get ready for (the World Cup), that’s got to factor into those discussions and that decision, and it will.”

15 responses to “Arrowhead Stadium to get $50 million in improvements for World Cup

  1. Looks like a lot of people who don’t like or watch soccer are going to have their tax dollars going towards just that.
    If you don’t like your money going for American football purposes, then this ought to really make heads implode.

  2. World cup dudes all sayin, ok cool, all good thank you, but is it too late to have us play in Las Vegas?

  3. “Look for an ask to the state.”


    “Private business can’t afford its own upkeep, wants a handout.”

  4. They need to drop about another $500 million. The joint is a dump – as is the land it resides on.

  5. The only change that is really significant is the absence of Tyreek Hill. He is a game changer. kelce wont be open as much and Mahomes is gonna have a tough time with the field not gettign stretched every time he drops back. You’ll see, mark my words. The AFC West belongs to the Derek Carr/Davante Adams show this year and will for a while. We’d be happy to trade you Adams for 2 first rd draft picks in 3 years after we win the Super Bowl though.

  6. Martk donovan can go pound sand. KC’s stadium is a great facility.

    What he wants is public financing and a greater cut of the pie.

    billionaire owners can go pound sand

  7. Come on. Arrowhead stadium is a pig with lipstick. Time for a new stadium. Yes I live in kcmo and a chiefs fan

  8. The new seats are worse than the old ones they replaced. The old chairbacks were stiff and comfortable. The new seats don’t really support you, you just sort of slide. For big fellas, the newer seats are just mush.

    Improvements aren’t always improvements. While the new seats look better, they don’t work well for me.

  9. I read somewhere that the Chiefs main reason for pondering a new stadium is structural deterioration. I’m hoping that most of that $50M goes to structural upgrades.
    I don’t care much for soccer, but I LOVE Arrowhead. Anything to help my team stay there is good news.

  10. I normally don’t like team owners going to the tax payers for improvements, but since this is the world cup and not the NFL, I really can’t blame them for wanting help. I know that they were asked, but still, if it means that they can keep the team there, after damage from a different sport they have little control over, I’ll accept it.

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