Brandon Staley sees a better leader in Justin Herbert

Los Angeles Chargers minicamp
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It has been easy to see Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert‘s growth on the field over the last two seasons and remaining in the same offensive system for the second straight season should ensure that the arrow continues to point up on that front.

Assessing a player’s growth in less tangible areas can be a little more difficult, but Chargers head coach Brandon Staley feels like strides were made there during the offseason program. Staley said that “the belief our players and the people of our organization have in him is as good as I’ve ever seen in any sport” and part of the reason for that is how Herbert has grown as a quarterback heading into this season.

“And I see him around his teammates, and those connections he’s made going on his third season — just with new players, brand new players to our team, and being comfortable doing that — and the connections he makes with people around our team who aren’t players,” Staley said, via Albert Breer of “I see him making tremendous progress that way, leading our team. I thought he led fantastically last year, but I see a better Justin that way.”

While Herbert continued to progress last season, the Chargers weren’t able to seal a playoff spot thanks to a loss in the final week of the regular season. Getting over that hump will take more than the quarterback, but opening the playoff portion of his career will be key for Herbert to continue climbing the ladder of NFL quarterbacks in 2022.

7 responses to “Brandon Staley sees a better leader in Justin Herbert

  1. Hopefully Staley also sees a better coach who doesn’t cost his teams games going for it on 4th down at his own 18.

  2. Herbert better become Brady quickly before coach number three starts getting interviewed.

  3. Hopefully the Chargers front sees a better leader in their HC (Staley) in 2022, so as not to cost them a playoff spot.

  4. Tom Brady’s a better leader each and every year. It’s one of those things that improves with experience.

  5. Best young qb in the game. And it’s not even close. And I’m not a fan.

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