Chase Claypool: I know I’m a top-three receiver in the NFL

Pittsburgh Steelers v Baltimore Ravens
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The Steelers have become somewhat of a receiver factory over the years, developing some of the best players at the position.

But there’s one Pittsburgh player who thinks he should be among the highest-rated receivers going into Year Three — though he knows he still has plenty to prove.

Chase Claypool made an appearance on the latest episode of the I Am Athlete podcast and told hosts Brandon Marshall, LeSean McCoy, and Adam “Pacman” Jones just how confident he is in his ability.

“I’m going to say, my second year, I was a better player than I was my first year,” Claypool said. “The plays just didn’t work out, right? Some of the plays just didn’t go my way. I didn’t make some plays I need to make. But as a football player, understanding the game, knowing what to do, knowing where to be, I was better. So I’m going to be better this year.

“And just like you said, understanding I’m not normal — I feel that way when I’m on the field. I know for a fact I am not like the rest of the guys in the NFL. I know I’m a top-five receiver. I know I’m a top-three receiver.”

Claypool continued that he feels that way in large part because of how he’s able to execute when he’s on the field.

“When I’m working, I’m like, ‘I’m a dog.’ I’m gonna dog people that are lining up across from me, too,” Claypool said. “And I’ve just got to bring that confidence and I’ve got to bring that spirit and I’ve just got to show people. And it’s going to happen. And we’re going to rewind this and we’re going to see this clip in a little bit and they’re going to be like, ‘Damn, he was right.’”

Claypool has displayed plenty of ability in his first two seasons. He caught 62 passes for 873 yards with nine touchdowns as a rookie. But he only had a pair of TDs in 2021, catching 59 passes for 860 yards.

After Claypool made his lofty statement, McCoy wanted to hear numbers — what kind of stats does Claypool anticipate having in 2022? The receiver said 1,300 yards and 10-plus touchdowns.

That could be difficult to do with either Mitchell Trubisky, rookie Kenny Pickett, or Mason Rudolph as his quarterback in the coming season. But if Claypool isn’t confident in himself, who will be?

76 responses to “Chase Claypool: I know I’m a top-three receiver in the NFL

  1. Did he say anything about how he’ll help the team win games and focus less on his first down points while they lose with seconds ticking off?

    No of course not, just his personal stats.

  2. LOL ok. The Dolphins alone have two WR’s significantly better than Claypool.

  3. This guy’s starting the A-B routine way earlier in his career than A-B ever did – good luck Pittsburgh!

  4. LOL!!!

    Edelman could come out of retirement and be better than this guy. Perfect Steeler here. bawahah

  5. Isn’t this the same guy who celebrated a first down while precious seconds came of the clock during a two minute drill?

  6. Nope. Sorry. And while we’re at it, Deontae Johnson can’t break a tackle or escape after a catch.

  7. Gee another diva from the Steelers. Big shocker, you’re not even top 3 on the team dude.

  8. Nobody celebrates like this guy when the clock is running out and you’re losing.

  9. He’s not even top 10. He might be in the running for top 5 if we’re talking #3 receivers.

  10. Good to have confidence, but show us instead of telling us Chase! You’re supposed to be a humble Canadian, eh? Please be more like Hines Ward instead of AB. Sorry if I hurt your feelings mon amis.

  11. I am sorry Chase but you haven’t proven that and are making too many look at me mistakes at crucial points in the game. Confidence is one thing but so are arrogance and delusion.

  12. I’m all for being confident, but he’s lucky to even be Top 3 on the Steelers. He’s clearly behind Dionte, and Pickens might even surpass him in time. I’m sure Roethlisberger’s decline impacted his production some last year, but not that much. He’s not even Top 30 in the league. He might just crack the Top 60.

  13. I really like Claypool, but he hasn’t proven that he’s at that level yet. There are teams in the league with good enough receiving talent that he couldn’t even get on the field.

  14. how do the people conducting these interviews not start laughing…
    id be like… you’re 3rd? interesting… which two received are you willing to admit are better than you..adams, hill, kupp, diggs, debo….

  15. If he’s a top 3 receiver, I am GOD….that’s how far off base he is !!!

  16. Cooper Kupp

    AJ Brown

    Deebo Samuel

    Tyreek Hill

    Davante Adams

    Justin Jefferson

    Stefon Diggs

    Mike Evans

    DeAndre Hopkins

    Ja’Marr Chase

    Ceedee Lamb

    DK Metcalf

    Claypool isn’t even Top 10, let alone Top 3. But it’s good to have goals.

  17. JuJu and AB have rubbed off on this overrated clown. That’s why one is getting 1-yr contracts, and the other should be in a strait jacket.

  18. 121 catches 1,733 yards with a grand total of 11 TD’s in two seasons and you think you are a top 3 WR? They need to develop a way to test for CTE while players are still alive.

  19. I’m no media expert but nothing good can come out of being on a podcast that features Brandon Marshall, LeSean McCoy, and Pacman Jones.

  20. I’m pretty sure the Rams won the Super Bowl . But you wouldn’t know by the way these Bengals are talking.

  21. When was this interview? On April 1st?

    He isn’t a top 15 top 20 WR, nor is he even the top receiver in his own division.

  22. T.O., Randy Moss and Dez Bryant could come off the street tomorrow and run circles around Claypool.

  23. Davante Adams DeAndre Hopkins, Cooper Cupp, Deebo Samuel Jamar Chase Ceedee Lamb need I go on. And not in a particular

  24. Sounds like the position coaches are gassing him up to be all world talent. But, with this new O or atleast this season because no matter who is under center will be mobile. Ben couldn’t run this O the way Canada designed all phases. (I ride/rode with Ben to the end) So who knows? QB able to execute? DJ be able to stay healthy in this concept? Line has a year under its belt, so does that BIG RB “weighs more than Bettis”
    Time shall tell….
    Im a fan so….. I hope so

  25. It seems every time I hear about the ‘I Am Athelete’ podcast, it’s some self obsessed over rated guy claiming to be way better than everyone can see they are. Perhaps should be renamed the ‘I Am Delusional’ podcast?

  26. The JuJu effect. Also, he needs, like, maybe a high school caliber WR coach who can teach him that as a 6’4 guy, he really doesn’t need to jump for passes that come in 5 feet off the ground.

  27. He might be #3 on TikTok dance offs, but never in the NFL.

  28. Just like his coach. Always has something to say. I’m tired of all the talk. Let’s get back to our actions speaking louder than our words.

  29. Post-draft I’m not even sure he’s a top-3 WR on the Steelers. I’d put him behind Johnson and Pickens and ahead of Austin for now.

  30. Top three in punkish type play. The whole interview explains why he is not a top three.

  31. There is a team in AFC east with 2 WR better then you

    Come on. Elijah Moore and Braxton Berrios are really good, but I’m not sure they are better.

  32. He might be in the top 3 among WRs with “Chase” somewhere in their names, but I’m not even sure of THAT.

  33. You could make a stronger case that each of the other 31 teams have at least 1 WR better than Claypool. And even if you can eliminate a few teams that dont theres also a few teams that have multiple WRs better than him. Hes probably, realistically somewhere in the high 20s low 30s.

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