Jeff Fisher finishes 2-8 in first season with USFL

USFL Week Ten - Michigan Panthers v Pittsburgh Maulers
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February 8 is the new July 9.

Former NFL head coach Jeff Fisher, whose “7-9 bullshit” remark from Hard Knocks gradually and inevitably made his name synonymous with nine-loss seasons, finished his first USFL campaign with only eight losses. Unfortunately, he had only two wins to go along with the two-thirds-of-a-dozen Ls.

Thanks to what the USFL should have called “The Stephen Ross Rule,” a season-ending victory by the 1-8 Panthers over the 1-8 Maulers gave the Panthers the first pick in next year’s USFL draft. Of course, it’s unclear what that really means at this point, for various reasons.

Who will be in the draft pool? Will Fisher even be coaching the Panthers? Will the USFL even exist in 2023?

It’s unclear how well the USFL has been doing financially. After some early chatter regarding ratings that looked to be good enough to sustain the league for another season, there hasn’t been much out there about viewership in recent weeks. And perhaps all that that implies.

Complicating matters for the USFL in 2023 is the return of the XFL, which has partnered with ESPN. Which will surely showcase the three-letter spring league on its various platforms, while continuing to ignore the existence of its four-letter counterpart.

38 responses to “Jeff Fisher finishes 2-8 in first season with USFL

  1. Amazing! Just when you thought he couldn’t possibly outdo his NFL coaching ineptitude — Jeff Fisher finds a way!

  2. Well the only thing different of Jeff I can see is the gray hair. Other than that he is still the same ole coach.

  3. Everybody’s favorite punching bag. Just too easy. I wish I had his career. Doesn’t appear to have given up the ghost of being a head coach again but that mentality got him to be a head coach that was one more line on the football field away from winning the biggest prize in this sport.

  4. This news story reminded me that the USFL exists, a fact that had completely slipped my mind.

  5. All the hate Jeff Fisher takes and he’s still been in the Super Bowl more recently than the Cowboys, Chargers, Jaguars, Bills, Redskins, Dolphins, Vikings, Jets, Browns, and Lions.

    If the USFL doesn’t return, it’ll be because media talking heads pushed them into unionizing and the players end up demanding more money than is able to be paid without going bankrupt.

  6. You flip on the USFL and there are maybe 250 people in the stands. If no one there cares, why should I?

    Jeff Fisher: He lost support chastising paying spectators at practice who applauded the WR who went out with cramps. Fans jus tryna show support, he called them “dumb” because Fisher was angry at the WR’s lack of preventive health maintenance. That’s when he lost me forever; no one needs mean-spiritedness from a HC directed to the fan base.

  7. If the USFL doesn’t return, it’ll be because media talking heads pushed them into unionizing……


    I’m sincerely curious what the basis is for this point of view

  8. In an ever changing world, I am glad I can always count on Jeff Fisher remaining the same.

  9. Most delusional coach in the history of the NFL.
    .500 record and acts like he’s a hall of fame coach.

  10. You can never count on Jeff Fisher.

    But you can always count on Jeff Fisher to be Jeff Fisher.

  11. Jeff Fisher and Bill Belichick have won the same number of super bowls without a first ballot HOF QB.

  12. charliecharger says:
    June 20, 2022 at 7:15 pm
    Jeff Fisher and Bill Belichick have won the same number of super bowls without a first ballot HOF QB.
    Since when were Phil Simms and Jeff Hofstetler inducted into Canton?

  13. You gotta hand it to Fisher. He’s milked more cash/jobs out of one Super Bowl appearance than any other man in Earth. Here’s to mediocre results and fat banks accounts 🍻

  14. The USFL and the XFL should’ve just joined forces. More teams, more money, more roster spots for former players that could drum up some excitement. Problem is the NFL reigns supreme and college is the farm system. These other leagues just grab scraps. Really no reason not to join together.

  15. Merge the XFL and USFL or at least have a championship game between the two top teams.

  16. One season in the new league, and it may be too early to make this distinction…but he may be getting worse as he gets older. At 31 and 45 in his career, worse is really bad.

  17. The USFL did a few things the NFL should take note. 1) They returned the kickoff to the game. 2) The access from the field was pretty good (when the announcers were not blabbering over it) and some of the comments from the sideline and field were priceless and entertaining. 3) the access from the referee center was very good and hearing them work through the play was interesting. 4) The helmet camera was pretty good at times as well. Unfortunately, it may not have been enough to save it……

  18. All the games being played in one location for the entire year made the product unwatchable for me.

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