Matt Rhule: There’s no timetable for Matt Corral

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Sam Darnold may or may not start for the Panthers this season, but if he’s not the starting quarterback, the job isn’t likely to belong to Matt Corral.

The Panthers, who still seem the likely landing spot for Baker Mayfield, drafted Corral with the 94th overall selection as a developmental quarterback. Their plan hasn’t changed after an offseason with him.

“He has a good spirit, a good demeanor about him when he walks in the building, and I think he understands there’s no timetable for him,” Panthers coach Matt Rhule said, via Joe Person of “There’s no, ‘Hey, you’re sitting a year,’ or ‘Hey, you’re playing the first game.’ There’s, ‘Your job’s to get ready and the opportunity will come when it comes, and you have to be ready for it.’

“I think he has that sense of urgency when he works. I respect the way he works. But he has a lot to learn. A lot to learn.”

Corral said his mindset is to be the starter, which is the right mindset but something not likely to happen, at least to start the season. Corral will sit and learn. The only question is: Who will he sit behind?

6 responses to “Matt Rhule: There’s no timetable for Matt Corral

  1. I’ve a feeling there will be one “Matt” left in Charlotte, on Dec 18. That will hopefully be the day when Corral faces Kenny Pickett, when both teams are out of the playoff picture.

  2. In other words, Rhule will let the next head coach worry about it after he gets fired mid season.

  3. The more Rhule opens his mouth about his players, the more I realize he’s in way over his head. Ditto for Tepper. Seeing the Panthers these days reminds me of the 2001 1-15 disaster with George Seifert, the first head coach since the start of the 16-game schedule to “coach” a team to 15 consecutive losses after an opening game win.

    To date, Seifert and Matt Rhule are the only Panthers coaches to have never had a winning season or coached a playoff game. I don’t expect that ugly fact to change during this coming season.

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