Ndamukong Suh wants to keep playing

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The Buccaneers signing of defensive tackle Akiem Hicks on June 1 signaled the end of the line for Ndamukong Suh in Tampa. Indeed, that was Suh’s impression when he saw the news.

“It looks like the Bucs are out of the picture,” Suh said on ESPN on Monday, via Adam Schefter.

Suh, 35, made clear he hopes to continue playing.

Suh signed one-year deals with the Bucs on May 21, 2019, March 25, 2020, and March 24, 2021. The deals were for $9.25 million, $8 million and $9 million respectively. He should draw plenty of interest before training camps open, depending on his asking price.

The second overall selection in the 2010 draft also has played for the Lions, Dolphins and Rams.

He appeared in Super Bowl LIII with the Rams, and he won Super Bowl LV with the Bucs and has played 191 of a possible 193 career games, starting all 191. His two missed games were in his second season of 2011.

Suh’s last Pro Bowl came in 2016.

33 responses to “Ndamukong Suh wants to keep playing

  1. for some team that thinks it’s a run stuffer away from competing he might be a nice fit. Not so sure about the money though.

  2. The guy had a great career that should end in the HOF. People love to hate him but I would love to have had him for his prime with the Packers. He is a DL, he isn’t suppose to be nice.

  3. Steelers are a run stuffer away from an elite, maybe the elite, defense in the NFL. They have cap space. They should sign him.

  4. If he does go to Dallas He will be vastly over rated just like Dallas!

  5. Sub has been a good team player with the Rams and Bucs. He gave a lengthy interview a few years back where he spoke about realizing the error of his ways. He was productive for the Bucs and a lot us Bucs fans would have been happy if he returned at the right price. I hope he plays and thrives next year for a contender.

  6. billzondarise says:
    June 20, 2022 at 7:30 pm
    Maybe he can conduct seminars on Good Sportsmanship


    Yeah….he and Mike Tomlin can do it together

  7. The Lions were best with Suh. Stafford & Calvin won nothing without him before or after in Detroit.

  8. I would love to have seen him play for Dallas, but I think he is a bit long in the tooth.

    I enjoy his toughness.

  9. As a football fan I’d like to see him retire as a Lion.
    As, a Raider fan come to the dark side and be a rotational player on the D-Line for the next 2 years.

  10. He should sign with the Browns and start the 12 games Clowney will miss with injuries.

  11. Possibly the most overrated player of the last decade, above average at best.

  12. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Suh. He had a reputation as a dirty player when he was in Detroit and I remember him stepping on the leg of an opposition player lying on the ground, which garnered him a hefty fine. However, once he came to Tampa he seemed to have mellowed out. I wish the Bucs could have kept him for another year, but it’s all about money, caps and contracts. Good luck Suh, wherever you land.

  13. One of the best defensive linemen ever and a lock for the Hall of Fame. And he’s still got gas in the tank. He’ll be signed.

  14. The Raiders should be fine for him for another one year deal and then retirement.

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