Washington QBs coach Ken Zampese: Carson Wentz is intuitive, hungry for football

Washington Commanders Offseason Workout
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The Commanders have only gotten through the offseason program. But the team has spoken highly about new quarterback Carson Wentz since the team officially acquired him in March.

At the end of minicamp last week, Washington quarterbacks coach Ken Zampese said Wentz has done a nice job of making the adjustments in his technique.

He’s intuitive, he’s curious, he’s hungry for football — that’s the part that’s fun for me,” Zampese said, via Bijan Todd of NBCSportsWashington.com.

Zampese noted that the team has been trying to get him to finish throws better, working on his hips and side to be better lined up toward his targets. Wentz has embraced the process.

“He’s curious, and in a good way. That’s what we’re looking for,” Zampese said. “The communication’s been great, his ideas, doing what we’re asking him to do and wanting to know, ‘Hey, how do you want to do this, how do you see this play?’ That curiosity will get us further, faster. It’s really been fun that way to see that.”

Wentz is now on his third team in three years after flaming out with Philadelphia and Indianapolis. But at least for now, things are on the up and up with the Commanders.

“He’s fitting in with the guys in the room and the guys in the receiver group and on the team,” Zampese said. “He’s fitting in fine and we just need to get him more time with us.”

4 responses to “Washington QBs coach Ken Zampese: Carson Wentz is intuitive, hungry for football

  1. They’ve been “trying to get him to finish throws better.” That’s a pretty important objective I’d say.

  2. Carson looks great until he is under duress….then he folds like a cheap suit

  3. And then the regular season starts and you get to see why I have accurately named him Carson Yutz, the dumbest person to ever play football. He is uncoachable and refuses to save himself so that he can play another down. This guy has to be bailed out by a supposed lower quality player because Yutz always gets hurt. There is nothing there but hot air.

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