Chase Claypool: Kenny Pickett’s mobility is going to create plays

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Steelers receiver Chase Claypool tried to manifest being one of the league’s top-three receivers with his comments on the I Am Athlete podcast.

But he also had some comments about the team’s new rookie quarterback in No. 20 overall pick Kenny Pickett.

With co-host LeSean McCoy effusively praising Pickett, saying he didn’t see a difference between Pickett and Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow, Claypool noted the positives he’s seen from the young QB during the offseason program. And Claypool has noticed qualities that can create plays like Burrow does with his wideouts Ja'Marr Chase and Tee Higgins.

“[Pickett] looks good. He’s mobile,” Claypool said. “He’s faster than people think, so that’s going to be new for us. And I think it’s going to create plays. You see so many of Ja’Marr’s plays and Tee’s plays are from Joe leaving the pocket and making plays happen. And you know, we’re young, we’re versatile, we’re dynamic, so he’s going to add to that.”

Claypool added that Mitchell Trubisky and Mason Rudolph also have displayed mobility, so those qualities should be in play no matter who the starting quarterback is.

Whether or not Pickett begins the 2022 season as Pittsburgh’s QB1, he’s likely to take over that position sooner than later. And if Claypool is going to reach those lofty numbers he predicted, Pickett is going to play a significant part in it.

16 responses to “Chase Claypool: Kenny Pickett’s mobility is going to create plays

  1. Just like his coach. Always has something to say. (WHY IS THIS GUY STILL TALKING) I’m tired of all the talk. Let’s get back to our actions speaking louder than our words.

  2. The Steelers have drafted five previous first round QBs.
    Not counting Ted Marchibroda, who was before the Super Bowl era, three of the remaining four were SB winners..Len Dawson (with the Chiefs), Terry Bradshaw and Big Ben.

    Only Mark Malone didn’t get to a Super Bowl….but he did take them to the AFC Championship Game.

    Big standard for the Pitt guy in Pittsburgh.

  3. I guess you notice that after having a statue as a QB for the past five or so years.

  4. He better have mobility. With that swiss cheese offensive line, he will be running for his life.

  5. With co-host LeSean McCoy effusively praising Pickett, saying he didn’t see a difference between Pickett and Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow,


    No difference? One guy has two seasons in the NFL with a SB appearance. The other guy hasn’t even taken a snap yet

  6. It’s funny trolls trashing an offensive line before they play a single game snap…but that’s a troll for you. Picketts mobility will be a help to any line…it won’t make them suddenly All Pro but it will prevent them from being turnstiles in the subway.

  7. “Way to fire up the Bengals Offense. Thanks, your Steelers are getting swept AGAIN”

    This is amusing. In Pittsburgh, they celebrate Super Bowl championships … six of them. In Cincinnati, didn’t those clowns have a parade for losing the super Bowl? You can talk to Steelers fans when you actually win. The Steelers are 67-38 against the Bengals all-time, including 2-0 in the playoffs. You have a ways to go.

  8. With just the eyeball test it seemed like a lot of contested balls were thrown to him last year but he just usually lost the contest. Almost always. Not even close. Nolo contendere.

  9. The Ravens know it….the Clowns know it….and soon the Bungles will remember it: the road to the AFC North title goes through Pittsburgh. Always has, always will.

  10. Here come the bengal fans after hiding for 2 decades. They should build a Big Ben statue in Cincinnati.

  11. Listening to Claypool break down QBs is like listening to Madden back in the day…not. Put in the work and stay out of trouble Chase. Stop talking too.

  12. OLines need to know where to block so unless they yes in the back of their heads, mobility (running QBS) can be a detriment.

  13. McCoy and Pickett are both ex-Pitt Panthers. But I understand the enthusiasm. Pickett is more athletic than a lot of the athletes who play QB. Should have been #1 pick.

  14. Typical Steelers fans, always and still living in the past.
    The 1970’s are over.

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