Darren Waller: Josh McDaniels has brought an intense, winning approach to Las Vegas

NFL: JAN 15 AFC Wild Card - Raiders at Bengals
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Raiders tight end Darren Waller says new coach Josh McDaniels has imported an approach from New England that is getting noticed right away in Las Vegas.

“I noticed the change from the jump,” Waller told Jim Rome of how McDaniels is running the offseason. “Just a very intense approach, to not only winning, but just the process of it, and how early it starts, and how much of a commitment it is, and how detailed you have to be.”

Waller said knowing that McDaniels was a major part of the best franchise in football during 18 seasons on the Patriots’ staff gives him instant credibility.

“When people like that talk and share about the process, you listen and you buy in,” Waller said. “They’ve been honest, they’ve been challenging us in creating a high standard for what we do, and I feel like that’s not going to do anything but bring out the best in people.”

With the Raiders in a loaded AFC West, returning to the playoffs won’t be easy. Waller thinks McDaniels is a coach who knows how to take them there.

16 responses to “Darren Waller: Josh McDaniels has brought an intense, winning approach to Las Vegas

  1. Being on the BB’s staff hasn’t proven to be much in the past including this very guy. Already making moves BB never would.

  2. If he beats the Patriots just don’t fist pump and do your victory lap again. That was embarrassing.

  3. I am surprised McDaniels went to Mark Davis for his second chance. Ziegler should be good, but that pressure to cave in and do things BB wouldn’t do, is clearly there.

    Very few GM proteges have followed BB’s smart GM path. Caserio is the closest one…He just fleeced the Browns. Highway robbery which will set Houston up very well for many years, assuming they hit on those picks of course.

  4. Broncos gave him too much authority too soon and he was bad at personnel and did lots of pointless stuff just to mimic how things were with the Pats. He likely has learned some things since then. That being said that’s a killer division and he has the look of somebody who is probably a lot better coordinator than head coach.

  5. The Raiders will be in last place for a while in that division. i see 4-13 for them Never should have let Bisaccia go he led them into the playoffs.

  6. I’m just glad we didn’t have to look at his face in Indy when he backed out of that deal

  7. The greatness of the Raidahs will return this year. Perfect Dark horse future bet to win Super Bowl @ +4000

  8. Colts fans still gloating about how they got a better coach after McDaniels backed out, though we’ve yet to see any evidence of that on the field.

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