Larry Ogunjobi, who was suspended for his role in the Myles Garrett-Mason Rudolph fight, is now Rudolph’s teammate

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns
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It would be stunning if Myles Garrett and Mason Rudolph ever end up on the same team, given an on-field history that includes Garrett whacking Rudolph over the head with his own helmet. It’s not stunning that Larry Ogunjobi and Rudolph are now teammates, given that most have forgotten Ogunjobi’s connection to the fracas.

But Ogunjobi received a one-game suspension for his role in the fight. He also said that Garrett immediately told Ogunjobi that Rudolph had used a racial slur in reference to Garrett, which sparked the brawl. Rudolph has denied using a slur.

During the incident, Ogunjubi knocked Rudolph down as Rudolph was complained about being struck in the head with his own helmet.

It happened more than 2.5 years ago. Still, it’s likely that either Ogunjobi or Rudolph (or both) will be asked about it, eventually.

If, that is, Rudolph is still on the team when training camp opens. With Mitchell Trubisky and Kenny Pickett leading the depth chart, Rudolph could be the odd man out.

Chances are, if this happens, Rudolph won’t be landing with the Browns.

4 responses to “Larry Ogunjobi, who was suspended for his role in the Myles Garrett-Mason Rudolph fight, is now Rudolph’s teammate

  1. I care less about Rudolph being his teammate and more about how he passed the physical in Pittsburgh but failed it in Chicago.

  2. Rudy is gonna be Landry Jones 2.0. Will bounce around for 4-6 yrs in the NFL as a backup, and then end up in the minor USFL. If the league survives that long. His days as a Steeler are probably numbered.

  3. Are we pretending that the off season isn’t 80% workouts and 20% infighting yet they still somehow find a way to play together for those measly multi million dollar contracts? Let’s not forget the thing that set Rudolph off in the first place was his offensive line taking the night off so I’m sure they had words afterword and who’s to say members of the Steelers O-line didn’t do that on purpose because they didn’t like him either. I mean it’s not like there is a short list of receivers and running backs in Pittsburgh who hated Big Ben or the coaching staff but still played with them.

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