Mike Tomlin on Antonio Brown’s possible return: Y’all know that ain’t happening

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Antonio Brown said last month he wants to retire as a member of the Steelers. The Steelers might be open to that, but they’re sure not open to the receiver’s return on more than a one-day contract.

Brown remains a free agent and has said he’s not playing in 2022, likely because he has received no interest.

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin made clear that Brown’s career in Pittsburgh is over after nine seasons.

Y’all know that ain’t happening,” Tomlin said of Brown’s possible return while on The Pivot Podcast, via SI.com. “In terms of putting a helmet on and running out of the tunnel and playing ball and stuff like that, man. You know he’s moved on, and we’ve moved on. We can sit around and chop that up like it’s a realistic conversation, but we know that’s not realistic.”

Brown showed Hall of Fame potential while with the Steelers, earning seven Pro Bowls and four All-Pros. He had 837 receptions for 11,207 yards and 74 touchdowns. But Brown was not able to duplicate that success with the Raiders, Patriots or Buccaneers, and his time at each of his four stops, including Pittsburgh, ended poorly (and memorably).

“What I’ll say about AB is this man, we had nine great years,” Tomlin said. “I appreciate that dude in ways I can’t explain to y’all. I won’t even bother to attempt to explain to y’all because it sounds like I’m defending him in some way, and to me from that standpoint, the nature of our relationship and what we all did together requires no defense. You could digest it however you want to digest it. [Tomlin blows a kiss.] I don’t think enough gets said about the will of that dude. About the work ethic of that dude. About the fearlessness that he played the game.”

Brown played 12 seasons, but he saw action in only 16 games total his final three seasons.

39 responses to “Mike Tomlin on Antonio Brown’s possible return: Y’all know that ain’t happening

  1. The crazy kept him out of the Hall. One day he’ll be broke and blame everyone but himself. What a shame.

  2. Blame the commissioner. He should have expelled Vontaze Burfict before he ever hit A.B., which seems like the beginning of the end. Go back in time and remove that vicious Burfict hit, and who knows what might have been?

  3. Now Im sure we will hear from AB soon…just when he was busy shutting up for a change.

  4. Totally dig Mike Tomlin. If I were a famous head coach I hope I would act like Mike.

  5. What Tomlin should have said and done was jump pulled his shirt off and threw it at the people and said I am done with this, podcast! Then run off the set waving at everybody saying bye.

  6. Tomlin is right, AB showed complete dedication, fearlessness and just plain willed himself to not pay people he owed money to.

    that is no doubt a special dude

  7. I don’t think a coach can be more precise in his answer but I know for sure that another reporter gonna ask him the same exact question with a few words added or subtracted just to get a reaction from Tomlin for the tmz crowd…

  8. Translation breaks down roughly to snowballs chance in the center of the earth.. or something to that effect.

  9. Truth. How many games the Steelers win that came down to play after play between Ben and Antonio. Greatness on the field. Week in. Week out

    Sucks that he could not keep the demons contained.

  10. No surpise there, Tomlin was the first to be stabbed in the back by AB. Gruden was 2nd and then he completed the trifecta with a dagger into Brady’s back. Dude was cold-blooded.

  11. Ruined a guaranteed HOF career with his selfish behavior. All started when Juju was picked as the O player of the year, because frankly AB’s teammates had had enough of him.

  12. Antonio blaming his Craziness on CTE in 3,2,1….. you know it’s gonna happen. Just a matter of time

  13. Its a shame AB went chaotic the path he chose. He could have went down in history as one of the greatest to play the game at receiver.

  14. You gotta really Wonder What was going thru Derek Carr’s mind when AB showed up at his front door unannounced ……

  15. It’s a lifetime of allowing for bad behavior because of his talent that caused his craziness not Vontaze Burfict

  16. Lev Bell will be next guy to go to Tomlin, w/ his hat in his hand. And Tomlin will tell him the same thing. These 2 idiots had a good thing going: the 3 Bees: Ben, Brown, Bell. They detonated a nuclear explosive to it.

  17. Upon hearing what Tomlin had to say, Brown took off his shirt and started doing jumping jacks. 😉

  18. With Arians now out of the picture I wonder if he has any dirt to spill on him. I guess it really doesn’t matter however, I mean who is going to take his word now?

  19. AB was on the way to being an HOF WR, but got in his own way. He wanted to be bigger then the team. My Steelers bare some blame by coddling him and appeasing him. Finally came to the conclusion AB had to go. Let’s go to work. HereWeGo Steelers.

  20. I know AB has his share of haters and I kind of agreed with them until I read this article written last year. Just so you know I do not watch Steelers games. Well according to this article the Steelers were playing the Bengals and in the game AB came across the middle of a zone and basically got KO’ed by a Bengal safety. He was out on the field. The author of the article said he did a study of AB’s behavior before the big hit and after, and came to the conclusion that this was the turning point. Before the hit his behavior was pretty good, but after… well we all know how bad it got. The hit may have damaged his brain. Sorry but I do not recall where I read the article in question.

  21. All teams should cut all ties with Brown. I wouldn’t even trust him on a one day retirement contract to not pull some kind of a stunt. What a waste of what could have/should have been a HOF career. He is too unstable.

  22. Stupid comment of the day is the one saying they would prefer AB over Tomlin. That hurts to read it’s so obtuse.

  23. Maybe not in Pittsburgh, but by chance if there’s a slight dip in ratings at some point this year, the NFL will find a team for Antonio to join.. It’s a Business!

  24. @MortimerInMiami: could you be more specific? which teams were poised to do more if not for his interference?

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